Finally, our awesome professional pictures of my Squad and I from Naka-Kon 2015! 

A lot of people recognized us over the weekend and we had a blast making new friends and showing off our vests. This is our first run at it, so next time you see us we’ll look MUCH more decorated, and MUCH more cooler.

Unfortunately the other two members of our photoshoot had something come up, but we made the best out of the squad that we had. I knew when I got my squad together that I wanted my good friend Oscar to take our pictures. If you attend midweset cons, look out for him! 

Catch us at our next convention, NebrasKon 2015.

Leader Squirtle: moppsi
Squirtle #2: little-satan-king 
Squirtle #3: sparkyegg 

Photographer is Oscar Delgado with New Age

here’s a bonus pic with my photog :)

extra credit to ser-louis for designing our Squirtle Squad logo <3

Pepe press conference ahead of tomorrow’s game | 04.05.2015

“We don’t feel any pressure. We know it will be complicated and how hard it is to play here, but we’re very calm and we know that at this stage of the Champions League, there are no favourites. We must enjoy tomorrow’s game and we are looking forward to defend the title and help Real Madrid, no matter who he plays. It will be a tough game against a typical Italian side who will be looking to defend, we will be ready for that and we are confident about earning a good result.

It’s a privilege to be able to learn something new every day from Carlo Ancelotti. Every day and every minute with him, I grow professionally. 

Tévez is a warrior, he fights hard. But we are not only focused on him, they have quality players like Morata. It’s going to be beautiful to face Morata, he made his debut when I was in Real Madrid. He’s a good kid and we’re happy to play against him in such a special game. All friendships will be put to one side once the first whistle sounds. Both of us want to win the game.

Ramos is strong on set pieces and he is giving us a very good stability which helps the team a lot. We don’t care where he plays.

Everything is at stake, but it also was that way last month. We’re looking forward to reach the Final and we are fighting for La Liga in the meantime. This is what we must do as Real Madrid players.”

How to make a Monado replica out of styrofoam!

Okay!! Hello, Emy here. Before I start this “tutorial” lemme say one thing: This was my first replica I ever made so it is not going to be very professional and you might wanna search for a different tutorial if you want to make a perfect looking Monado etc. But if you’re still interested on how I made this, keep reading! Also, I’ll be including special information for German people, as I live in Germany right now and bought all the stuff there.

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The CEO's Baby

“Ten minutes, sweet heart, we gotta go!” my father bellowed from down stairs. I was just straightening out my tight pencil skirt, that reached a few inches above my knee, and tucking in my red satin button up top. It was my first day interning for daddy at the office and I wanted to appear professional. Taking one final look in the mirror and fluffing my hair a bit, I grab my purse and run down stairs in my 6 inch Louboutins.

Daddy was the CEO of Syco Music, a very important record label, and since I planned on working for the company or at least in the field after university, I couldn’t think of a better way of gaining experience than interning for such an important man in the industry. That very important man just happened to be my daddy which made my situation much easier than those of other people trying to make it in the business. I almost feel selfish having it be this way but I can’t help who bore me, and anyone would take advantage of such an opportunity so really I’m more grateful than anything else.

As I came to the end of the long staircase, I kissed my daddy on the cheek and apologized for taking so long. 

“It’s fine my dear, you are your mother’s daughter, I should expect nothing less.” I smiled and we both made our way out the front door and to the Rolls Royce where Jimmy, our driver, was waiting for us patiently. He got our doors and politely asked my father where to go. 

“The office, son, thank you.” with that we sped off the driveway and onto the main road.

It only took about twenty minutes to get to the office building. As we stepped through the doors of the building and went up to the 21st floor, the receptionist greeted us kindly, handing me the key to my new office and informing daddy he had two visitors waiting in his office. I felt like getting an entire office too myself was a bit much but of course daddy insisted. Daddy then nodded and thank the young woman before making the short walk to his office. I was a few steps behind him as I was taking in my surroundings. I’ve been to daddy’s office before but I’ve never been required to know where anything is so I tried my best in the small distance to memorize everything.

