Love Hard When There Is Love To Be Had.
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by ghettoassenglishman

“Mick. Did. Something. Happen?” Ian asked between kisses.

Mickey rested their foreheads together. “Terry. He’s fucking six feet under.” Ian’s face spilt into a smile, something he wished he could see forever, the redhead pulled him into another kiss, laughing happily into his mouth. Terry couldn’t hold them back anymore.

From a Quote by Bob Marley.

Words: 5275, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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so @ everyone trying to reason with curvesincolor in the future (specifically jewish people) i supplied them with a hefty list of violent and recent antisemitic acts in response to one of their bullshit claims and they ignored it.

again, i sent them an ask bringing their attention to it and they did not answer. i sent another one just in case they genuinely didn’t see it and then their ask was suddenly “closed to all white people” which includes me i guess!

so please do not try to reason with them. just spread the word about how awful they are. maybe even make a compilation of their antisemitism to show people—jews and otherwise alike—their true colors.

Athena picks fights on the playground from age seven
Soon all the boys worship her
At thirteen she learns to fire a gun
And calls her sister’s longbow “ineffective”
She destroys the competition in debates and wrestling matches alike,
Learns to march but finds she’d much rather command,
Climbs to the top of the military tree,
Stepping on anyone who gets in her way

Artemis is all scraped knees and bruised shins
A fierce little girl who does what she wants
A teenager with grass stains on her dresses and rage in her heart
She dislikes the company of men
At age fifteen she kisses a girl and decides she likes it almost as much as shooting
At eighteen she knows that one girl will never be enough

Aphrodite has always been pretty and she knows it
She grew up fast but chocolate and flowers and favours were her rewards
She keeps a notebook by her bed
Hot pink like the marks she leaves on boys necks
Filled with phone numbers, her own personal directory
They’d do anything for her and that’s just how she likes it

—  Modern Goddesses
Favourite bands - 2/? || Fall Out Boy (images) im so sorry joe

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