A girl at one of our high schools in Medicine Hat has started a petition in order to change the name of their school sports team. While Medicine Hat sits on Blackfoot land, the team is named the Mohawks. Many people have taken issue in this, and so it has been brought to the attention of the school board. This is the same school that had spirit days like “slave auction day” or “hobo day”. Those issues were also brought up to the school board, and they said they would do something about it, but nothing much about the team name. The changing of the name has met lots of opposition, mostly in a town where racism prevails. Some people have come to say that the girl who began the petition is speaking on behalf of native people. However, the tragic history behind having native people as team mascots cannot be forgotten. Please sign the petition, as one against it has gained around 10 times as many signatures.

“Ah,” said Christopher. “Do you look at all like your grandfather aside from that? The demonic one, I mean.” “You cannot simply ask whether people look like their demon grandfather!” Thomas wailed.

Nothing but Shadows

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Oh look another girl ... my crush is a Virgo with this amazing, poofy dirty blonde hair and blue/green eyes and this perfectly shaped body that makes me want to hug her, and this really unique kind of punkish-white girl style that I cannot explain but love. You can hear her all the way from across the room, not because she's loud, but because her voice and being just draws you in. She's friends with all of my friends, so I see her all the time, but she wants nothing to do with me and it kills me

I went from :) to …..:/

Benj was still furious for what had happened to Morgan but he was more horny now and can’t stop looking at what she just sent to him. The vampire had been playing with other girls but of course he would always miss his kitten. He had to eat so he had to do all those. With his usual and casual get up, hair in a bandana, plain white shirt that doesn’t really cover most of his tattoos and a tight pants, Benj flew to Paris, Texas to get his kitten. He checked on the front desk what her room was again and he knew they weren’t allowed to just give room number but there is nothing his charms cannot get. He made his way to her room and knocked on the door. “Kitten, daddy’s here.” 

Tomorrow will be 9 months of breastfeeding, which is amazing after failing with Pandora after two months and only setting a goal of 6 months for Lydia.
I finally hit the point where my hormones must be levelong because the dreaded weight in the middle is starting to budge!
I really need to get fully back into working out.
I am just so exhausted, and it has been so hard with the girls this month.
I need a ME day so baf, but of course cannot come up with what I even want to do if I can get one. That is the horrible paradox, once you get the time yoi have nothing to fill it haha.

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do you think any of them would like a skinny girl? like a really skinny girl? i feel like crap about my body because I can feel so many bones and I try my best to eat more but it does nothing.. I have like zero curves. I don't want to be like this ;;

Aww, don’t feel bad! It really just sounds like you have a really high metabolism, which is fine! It’s completely normal!

I don’t think the boys wouldn’t date you because of your figure and weight. I cannot stress this enough: personality matters more than anything. You can have a bangin’ body and be a horrible person. If they like you, they won’t care. Don’t feel bad about yourself honey, you’re beautiful even if you don’t feel like you are. 

~ Admin L

There is a girl in my class who is terrorizing the other kids.

She is bipolar and even though she’s on medication, she is just getting worse. Her flipouts are just horrible. It’s so much worse now that they are outside for recess again.

She cannot get along with anyone, is a pathological/compulsive liar, and does absolutely nothing academically, but can’t fail cause she’s special ed.

Trying to move seats/desks is like such a ridiculously hard thing to do because it’s like, who the hell do we put her with? 

So then I have this other girl in my class who is the best kid in the world. So smart and sweet and wonderful. Last week she was a “witness” to something that happened with the other girl at lunch and just telling me about it she was in tears. 

I just got an email from her mom who is concerned saying her daughter is afraid of the girl. I don’t know what to do!! We still have one month of school and the situation is just getting worse.

Oh and my principal is the worst principal in the world and has zero discipline…

This is David Michael Morales. His birthday is 04/03/86. He had sex with a 14 year old girl 10-15 times from 09/14-12/14 using no protection and claiming to love her. She sent him nude images through Facebook. The police are doing nothing. Child Protective Services are doing nothing. He is hiding on other changes. Nicole Jewell-Palmer is his girlfriend and had custody of this little girl. She kicked her to the streets. He is around her other children. Please share this and get his face out there. He needs to be caught. He cannot be allowed to rape anymore children. #CatchDavidMorales

Girl, note this please.

Does it hurt? When you want something and you can’t even afford or get it for free? Well, yes it is. Especially when you badly need it and want it. When you think you can do whatever it takes just to get it and end up getting nothing.

Well, it is not for you.

I always remember people saying that if it’s for you then there will come a time that you’ll have it. But what if that thing/person belongs to someone else? Do you have anything to do with it? Can you still get it? Do you have any courage to say that you own it? Can you still stay in that corner of your ego and wait until that “someone” let go of it?

It hurts, does it? Knowing that the thing that you always want is the thing that you cannot have. What you need to do? Pray? Look for something else? Or continue killing yourself slowly by waiting for nothing?