As I reached his office, the door was creaked open and I heard boisterous noise coming from inside. I wasn’t surprised to see my daddy’s best friend, Simon Cowell, when I walked through the door. The two turned into absolute children when they got together. I was too distracted by the toddlers sparring each other to notice that someone else was present in the room as well. He sat in one of the chairs on the other side of daddy’s desk, facing away from me. I couldn’t tell who he was but I did notice that his hair was very long for a young man, and his shoulders were broad and appeared to be muscular.  

I cleared my throat gaining the attention of all three men in the room and was quite honestly thrown to see that the long haired boy was none other than THE Harry Styles. I couldn’t help but stare at his perfection; his hair pushed back and long enough to touch his shoulders, something only he could pull off, his button up shirt unbuttoned low enough to display his moth tattoo, and his oh-so tight jeans hugging every inch of his lower half. A devilish smirk spread across his gorgeous face, a sign that I had been caught staring a bit too intently. I quickly averted my gaze, trying to cover up my embarrassment.

“There you are sweet heart, Simon you remember my daughter, right?” daddy said directing his attention to me.

“Of course I do, come here darling and give me a little kiss.” I sauntered over offering the man who was basically my uncle a little peck on the cheek.

“Beautiful as ever I see.” he held my hands out at my sides taking in my appearance.

“Thank you Simon, but we all know I could never compete with your good looks.” I winked playfully at the man and watched him blush.

“Oh darling, this is one of my clients, Harry Styles. Harry, this is Olivia, she’s George’s daughter.” we both held eye contact as we were being introduce. I held out my hand for him to shake, still holding his gaze. He glanced down at my hand than up at my eyes, before taking my fingers up to his lips and giving the top of my hand a gentle kiss. I blush all over unable to contain the smile stretching across my face.           

“So nice to meet you Olivia.” he let my hand fall from his and down to my side. 

“Call me Liv.” I corrected politely. 

“Alright darling, well your father and I have some business to attend to, would you mind babysitting the man child for me until we are done?” Simon said almost too seriously. 

“Hey!” Harry admonished him while pouting. God he was so attractive. 

“Sure thing, and I won’t charge you this time.” I winked at him before exiting the office with Harry following close behind. I lead Harry and myself to my new office, unlocking it for the first time. A beautiful cherry wood desk with a matching brown leather sat against the back wall of the generously sized room. Some of the label’s clients were framed in pictures along the walls, decorating the space appropriately. And how could I forget the brand new desktop computer sat sleekly atop the hard surface of my desk. Harry whistled admiringly from behind me, taking me out of my observant trance. 

“The perks of being daddy’s little helper.” I turned around at his comment, trying to decipher whether it was meant to be rude or not. When his face fell into an adorable smile, I knew it was meant in good fun. I shook my head at his charming grin and went to sit in my big, comfy chair while he sat in the chairs facing me. We sat in awkward silence for a few minutes before one of us said anything. 

“So ummm, what do you want to do? I’ve never babysat anyone older than maybe 12.” I smiled playfully at him. He threw his head back, mock laughing before retorting me. 

“Simon mentioned you had quite the mouth on you. I just didn’t believe it, but I guess you don’t look like what I had expected either.” I tilted my head to the side in confusion. 

“What’s that supposed to mean?“ 

“Well Simon said you were beautiful, but he described you as being much younger than what I’m guessing you are. This” he said gesturing to me “kind of threw me off.” I was still confused.

“Why would it throw you off?” he sighed before standing from his seat and walking over to lock the door. I felt my pulse pick up as he turned his gaze back on to me and started taking slow strides towards me. Once he reached me, he swiveled my chair to face him directly and placed his hands to rest on the arm rests, holding himself up.

“Because, Olivia, I wasn’t expected you to be this sexy little office kitten.” my breath caught in my throat at his remark. He eyed me up and down, taking in my figure. 

“Well I’m sorry I’m not what you were hoping for.” I said a little more relaxed under his steady gaze. He groaned, lifting me from my seat and placing me on top of my desk. He held the backs of my knees and pulled me closer to him before pulling up my skirt and spreading my legs far enough apart for him to stand in between them. The sliver of my white thong peaking out. 

