The future has romance movies.

The future has romance movies and some of them are funny (”Rom Coms” Sam explains with an expression somewhere between exasperated and annoyed.) but some of them are not.

The future has romance movies and every. single. one of them has some man and woman kissing, some great misunderstanding, some hurtful longing, some sun soaked scene, a reuniting or the big forgiveness. 

The big forgiveness for death. 

The healing, the grieving, the moving on.

Natasha sorts them yes and no, Yes to Pretty Woman and No to Bridges of Madison County. Yes to You’ve Got Mail and No to The Vow.

Steve watches them all anyway. Watches any one he can find the same way the sick will listen to stories of people who got better and people who got worse. 

Every one of them leaves a sickening bruise in the middle of him. 

A dance he never got to, a hand he couldn’t reach.


And yet, none of them look like him.

The pining, the absolute, heart in your throat, can’t breath pining all while knowing it was wrong and dirty and saying a word would ruin you. Ruin everything for you.

Worse than Romeo and Juliet, he thought once, a million years ago, as a lonely man in shirtsleeves leaning over the railing of the fire escape in their coldwater walk up watching the sunset between the buildings, watching the dusk guide Bucky home from the docks. 

Pretending he didn’t want to see length of Bucky’s legs, his one hand in his pocket, the swing of his shoulders and hips, the dirt on his face after a long day. Pretending it didn’t hurt in the exact way love is not supposed to. Pretending he wasn’t watching his world collapse he loved that silly boy so much.

Yeah, a little part of him is bitter for drawing that particular hand. For a dance with Peggy that never came and never having the opportunity with Buck and all these couples on the silver screen acting like their love hurts worst of all. 

He doesn’t watch the ones that take place in WWII.

A heart can only hold so much.

“Don’t watch the queer ones, they’re worse than the straight ones,” Clint says after flipping through Steve’s netflix cue. Natasha hits him on the arm. “What? Oh, sorry, I mean the LGBT ones.” He rolls his eyes and Natasha hits him again. 

Steve watches Were the World Mine and tries not to cry.

(He does but then never admits that Captain America lost that particular battle.)

And it’s Tony - Tony - of all people who brings it to the light. Smugly after an easy, but stupid battle, as the shit hits the news and action shots taken on cellphones go live on the web and cable news, Tony sits back and says, “You know they write stories about us?”

It’s like everyone else knows a train wreck is about to happen but no one is willing to stop it, too much fun to watch. Or maybe it’s just something about the future they’ve decided to stop hiding from Steve and Tony is the best at being blunt.

“All kinds,” Tony continues with a salacious smirk. Then winks. The bastard. “They even have names for relationship pairs they think would be cute, or hot together. They call us Stony,” he says and Steve is first unsettled by this knowledge but then…

Curious. Really fucking curious. 

Yeah, after he gets over initially being squicked out over strangers writing porn of him.

Of him and Tony??

And Thor???

and sometimes even the Hulk??!?!?!

After that, he finds, well. 

The good stuff, as he likes to call it. 

Stories about before. Before the avengers, before the war, even. 

Before, before.

Other lives. All that potential, never reached.

Stories about him, about them about–


They don’t get him right, of course. They didn’t actually know him and the few documentaries floating around out there about him are absurd. 

But some, some of the authors are kind to him, gentle with him. 

The way Steve wishes people had been with Bucky in life. 

And that… That’s hard to look away from. Even though it hurts, so much, like doubling over in front of his computer when someone gets to close to the nerve, to close to the bone, to close to real

That silly boy’s smile and Steve’s fawn heart stuttering in his chest, a literal lifetime ago.

They write about the longing. Watching Bucky’s long fingers play in the perspiration on a Coke bottle on a hot summer day, down by the coast, or a Christmas where they Magi gift each other, or curling up under a blanket on the fire escape to watch the stars and all of them…

All of them close enough to the truth that Steve can pretend, pretend just for a moment, that they are real.

That he can picture, sweetly and perfectly, exactly how Bucky would smile over some barely adequate dinner in their flat before the big confession, the thundering of Steve’s heart and the rush of blood in his ears.

Or picturing Bucky in dress uniform, hat just so and their dates having stood them up (because there was no such dates to begin with, but Steve didn’t know) and him confessing, after, on his knees at Steve’s bedside with his hands fisted in creases of Steve’s trousers, saying I didn’t want to leave with you knowing, without telling— 

It hurts so bad, it hurts so good. He can’t stop reading them, can’t look away.

