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Your latest update pleases me so yet wounds be with how close we were to a first kiss. How dare you. Please continue to make such beautiful KouAo work. It gives me life.

Ahaha sorry and thank you! The almost-kiss scene was made because I want to expose Koujaku’s guilt deeper. Stolen kisses may be cute but sharing their first kiss with their consent would be much better, no? ;u;

Am I the only one who finds the slap scene sweet that it’s even way better than the other SB scenes in Episode 19?

Well yeah, aside from that kiss didn’t really involved the real “Barry” (but still it’s Granielle, so  I’m completely fine with that. lol), I am more intrigued by that slap scene, ‘cause I think there’s something more that Caitlin wants to express apart from waking up an unconscious Barry. 

Seems like she’s saying: 

“Okay, since you’re unconscious and you’re the real one, let me take this advantage and give you a slap because you’re confusing my goddamn feelings so much, Barry Allen!”

(GIF not mine - credits to the owner) :)

So the Flash ties the series low last night according to TVLINE. All that advertisement to prop up the SB kiss and that is what they get…

a series low

I hope eventually they learn to stick to what works and stop the fan pandering for the crackship.

Hopefully Iris will get more scenes soon; that is what matters. And can they please go back to the formula of more westallen scenes? It worked in the first half of the season where the ratings were better.



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I am working with the idea that Killian and Emma show their passion in all they do: physical gestures, words, kisses; they are themselves passionate people. Killian is usually better with words than Emma, but she is not leave behind

I choose to begin with their first kiss because it was the moment they give up on their attraction. But it was more: it was descovery for them. Emma said she was feeling “good”, Killian admitted his feeling for her. And the scene in Dark Hollow was the perfect mix between words and actions: a passionate speech (confidence, but putting all the choise on Emma) and corporal language. Emma was positively speechless.

Their waltz in the Enchanted Forest was all I could have wanted: they were happy and relaxed and smitten and beautiful. Killian just looked so handsome in his prince’s clothes.

And season 4 just give us many fantastic moments. Really I love 4x04: it was Emma the one who began the conversation about “pillage and plunder”, not Killian. And he just later has to give Emma a RED ROSE a symbol of love of passion. They relationship is slow burn, and I love every moment of it.

They just can’t get their hands off their beloved, and really they have to kiss against a wall!? It was just … perfection

Their passionate declarations of love are the best: because they are learning to trust the other body and soul; they are trusting with their fears, their feelings… And Emma is just so protective with her pirate, she is declaring her love for Killian every time she defends him

I don’t mind SnowBarry at all. As far as ships go, it’s pretty cute. But if we’re honest, the way the show treats this ship is really scary. Thallen gets its moments and they’re adorable (“Harder” and the love seat scene), but SnowBarry gets “You deserve a peek” and tonight’s kiss, which was little better than sexual assault. Caitlin was very shaken afterwards, and the amount of romanticizing of this kiss is horrifying.

Ship SnowBarry as much as you want (I too shipped SnowBarry up until the Crazy For You episode), but be willing to acknowledge when a show treats your characters very, very badly.

Justice for Caitlin Snow 2k15.

Captain Swan: “There’s some kissing action going on in the finale,” Horowitz promised. “What it does and how it works may not be as we’ve seen before, but there’s definitely some kissing action.”

Kitsis continued, “Are we going to get a true loves kiss that break a curse? No. Is there kissing in the finale? I believe there is. There’s always some kissing, and whether or not it’s going to break a curse with true love, it’ll be hot nonetheless.”



We better at least get a hot make out scene!

{ Me rewritting some AoU scenes. }
Thor: Jane is so great, she is bla bla bla.
Tony: Yes, but Pepper is even better, she is so bla bla bla.
Thor: Jane, bla bla bla, Nobel, bla bla bla.
Tony: Pepper bla bla bla
Maria: Bitches, please. When you start dating Captain Freaking America, then come talk to me.
*Maria’s out*

Cap: Fury, you motherfucker!
Fury: Do you kiss your mother with that mouth, Captain?
Cap: No, but I kiss your deputy director *winks*

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Can I ask you to please recommend some really great AoKaga fics? Thank you!! (:

“Great AoKaga fics”?

Definitely everything from bexara and franeridan. And by “everything” I mean everything.

Some of my favorites:

I hope you’ll like them, Anon-chan :) I’m behind with reading new AoKaga stories (thank you, college) so there is nothing too recent on this list :/

I kissed a girl.

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Sophia looked at herself one last time in the rear view mirror. She supposed this would do. She thought herself to be an attractive girl of course, but right now she was getting used to being single again after her bloody dreadful break-up with Liam and although she wasn’t much for the bar scene – she needed a change of scenery. Maybe a few cocktails and some meaningless compliments from random men would make her feel better. 