“I was expecting a little brat” he groaned against my ear before taking the lobe between his teeth and sucking lightly before releasing it slowly “but I was hoping for this.” He said as he brought his hand to my breast squeezing the plump flesh. I lulled my head back at the feel of his hands on me, moaning lightly as he kneaded my skin. His lips ghosted along the column of my neck, teasing me with the light touch. 

“Why don’t we take this cute little top off, huh?” he more commanded than asked, not like I would refuse either way. 

He stepped back watching me as I unbuttoned the remaining buttons of my red top revealing my white push up bra to him. He took his lip between his teeth and watched me intently as I dropped the material to the floor. 

“Mmmm so perfect. Stand up for me, love.” I did as I was told and pulled down my skirt once I was on my feet. Harry spun me around so I was facing the locked door and came up behind me, hooking his left arm around my tight waist, pushing my hair off my right shoulder and kissing the newly exposed skin all the way up my neck and then down again. I was writhing in his hold, trying my best to suppress my moans and failing miserably. 

“Shhhh, you need to keep quiet, babe, wouldn’t want daddy to hear what I’m doing to his little angel.” He murmured against my neck and biting down.

“Now lets take this off as well. It’s been teasing me for far too long.” he said reaching for the zip at the back of my skirt and pulling it down. I bent over, making sure my ass rubbed against his crotch and pulled the tight material completely off my body before standing up right slowly. Harry gripped both my breasts from behind me, pulling me tightly against him before spinning me around to get the full view. His hands resting on my hips as he eyed me, slowly taking me in. 

“If only your daddy knew how absolutely naughty you really were. About to fuck one of his clients in your brand new office.” I couldn’t take his taunting words or piercing gaze for another second. I reached for the back of his neck, grabbing a handful of hair and pulled his lips to mine, shutting him up immediately. He gripped my ass, pulling me flush against his body as he kissed me hungrily. I ran my tongue along his lip and forced his mouth open for me. He groaned at my sudden take in control and allowed me to explore his mouth, gripping his hair tightly in my hands. 

I parted my lips from his and reattached them to his neck, earning a slew of curse words and moans spilling from his mouth. Harry slipped his hands beneath the waist band of my thong and proceeded to pull it down desperately, my bra coming off soon after and landing on the floor along with the rest of my expensive clothes. 

Harry then grabbed a chunk of my hair in his left hand and pulled my mouth away from his neck and onto his awaiting lips. Pushing me against my desk, my now bare ass connecting with the cold surface of the wood. His hands glided from my neck down to my perky breasts, taking the naked skin into his hands and squeezing. He continued kissing me, not missing a beat as one hand dropped from my chest, looping around my back to hold me up and his other hand traveled south. 

A sigh of relief slipped from my lips the instant his fingers skimmed up my wet slit. He was taking it slow, touching every inch of my pussy before finding my clit and rubbing it tenderly with is thumb. I moaned into his mouth, squeezing my eyes shut tightly as the gentle torture got me sopping wet for me. 

“You’re going to ruin the finish on this fine desk.” he said now pressing and rubbing a little harder than before. I bit down on his bottom lip, forcing a throaty moan to escape from his gritted teeth.

I smiled against his mouth feeling accomplished before reaching forward and beginning to unbutton his shirt. Being that he only had four buttons fastened it took a fraction of a second to get his top half naked. His warm skin finally bare to me. I ran my nails down his tattooed chest, feeling every ridge along his body. Once I reached the waist of his pants, hung low on his hips, I slowly unclasp the button and drag the zip down slowly, letting my knuckles run along his brief covered cock. As I pushed his pants past his bum, I use my expensive heels to pull them down the rest of the way before he kicked them off his ankles. My hands too busy rubbing him through his boxer briefs to pull down his jeans myself. 