This is one train wreck he wants to watch, wants it to wreck him, wants to remember what this feeling was like, that they never touched it but it was real– oh god, it was so real–

Hundreds of strangers keep bringing him back to life. His blue coat, his uniform from the docks, his sunday best. Steve knew them all, has drawn them all, knows the smell and the way Buck really did once fist his hands in Steve’s uniform and look at him like they’d both just been raised from the dead.

He thought he might. 

Just that one moment. That one time. After they’d been rescued, before they called themselves the Howling Commandos. 

Back when they were just Steve and Buck and he still looked wild and haunted (died wild and haunted) and Steve was on his knees before him, checking him again for a wound he couldn’t find (a wound that ran too deep) and Bucky’s hands on his face, his shoulders, fisted in his jacket and his eyes flicking to Steve’s lips, to Steve’s hands, to Steve’s eyes.

They didn’t kiss.

It wouldn’t have been right, then. After he’d been damn near tortured to death (to this day, Steve can’t handle that he never found a wound–).


He read that fic.

That’s how he’d like to think it went down.

It should’ve gone down (that is, if Bucky had wanted, he looked like he’d wanted, but Steve was a coward, put him to bed and stayed up another hour to watch him sleep, fitfully–)

The movies are good, yeah, sweet or painful or silly. 

Something mindless to keep him from wandering off to far.

But the stories are better. And the stories hurt.

Closer to the truth.

Lonely men in shirtsleeves, leaning out of windows. 

There was way more at stake than anything those couples would ever know.

(Steve never tells Tony that he looked, but one day he gives Steve this look, a serious one, that’s what tips him off, before he gently squeezes Steve’s shoulder and goes back to work. Maybe Steve needs to have a talk with Jarvis about privacy among other matters.)

Besides, it’s nice, Always 1895 nice to think that there, in that strange place where everything is infinite, Bucky lives. 


Oh guys! You need to watch this!!!!

If I ever thought the Mall Scene was good, it was even better!!!!

I mean! We could have seen Natasha in all her glorious spy-hide-in-sight mood, and teaching this to Steve! And the escalator kiss is so hot and steamy, and at the same time It has much more sense.


1.- Steve and Nat are holding hands almost all the scene

2.- Nat chooses smaller clothes for Steve… and checked his ass…

I’m dying! don’t touch me right now!!!!


I still need a scene in which Thomas tells Jimmy the story behind his blighty and Jimmy caresses his wounded hand. And kisses it. (Preferably in the kitchen yard or in Thomas’s room instead of the upstairs corridors though)

I’ll just go ahead and let Candice Accola, the actual person who’s expressions we are all dissecting, take this one:

“Why do they always take pictures when he’s abnormally close to my face?” she asked. “I do not look happy right there.”

Do you know which picture she was talking about?

The episode still from 4x23! The “cheek kiss” they all so vehemently defend. That means that the actress purposely conveyed discontent in that scene. Do you know why Candice made that acting choice? Because as the person who knows her character better than anyone, she understands that Caroline does not have any romantic feelings for Klaus. It’s also why she can’t stop herself from explaining just how ridiculous the idea of Klaroline is every time she’s asked. Because she knows that Caroline was never written as having romantic feelings for Klaus.

In short, it really does not matter which reaction shot anyone chooses to use to show the difference between Caroline’s feelings for Stefan and Caroline’s feelings for Klaus, because, the thing is, according to the show, according to Candice Accola herself - CAROLINE’S FEELINGS FOR KLAUS DO NOT EXIST. Sure, someone might enjoy making a gifset to compare both of the scenes, and we might enjoy looking at them, but the truth is, we don’t really care about the similarities or the differences. We don’t have an “agenda” and are not trying to make something appear one way when it’s actually the other (what fanbase does that remind you of?). All of that is completely unnecessary when the show’s actual canon has shown us the two most important things in the matter: 

1.) Caroline does not love Klaus. 

2.) Caroline does love Stefan. 

That’s it. That’s the end. There’s simply no competition, because in the game of “who has Caroline loved the most?”, even if Steroline wasn’t winning, Klaroline would steal be losing. Klaroline will always lose.

