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Dear person I like,

dear person i like,
i care about you a lot and i want nothing more than for you to be happy. thats the most important thing. moreso than anything i could want for myself in regards to us
you brighten up my day though!! and i am extremely grateful and happy about that! i feel bad that you have to hear me whine and complain so much and im glad that you havent ditched me for it yet u_u often times i feel really insignificant in comparison to you and thats part of the reason ill likely never say anything about this on my own accord. i wouldnt want to bog you down!
but yeah i just would like for you to be happy and if theres anything i can do to contribute to that, even in some small way, i will be content. i could say a lot more here but im gonna stop here at the risk of getting really gross and gay