“Don’t be such a fucking tease Liv.” he commanded, thrust two of his long fingers deep into my pussy. I shouted at the new feeling and threw my head back in bliss. The arm that was holding me up, eased up slightly, allowing me to lean back in his hold, exposing my body more fully to him. He took advantage of my vulnerability to him and took my nipple in his mouth, sucking lightly and rolling his tongue deliciously along the hard peak. His fingers never quit, slamming into me rhythmically while continuously rubbing my clit with his thumb. 

His fingers and his mouth on my chest were all too much,as my orgasm was edging. My walls began to tighten around his perfect fingers, my body about to let go of everything when he suddenly pulls out and releases my nipple with a pop. My face falls as I’m breathing erratically. 

“What the fuck, Styles?!” I questioned slightly angry at the loss of my orgasm. He grinned evilly at me before pulling off his boxers, revealing his above average length. I gawked at his crotch, surprised by his size. 

“Are you just going to stare at it?” he was grinning when I averted my attention away from his cock and to his face. He took a seat in my big leather chair and spread his legs, getting himself comfortable.  

“Now it’s my turn to play CEO.” he held out his hand for me to take, gripping my fingers when I expected his, and dragged me down to kneel before him. He smoothed my hair away from my face, pushing it all back passed my shoulders, and tucking the sides behind my ears. The tender touches opposite his former assault on my body. I shut my eyes as he cupped my cheek, reveling in the feel of his strong hands. He gripped my chin between his thumb and fore finger, forcing me to look up at him. 

“You are absolutely breath taking.” he stared at my face, analyzing every feature. His cocky, dominant demeanor softening slightly. I reached for his hand that was holding my chin, and brought his thumb into my mouth, circling the digits with my tongue almost giving him a preview of what was to come for his member. His cock visibly twitched, a drop of pre cum seeping out the slit. I released him thumb, much like he released my nipple and went straight to work on his dick. 

I licked my way up from the base to tip, moving my tongue in a zig-zag line up his shaft. Taking the swollen, pink head of his penis delicately into my mouth, I caused the same slow torture he did to me. Sucking in short bursts and running my tongue along the slit, tasting the pre cum leaking out. He gripped my hair tightly at the back of my head, not yet pushing me farther but just holding on. 

“Looks like I found a good use for that naughty mouth of yours.” in response to his comment, I swallowed his dick completely, deep throating him until my nose was rubbing against his pubic bone. He gasped loudly, gripping my hair even tighter and holding my head in place as his hips bucked slightly against my mouth. I released him entirely, sucking on just the tip again before taking him in all the way once more, swallowing around him while he was past the walls of my mouth and deep down my throat. 

“Fuck baby, you’re too good. So fucking good…” he whimpered pathetically from above me, only encouraging me to take more of him. Just as I felt his cock twitch in my mouth, I pulled away, releasing his hard member with no bust. He looked down at me, his eyes black with lust and anger. 

“You’re going to wish you never did that.” he shook his head ‘tsking’ at me. Harry stood quickly, lifting me up by under my arms, his strength surprising me. We were almost at eye level with my 6 inch growth due to my heels, making me feel not so small compared to him. He did the same action he did while I was kneeling on the floor, pushing m hair back and admiring my face. The tender touches disappeared when he gripped the back of my hair tightly, pulling my head back and exposing my neck to him as he took it captive by his lips. He only lingered long enough to leave a mark before turning me around and slamming my front to the hard surface of my desk. 

“That was a bad move baby, I was so close and you just stopped. Tsk, tsk.” he ran the hand that wasn’t still gripping my hair up and down my back before reaching my ass and squeezing the flesh. 

“So you can do that to me and it’s fine but if I do it to you I’m….” with out warning his hand came flying down harshly across my back side, shutting me up. 

“I’m sorry were you saying something?” he twisted my head to the side so I can get a look at his face, grinning mischievously down at me. As I had him distracted with my gaze, I took a semi step back, connecting my backside with his cock and rolled myself along his length. Harry dropped his head back, shutting his eyes and releasing a deep breath. He gripped my hips holding me in place and letting me dance along his hard on.

“Fuck, if you keep doing that I’m going to come before I ever get inside you.” I stopped immediately wanting nothing more than his massive length deep with in me. Stretching my walls to their absolute limit, bringing me to my long awaited orgasm. He chuckled lightly at my desperation, whimpering from my position.