It’s very obvious to me that if Ultron hadn’t attacked during the farewell party, the two of them would have probably kissed (or perhaps more) that night. Their mutual affection is made clear via the lullaby and the scene afterwards on the quinjet when Bruce tells Natasha he trusts her and her reaction to this is very telling. It’s the proximity of the farewell party (the team will be broken up again until they are needed), the success of the lullaby (she tells Bruce it worked better than ever this time), and Bruce’s admission on the quinjet that he trusts Natasha (which as we know from TWS is very important for her), that lead her to think it’s now or never. She needs to put herself out there before time and circumstances can sunder them from each other, so she tells him exactly why she loves him at the party and waits for him to pick up the slack. Luckily, Steve is there to encourage him. Steve tells him that he shouldn’t wait, because that didn’t serve him well, so Bruce follows Natasha’s lead and “runs with it.” And we see Bruce and Natasha talking to each other in their own little world for the rest of the party. They’ve decided to “run with it.” And if their little soiree hadn’t been interrupted, I doubt that it wouldn’t have lead to a kiss or two that very night. 

AoU takes place over about two days. It was the Hulkbuster incident that made Bruce withdraw again, understandably, but even THEN their love came through. Their love was tested and proven true, and if it weren’t for the fact that their stars were so damn crossed, they’d be together right now. Duty and circumstance separated them.

I imagine Bruce, wherever he is, thinking about how in spite of everything that happened, Natasha indubitably loved him. It’s something for him to hold onto until he sees her again, if ever. And it’s yet another reason why I think Brucenat will be endgame - Nat and Tony are the main things tying Bruce back to the Avengers, and his relationship with her, above all, is an important through line in his narrative - it’s quite bound up in his story and his ability to channel his shadow self effectively into heroism, as she does already and believes him capable of doing.


The best part of this scene to me (other than the fact that it was the re-eal li-yfe and not just fahn-te-see…) was that Liv kissed Fitz. All Olitz kisses are excellent to me (more kissing, I say, in the words of the dearly departed Dr. McDreamy) but all of the ones where she starts it are most precious to me and this…this is her choosing him with both hands. Usually, it’s with one hand or with her fingertips but this time, she took herself a double handful of her Fitz and went to town. She ran away again but this time, she ran to the place where she belongs and the man who truly adores her, flaws and all.

It’s an excellent and overdue first step forward. There are many more to go, still and knowing The Creator, she’ll find some way to rip our heroes asunder again soon but for now, our POTUS and Fixer are happy.

And no matter what happens in the future, this glory happened and no one can take that from us.  Ever.


Day 3-Best Kiss
I love how happy Haleb looks when they kiss each other! The Halloween train ride was another Caleb surprising Hanna thing, Caleb makes Hanna feel better with a kiss in “Over My Dead Body” when he comes back from California, he kisses her in the hoedown episode which was cute, their “Scream For Me” makeout scene was hot, hot, hot, then the one after Hanna told him about what Zack did, that kiss was so sweet like “I’m gonna fix it, baby, you stay right here…” and of course who can forget their making love in the tent? There was the goodbye kiss in “Picture This” which was so beautiful, the one after Hanna saved Caleb from the police seeing his stuff in season 2, that sexy against the wall kiss in the dressing room in season 3, the church kiss, the hoedown kiss, and the kisses in Ravenswood were so good to watch as well! Haleb could kiss for an entire episode and it would be just fine with me! I can’t wait for their reunion kiss in season 6! They are fucking amazing together! 😍🙌🏼👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩😘

  • This just happened.
  • Mom:*watching HTTYD2 on tv*
  • Me:*not watching because busy and reasons*
  • Mom:*sees the Hiccstrid kissing scene* ..I don't like them together.
  • Me:*adrenaline rush kicks in and turns laptop to show a Mericcup GIF*
  • Mom:*stares for 30 seconds*
  • Mom:Yeah. That looks better.
  • My mother approves my OTP. Now I know where I got my preference from.

I’m rereading Sometimes for the first time ever - for continuity/structural reasons.  

For all of you who’ve stuck by me through chapter after chapter of crazy dialogue punctuation, inexplicable mid-scene POV changes, and the fact that Logan is a complete asshole who’s never found a double entendre he couldn’t exploit – you are all saints.  

Thank you for sticking by me so faithfully while I learned how to write.  

With that said, I wrote a hell of a first kiss.

anonymous asked:

I know you're a destieler, just wanted to know 14?

14 - What’s your opinion on Wincest?

Tbh, I like Wincest. A lot. When my sister and I first started watching the show, during the end scenes by the Impala, we’d say that they just need to kiss and make up and everything will be better.

But I understand why people don’t like it. So I don’t post about it a lot.