She walked into the bar and – oh. No, she wasn’t sure about this at all. It smelled funny and it was rather loud. Suddenly her very expensive designer dress seemed out of place and she was sure she looked like a Victoria Secrets model in comparison to the rest of the crowd except…wait. There was a girl sitting at the bar that looked to at least be close to her age and was quite pretty. Maybe at least she could make a friend while she was here. “Hello.” she cooed with her thick Wolverhampton accent, taking a seat next to the brunette.

too-much-tv-no-social-life said:Why did it take me so long to find your awesome blog! I’m in love 😍. Can I request a cockles fic. How about Jensen and Misha rehearsing for the first destiel kiss

Misha was running lines in his trailer at eight o’clock at night, mostly because he had nothing better to do, but also because he was worried about the scenes he would have to film next week. He’d just gotten the script that day; and as usual, he’d skipped to where his lines were. There, on the paper in black and white, were the words [Dean pushes Castiel against the wall roughly and kisses him hard.] followed by [Castiel is shocked but responds enthusiastically.]

The paper was now covered in splotches; from the coffee Misha had spit out all over it when he’d seen the words.

He was going to have to kiss Jensen. Several times. All day, maybe. And probably other days after that if they were actually making this whole destiel thing canon.

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Awww I send you my love, sweetheart ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ thanks for your texts <3 what about rakuzan's or Gom's reaction (choose your baes may be) at Akashi's and his gf's PDA (hugs/kissing/flirt/ect)

Awww you absolute cutie lemme just hug you okay? 

Kuroko did a double take. Was that really Akashi allowing someone to so publically cuddle up to him and was he truly nuzzling back? After confirming what he thought he saw he gave a gentle smile. “Akashi-kun deserves some happiness”

Kise wanted to fawn over the scene but knew better than to do so. How did Akashicchi land such a cutie when he was… well so scary? Like Kuroko he was happy that his former captain had finally gleaned some happiness from this world but made sure his eyes didn’t linger to long for fear of punishment.

Reo like Kise wanted to make a fuss over Sei-chan and __-chan when he saw Akashi place a tender kiss on his partners forehead and sit them down on the bench. Truth be told he was honestly jealous that someone had such a loving and close relationship with Akashi but again was happy about his captains happiness.

Aomine gave a sly grin at the couple. They were pretty cute, how in the hell had you ended up with someone like Akashi. He went out of his way to show off, maybe even sending a few flirty looks but to no avail. Akashi’s partner had their attention fully invested in him and hardly paid heed to any other. Before Aomine could even approach the couple at least 4 people shot him warning glances until Kuroko came behind him and jabbed him in the side. “Arghh TETSU! I wasn’t gonna do anything… just wanted a better look”

Nebuya was straight up jealous, he wanted someone to worship him like that. In fact he found it slightly eerie that the normally hyper serious, no nonsense captain was being so openly affectionate and even allowing his partner to be as equally affectionate. However this didn’t stop Akashi from being absolute and making sure everyone stayed in line during practise.

I can tell that your heart is uneasy - A mix of chilled, bubbly, slow-ish songs for quiet moments watching the horizon. Because CS desperately need more of those. Listen here

1. Lucky - Colbie Caillat feat. Jason Mraz | 2. Tenerife Sea - Ed Sheeran | 3. Better Together - Jack Johnson | 4. Seaside - The Kooks | 5. Kiss Me Slowly - Parachute | 6. Flapper Girl - The Lumineers | 7. Ours - Taylor Swift | 8. Make You Feel My Love - Ed Sheeran | 9. Ode to My Family - The Cranberries | 10. Bubbly - Colbie Caillat | 11. Somewhere Only We Know - Elizabeth Gillies feat. Max Schneider | 12. She Moves In Her Own Way - The Kooks | 13. Je Ne Sais Pas - Joyce Jonathan | 14. Ho Hey - The Lumineers | 15. Mine - Taylor Swift

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i’m the understudy for your character’s love interest and since he’s not here today you asked me to help you run the kissing scene and i’m really attracted to you, JonxSansa

This really is bad but just remember that I’m easing my way back into this writing. Bear with me. I’ll get better, I promise.

Of all the things that Jon expected to happen when he walked into the theater, Sansa Stark running at him with a relieved look was not one of them. Her red hair was falling out of the clip that was holding it up and her cheeks were flushed.

“Thank God you are here,” she said, looking like she might either hug him or burst into tears. “No one can find Loras, though Margaery has sworn that she’ll kick his ass when he shows up so I don’t blame him if he stays far, far away. The show starts next week and I need to rehearse, Jon.”