“Say please…” he said softly leaning down, pressing his entire body against mine.

“Please Harry, just fuck me, I need you! Please!” I begged almost to the point of tears.

“Shhh baby, don’t worry, I’ll give you exactly what you want.” he gripped his length in his hands pumping a few times before he ran the head up and down my slit from behind me. I was a whimpering mess beneath him, the little feeling I had not enough. I needed more. With out warning, I push back slightly and swallowed his cock into my pussy. 

“Oh fuck!” Harry gasped loudly at the feeling before he finally started rocking in and out of me. We were both unable to speak, totally lost in the feeling of the other. He reached between me and the desk, lifting me slightly and gripping my breasts. Massaging them in his skilled hands as he kissed and sucked on the back of my neck. 

“Oh, Harry, fuck you feel so good.” he gave me a particularly hard thrust at my words of encouragement. 

“You like this baby? You like when I fuck you  just meters away from your daddy’s office?” he bit down on my shoulder, releasing one of my breasts to rub my clit in a hurried pace. His thrusts came in harder and faster, hitting my g-spot every single time. The hand that wasn’t busy on my clit moved to cover my mouth , blocking the wails of pleasure pouring out of my mouth. 

“As much as I like to hear you scream for me, I’d rather not get dropped from the label for fucking the CEO’s daughter and having the entire floor hear how well I’m doing it.” I was on the verge of tears with how skillfully his fingers moved against me and how deliciously heavy his thrust were coming down on me. I bit down on the palm of his hand holding my screams just as my orgasm came avalanching around me. My vision going white as my entire body throbbed. 

“Oh my god baby, I’m coming fuckkkkkkkkkk!” with a few more thrusts, Harry came hard and loud before collapsing on top of me. Our breathing was all over the place, taking much longer than what I’m accustomed to, to come down from. My orgasm still tingling through out my body as he slips from me and pulls me to sit straddling his lap while he sat on my chair. He pushed my hair back from my sweaty face and held my body tightly to his, rubbing my back soothingly as we were both completely spent. I lift my face from where it was resting in the crook of his neck and brought it up to look at his beautiful post sex glow. I cupped his face in my right hand, running my thumb across his cheek. His eyes shut at my gentleness as he leans into my touch.  

“That was amazing.” he said with his eyes still shut. I leaned forward and let my lips fall tenderly on his. He brought both his hands to hold me in place while we kissed slowly and deeply. I pulled away after a few minutes causing Harry to pout in displeasure. 

“Don’t be such a baby.” I said poking his extended bottom lip. He quickly took my finger into his mouth sucking lightly at the digit. I pulled it out and got off his lap, looking for my clothes thrown through out the room. 

“If we keep this up we’re going to end up humping each other again!” I scolded him as he came up behind me groping my chest. He sighed in defeat when I pushed him away and got dressed himself. Right before we go to leave my office, Harry grabs my arm and turns for me to face him. 

“Can I get your number maybe? I’d like to see you again.” I blushed at how cute and bashful he was being before nodding and taking his phone to plug in my number as he did the same with mine. One final kiss was exchanged before we departed from my office and into the hall where we found my father and Simon walking towards my office. 

“Oh well hello you two, I trust you got along well?” Daddy asked. Harry and I looked at each other, not helping the smirks growing on our faces. 

“We got along great, daddy, thank you for introducing us Simon.” I smiled happily at him, while he gave Harry a knowing look. I guess you can say my first day on the job was some what entertaining. 

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I just binged for the first time in a while and I feel horrible. I feel so fat

Settle down. Clear your head. Sip on a glass of water. Repeat these words: it’s going to be ok.

A single binge will do nothing to your body in the long run. You didn’t hurt or ruin anything. You simply made a mistake. Turn it into a lesson. Look into the causes of why this might have happened so that you may prevent it from happening in the future.

Everything will work out, I promise. If you are not currently seeing a professional about this, and it persists, I highly suggest you seek one.