I actually did an experiment  once and spammed Sastiel, Destiel, and Wincest on different days. (I probably had about 20k followers at that time)

I got a lot of confused messages over Sastiel. Some were like…But they’re just a brotp! And others were like, omg you make me ship them.

I gained lots of followers by posting a lot of Destiel. No surprise there, my blog is already heavily Destiel.

I lost 150 followers in a day by spamming Wincest

(Admittedly the results are skewed because my blog probably had more people following because Destiel or other spn things. But it was still an interesting test.)

So, I don’t post Wincest. Not a lot, anyway. Not on this blog.

I do post a lot of Sam and Dean, but not in a shipping way.

But I mean, Sam means the world to Dean. Dean means the world to Sam. They’re willing to sell their souls for each other. They can’t live without the other. They have driven the show from day one.

And if you want to ship them in a sexual way, then hey. Whatever floats your boat.

I’m so happy that after al those years we got the scene. The scene where Damon chose Bonnie’s life over Elena. I loved their scenes, the chemistry, the tender kiss, the bridal style carry, the nickname banter that only Bamon would have. They love each other.


Seriously, not even Elena deserved that. Even if Nina was back at one point, okay, but not with this kind of end *why is so hard just let Elena live and LEAVE?????*

If I want Bamon? SO MUCH. BUT I want Bamon as ENDGAME. BECAUSE THEY ARE ENDGAME MATERIAL. So it better TVD NOT FUCK UP. Specially with this DE open ending that made me so angry.

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In many happy returns, who do you think rang John's doorbell when he was watching the Sherlock vid? After reading m-theory it sure looks like jim has john's flat bugged too and that was one of his classic cock-blocking move! Have you done any meta on this?

Hello! deducingbbcsherlock wrote something about this here:

Let’s talk timeline for a bit. John doesn’t have a mustache. He’s hitting the sauce at lunchtime, he’s clearly lonely. He hasn’t met Mary yet. Or at least, they haven’t started dating. Whatever he would use as a marker for “she completely turned my life around” – that hasn’t happened yet, because his life hasn’t taken a turn for the better at all here.

We know from the infamous shaving scene in TEH that Mary and John were together as a couple for a minimum of six months. (“Six months of bristly kisses for me, and then his nibs turns up…”) So this scene must take place a minimum of six months before Sherlock’s return. Which means it’s a year and a half after Reichenbach.

John watches the video and makes his typical heart-wrenchingly wonderful/awful facial expressions. Sherlock says “don’t worry, I’m going to be with you again very soon”….and the doorbell buzzes.

Obviously, the timing here was intentional. We all knew Sherlock wasn’t at the door, but we also knew he was coming back …but who was at John’s door?

This is total speculation … But what I’m getting at is we just saw John right before he met Mary, and right after Janine got an earful of information about how Sherlock is coming back. I’m not saying it was Mary or Janine at his door necessarily. If anything, maybe it was only meant to be interpreted symbolically – but even then, the meaning is the same. John’s about to open a new door. John’s about to meet someone unexpected. John’s life is about to change.

Conclusion: John met, or began dating, Mary just after getting this box of Sherlock’s stuff from Lestrade.

So I think it was supposed to symbolically be Mary at the door (and possibly actually Mary at the door?). AKA: things are changing. The plot thickens. It begins.

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Philinda, "In what universe is this considered 'acting natural'?"

(Mind if this is is an unshown scene from 2x04?)

Phil smiled at her. “The universe in which I am your husband, and that we’re a modern couple.”

“So I just go up there and start kissing up to him so I can get a photo? Why don’t I just pose by something and you take a picture with him in the background?”

“Because we need him looking at the camera, and I think you would look better in the picture than me.”

Melinda smiled and turned her head slightly away from Phil so he couldn’t see her blush. 

Send me a ship and a sentence and I’ll write the next seven

I was making a gif of 1x22 where Felicity and Oliver are on the elevator scene and she’s dressed like a Big Belly Burger worker so of course I re-watched that scene…

Oliver and Felicity hold hands.
Me: “You guys are now holding hands as a couple.”
Oliver: “Felicity, hold onto me tight.”
Me: “Yeah, do it. I’m pretty sure you’re holding each other tight now.”
Felicity: “I imagine you saying that under different circumstances. Very platonic circumstances.”
Me: “There is nothing platonic between you two right now”.

Conclusion: Watching season 1 and 2 is sooo much better right now because I know those two are in their road trip together, loving and kissing each other as a real couple.