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why is Cami (Leah Pipes) the only one to realize that he didn’t commit this murder? Klaus has a family of siblings that have been around him for a thousand years, give or take, but its this one girl that he’s known a year that’s the one that figures out that he double crossed them and is actually innocent?…
I love the Klaus/Cami relationship so tonight’s episode is a huge win for me on that front. OMG that moment at the compound where she’s asking him to tell her that he didn’t actually kill Aiden? Wowza, talk about pulling on my heart strings! I’ve written recently about how Cami has been missing from the show and that seemed like a void for me. Well she is back with a vengeance in this episode and their sexual chemistry is back as well. The only thing that could have made that scene better was if he had followed through and kissed her. But then again, that would’ve been fake. He’s rushing around, trying to save his daughter and pretend he killed a guy but yet still has time to kiss Cami? Not believable. That cheek touch was just the perfect amount of sexual tension and guarded romance. .

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Well if you really want to know! I was sitting next to my friend who identifies as lesbian and her favorite lady was nat obvs. first scene Nat and Bruce have and we're both singing "Beauty and the Beast" and sighing. We were doing some incohorent screaming during the bar scene and every second scene my friend from 3 seats down would yell "NOW KISS" and it attracted a lot of attention lol. I think halfway through the bar scene i said "wait what about clintasha?" And she said cont.

Cont. And she said “shhh no this is happening”. Everyone was also really taken with clints wife and their relationship, so all the better. I think when bruce and nat kissed there were 10 people in a row with their hands triunphantly in the air. Every brucenat scene was just- 7 girls and 3 guys screaming. My friend was so supportive of nat and no one noticed her acting different?? I mean they’re casual viewers but still?? They really loved the movie

It wasnt all brucenat though. Like i said my friend was really taken with nat, so when he backstory came up she shhed me and sat up straight and her eyes were GLUED to the screen she loves nat we all love nat

Aww, that’s so wonderful to hear! And it’s what I’ve been seeing people say the reaction was on social media as well. 

Dude, I LOVE the bar scene because it shows us how Bruce has gotten to a place where he feels comfortable enough to flirt (and joke around, as we see in the Myolnir scene later), which is SUCH a big deal for him. This and the fight that follows show that she’s been his bodyguard for some time, and the previous scene between Nat and the Hulk shows how they have some kind of ineffable, intimate connection (and for people who already shipped them based on their scenes in the first movie, it made perfect sense). And she straight up tells Bruce why she loves him in this scene - he’s not like anyone she’s ever met because of his particular kindness and emotional strength of will. 

I love that Nat comes right out and tells him why she loves him and he knows it but he chooses to play dumb. You can see the dawning comprehension on his face at various points during their conversation and it’s heartbreaking and Nat’s imitation of a 40s movie star is hot as hell omg

And that scene between them on the farm, while not written as thoroughly as I would have liked (I discuss some of my issues with things left unexplained and unsaid in the movie here and here and here), was still extremely moving. Seeing two very closed-off characters open up to each other like that was a triumph, but under such circumstances, it was also heartbreaking (and frequently misinterpreted by fandom before they’ve even seen the movie).

nat’s arc had to do with her opening up and going after something she wants, which is something scarlett really seemed to like - “I think one of the qualities in Widow that I love, and am interested in, is that I feel like she’s at a place where she’s finally able to do something for herself and maybe even have a relationship with somebody; maybe it can open up in that way.” and she does open up and she almost gets what she wants, but saving the world always comes first, because that’s who she is. And this time, it feels more like a choice to her - she is reasserting her autonomy that way - an autonomy she was deprived of so many years ago. And Bruce can’t be with her until he accepts his heroic calling as well; he’ll need to work through that while they are apart.

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No offense, but I feel like you're just saying this to make us Shevine-shippers feel better. :( (The thing about Blake saying ILY.) It's not like we could prove you wrong after all. There's no footage & only you were there. I believe you when it comes to the groping/hugging/kissing, but I don't believe Blake says I love you to Adam and it gets cut. Because in those scenes where Adam says it.. the scene never stops right after, still no ILY2 from Blake. So when does he say it? 10 mins later? Nah.

I’m not saying he says it every time, and sometimes those scenes are different then how they’re shown and I wouldn’t say anything to make people feel better. I’ve been there when they’ve been off before or tense before, and I don’t think it would make any sense to make something up because no one knows if I’m the only one there.. There could be other people in the audience (which there have been before) and other people have gone to the show. But it’s not always an “I love you” or an “I love you too” that Blake says, it’s more that Blake’s “mean” statements sometimes come off as a lot meaner because they don’t show the nice stuff he said throughout that day or before or after that. Or even Adam too.

I just want Joanlock raising a baby, even if it’s platonic or they just end up acquiring a child and accidentally keeping it like they did with Clyde (if it could happen to anyone it’d be them). Imagine them with a little girl, beautifully dressed in tiny designer outfits by Joan, but with a collection of ugly socks to match Sherlock’s. Taking her on cases and sitting her at Marcus’s desk with a colouring book while they’re interrogating suspects. Joan patching her up and kissing her better when she scrapes her knee. Sherlock humouring her when she insists she saw a fairy in the garden and giving her a spare magnifying glass so she can inspect the scene more thoroughly. JUST LEAVE ME HERE I’M