A warning and shout out to those of you who sell and promote your work on etsy. I received this message today in my inbox. As you can see, these people were asking for my work for free under the premise that they would supposedly strongly promote my work. It was staggeringly suspicious enough that they were asking me to work for free, but upon looking at all the links they sent me, it was made clear to me that none of them were actually professional in any shape or form and they are likely out to scam artists. Due to Etsy’s terms of service, I have had to blot out names, but this is a very real situation and I wouldn’t be surprised if this has happened to anyone else on here.

If anyone approaches you like this, you have full rights to decline their offer because this is not okay and frankly an insult to, you, the artist. This is not how reviews are professionally done.

Please report these people to the staff at Etsy, post-haste. 

Everybody Listen Up!

I want every lucaya shipper to know that they are important and that they matter just like everyone else in the GMW fandom.

Your blog is yours and you shouldn’t fear to post about Lucaya. Who cares if they made a anti-lucaya tag?? Post lucaya and show them you don’t give a damn.

Even if you think the fanfic you wrote is not good enough, I want you to publish it because your work is worth everyone’s attention.

Sometimes we feel insecure because there are writers who we consider better than us, but we will only improve if we publish our work and get feedback.

Your edits are just as sweet and cute as the “professional” looking ones. The quotes some of you guys use get me teared up lucaya.

You are all beautiful beings and ever since I created this side blog, my mood as been lighter and I am happy just thinking about what a close unit we are.

I came because of lucaya but stayed because of you guys.

Let’s take care of each other and make sure we are there for one another. If one of us makes a mistake, we help them instead of tormenting them. We already have rucas (some of them) hating is us.

Keep shinning. Keep shipping. We are all in this together.

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Is it normal that 2 bios for the same bway actor are published on the same day on that site? did they publish 2 bios for other actors of darren was the only one with a rewritten bio? because the first one was perfect and so professional and it's like someone who doesnt work there didnt like it and wrote another one more "suitable" if ya know what I mean...

TBH it looks like the professionals did the first one - maybe a team from Playbill that just gathered the relevant info and made a great bio.  Then D’s team stepped in and destroyed it.  Putting the M bit aside, the entire second bio is crap - a real joke.  Third person, poor sentence structure, just horrible.   I doubt Darren had anything to do with it whatsoever.

“silly voice”  I mean, seriously??

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I'm a girl and I feel like cutting my hair super short (kinda like a boy's but a bit longer) but I'm not sure if I really want to or how I will look. I don't think it will be a good look on me and I'm afraid of being made fun of. Any advice?? Thanks

I suggest asking your hairdresser before getting it cut (they are professionals at this kind of thing)… They can tell you what style would look best with your face shape. There are lots of short hairstyles you can choose from, so again do some research on what you think will best suit you. And at the end of the day, do what makes you the most happy! If you get it cut and like how it looks, and still worry about being made fun of, forget those idiots. It’s not THEIR hair, its YOURS. (Little bit of general advice that pertains what others think: Those that mind don’t matter, those that matter don’t mind). I wish you luck!   

HEY New York City based tumblr friends if you like theater and especially theater that is free and student-made and means a lot to me personally you should absolutely come see the King’s Crown Shakespeare Troupe’s production of Much Ado About Nothing at Columbia University this weekend.

The show is free, and outdoors, and sort of roams around campus and I am assistant tech directing so you’ll get to see me skulking around in black switching on lights.

We’re in tech now and, you guys, this show looks so good. It’s funny, it’s thoughtful, it’s way more diverse than any professional Shakespeare i have EVER seen.

Here is the facebook page for the event. The show is Thursday at 8 pm, Friday at midnight, and Saturday at 8 pm, and it starts on Revson plaza on Columbia’s campus. If you aren’t familiar w the university here is a map on which i circled where the show starts and drew a little dotted line path of how to get there from Broadway:


if you’re not maybe reblog this or tell me i’m pretty or something, whatever, i don’t own you


So I got to have an actual conversation with Ross Marquand and he is the sweetest guy, he said he liked my hair and then we started talking about Emily Kinney and I showed him my cosplay, he said it was eerie how much I look like her and the face he made when I showed him was priceless! He said I should do professional cosplay and do photo ops and whatnot. Definitely a highlight of the weekend.