Oh girl! Wake up! It’s morning already! There’s a lot of things you need to do. Lot of things you need to focus on. Lot of priorities you should know! You have life! And it is the best thing/gift that your God has given you. You can do whatever you want to it but please don’t hurt yourself too much. Do not enjoy the pain. Yeah you can enjoy the pain of anything but please move on! Not for life you should stay there. Hello! You’re too beautiful to feel that way. Look at yourself, you’re too tired. You need rest. Smile. Have coffee, read books, do your puzzle thing, work, and drink!

It’s distressing to see young women parading their children around like fashion accessories :( It makes me wonder if that’s all they’re interested in having babies for, to be playthings they can show off.

Don’t get me wrong, I love children and I’d like my own some day, and I’m by no means against women having children from a young age if that’s what’s right for them. But there are girls I went to school with who seem to have had children simply because they have nothing else to do… And, if true, then that’s extremely sad, because children deserve genuine love and affection. I hope once the novelty wears off, these young women are able to devote themselves to motherhood. Raising a child is the real deal. You cannot throw them away when you get bored. 

Or rather, you should not.

Lesson One of Parenthood: Do Not Throw Your Baby Away, Not Matter How Loudly She/He Screams … 

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  • I cannot do this.
  • Oh…well that’s one way to do it, lol.
  • Lol Onew and the cart.
  • I am going to do that hip move forever btw. I’m obsessed with how JongKey does it. Work that middle spot, bae.
  • Damn nothing happened with Onew and the girl! That build up for nothing.
  • Y'all see Jonghyun and Key slaying this choreo?!
  • Oh snap, Minho. Smacked in the head. Yikes.
  • And now they’re going to jail…lol.
  • *replays*
Puppies and babies

I feel like no one can tell me my baby can’t hangout with her puppy. I do EXTENSIVE research on Valerie’s health. I have access to some of the best specialist. Yet, people come in and say it’s not good for her. Funny, for sure you know better than someone that has their PhD in medicine and has children as well. It’s my choice who/what can or cannot be around MY child. Go raise YOUR own child. Rascal does nothing but love on his baby girl.

You guys i need some help here (nothing serious, seriously the serious level of what im doing is probably -76, seriously.)

i need those stock photos or whatever they are of that guy giving this girl a rose, and she goes and gives the rose to her girlfriend or something. You guys should know what i’m talking about even with my poor description, i hope.

Anyway, i need those, all of them, and i cannot find them. I keep finding (to me)creepy erotica novel cover like stock photos and then just hands on a rose… 

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I mean why did ashton join a band he HATED? i mean he obviously knew 5sos were going to go places and decided to tag along i cannot stand him and this is a girl with irwin in her tumblr name.

exactly! he hated them and obviously nothing changed with what they were doing when he joined the band?? and he hated them bc they only fooled around??

"When Ties Bind"


“When Ties Bind”
In Homage to Prince’s “When Doves Cry”

Dig if you will September
2021, Saturday the fourth
A reception to remember
Bring that day closer
Bring my nuptials forth

Dream if you can a wedding party
Twelve bridesmaids, twelve groomsmen
And a devilish girl dressed in all white
Groom cannot wait for Su to consume him

And she won’t leave him standing
And his feet will not get cold
The only running they’re doing
Is across the door threshold

She’s nothing like his mother
Except in the ways that she’s kind
And he cannot make up for lost family
But he can give her his hand, his heart, his mind
Look at her left hand sparkling
She is for whom he pined
Look how they stare at each other
This is what it looks like
When ties bind

Assembling his tie for a party
Windsor knot, she knows it well
She leans in and he pushes up
Oh the sensation, oh the blessed thrill

There are guests to attend to
But there are urges to attend to, too
The Butterflies are no longer tied up
Sweet release from their contained cocoon

How can they leave the guests waiting
Outside in such a lovely space?
The two inter-locked in all ways, as one
They come together and slide into home base

Maybe they’re just like each other
Their opposites, and yet the same
Maybe they’ve been married before
And this is just a past-life’s new age game

Why do they scream at each other,
But only the other’s name?
Why do they use so much leather?
Are they out of their minds?
Why do they scream for another?
This is what it sounds like when ties bind


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Dare! Kiss the prettiest girl on campus. No explanation

Listen, I literally cannot tell who the prettiest girl on campus is. Believe me, I wish I did - but I don’t. Pretty means nothing to me. So I don’t know what to do about this one. 


  • So dude married a girl a little bit taller than him, and someone made a comment. I was like, bruh, your short, why do you want a short girl, like 5'2 when you 5'8. Ain't nothing wrong with a short woman, or tall women. Unless you saying you cannot hanndle her, then boy thats your issue. /:

Let’s be honest here. You’re not as good of a person as you think you are. You are an addict and an alcoholic. You cheat on every girl you’ve been with. You knew I wasn’t supposed to talk to you yet you still hung around. Yes, I care about you. We talked every day for months and shared a lot of things. But to be honest, you’re leaving and I think it’s best that I cut it off right here. Nothing can come of this because I don’t want to marry anyone who has control issues like you do. God only knows how that would end up. Someone will love you but it cannot be me. Our lives are on separate paths now and we both know it. It’s over. We are done.