How I Stayed Resilient Despite Working At A Sexist Company

On my first day at the job, my manager told me that as the interpreter, I needed to look polished at all times. He said that it helped to wear red lipstick, because it makes your smile look bigger. He also kindly mentioned that whenever I wore skirts, I had to make sure I wore sheer tights underneath because it looks more professional.

I didn’t think too much about what he said, since I thought they were just friendly tips I could refer to.

But after my training period was over, I started noticing things around the workplace that made me severely uncomfortable.

Not Exactly the Finest Day in Larry’s Professional Career

“There is a crack, a crack in everything/That’s how the light gets in” -Leonard Cohen, Anthem

“Hey Mack, I ever tell you I nearly made it as a singer? Yeah, no lie. I nearly did. It never worked out. But you know what? I look at what we did today, I look at a good job well done, and I don’t regret anything for a second. Hey, that’s Larry…what’s he yelling? What’s that, Larry, I can’t hear you!”

“I said, ‘We have to stop everything‘! I just got off the phone with the client, they want it back!”

“What do you mean, they want it back? We finished this morning! Best repair work we ever did, Larry, look at it!”

“Yeah, well, we gotta un-repair it. We gotta put it back. They want the crack back. Everyone, get back to work! We gotta undo it all!”

“Larry, Larry, what are you talking about? This was a crack in everything. Why do they want it back?”

“That was how the light got in. They’re in complete darkness up there.”

“Didn’t we tell them when we started this that there might be illumination issues once it was finished, Larry? I’m pretty sure we told them, Larry.”

“Yeah, well, turns out this was their only source of illumination. Like I said, complete darkness.”

“So, Larry. You’re telling me we repaired a crack in everything - in everything, Larry - an existential crevice, Larry - a fissure in totality, which we repaired, and now we gotta put it back? That’s what you’re telling me?”

“Orders is orders, guys, what can I say? That crack was how the light gets in, what else is there? I’m as pissed as you guys. Put your helmets back on, boys, I’m going to fetch those other guys on break over there. Guys! Hey, guys!”

“I tell you, Mack, some days, I really wish I made it as a singer. Some days…”

The problem with “vintage lesbian” photos

There are three main problems:

  1. Physical affection between platonic friends and even sisters was a lot more common until about the 1950s. That popular gif from a 1910s or 1920s movie of the two girls with curly hair kissing and embracing? The characters are actually sisters and each thought the other died in a shipwreck. What looks like romance to us looked like close friendship or sibling love back then.
  2. Personally, I don’t count erotica. There’s no guarantee that the models actually liked girls, especially since the pictures were made for men. Women in the 19th century weren’t even supposed to know they existed. Did sapphic women back then look at girl/girl pornographic pictures? Probably. But they’re still likely not pictures of actual lady-loving ladies.
  3. Until the 1920s, there was a tradition of “women dressed as men” novelty photos. So a Victorian or Edwardian photo, especially one that looks very professional, of a woman in a suit or tux “romancing” a woman in a dress? There’s a good chance the subjects aren’t really a couple.

So it can be really hard to tell. Usually, I’m more inclined to trust informal-looking photos and/or ones that appear to have been taken at a nightclub. It gets easier as lesbian/bi identities start becoming a thing, around the 1920s, because sometimes people explicitly label couples’ photos as…well, what they are. And of course, photos of celebrities can be Googled for more information.

I need a favour :)

I’m applying for a TV production internship I’m very excited about but it’s a popular position and I need to stand out
I made a hashtag on twitter saying #HireAnieckBecause with people adding their reasons why I should be hired (”she’s creative” or “she’s driven” or whatever) 
The production company is looking for someone who’s creative, social, enthusiastic and critical. 

Could you guys help me by tweeting #HireAnieckBecause with a reason? I only takes a second and it could help me out loads
(please keep it clean/professional though ;) no tumblr speech)

Thanks x