there was a lot more in that 'thank god. and you'

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Thank you for this blog because i feel like "finally someone feels like me about Vimes" and i need to know Vimes is still important to more than just me. I don't have any dw friends so this is helping me cope a lot. Cheers.

Oh my god you are 100% welcome thank you so much for telling me this - it made my day :3 Yesss I feel you I think Vimes is so important he redefines the word itself

*hugs* never feel alone in the Vimes love, bro - he is important to so many people and will continue to be for as long as stories stick around

(plus I can be your virtual Discworld friend I promise regular Discworld-fanning sessions)

oooh oooohh also if you want other Vimes lovers to spread the Vimes love may I recommend some epic people like: 

  • oldstonefacevimes (Vjekoslav has the ability to write a whole new level of Vimes meta like he could understand the way Vimes breathed I get Vimes-fan jealousy over his tags so often it’s the best) 
  • vetinaristerrier (the toppest of quality Vimes-love right here plus oh my god have you seen Sasha’s Vimes related edits? they make me wanna cry they are so suave and beautiful and frick
  • carry-on-my-wayward-wuffles (no kidding Ewelina’s Vimes art will make you cackle so hard you start crying a little bit but in the best possible way so much Vimes-love here as well)
  • and there are so many more I can rec if you would like oh my god I just love Vimes-lovers so much it’s brill

anyhoo I hope you have a lovely day friendly ‘nonnie, 100% no problem and thanks for telling me this uvu

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I'm honestly so proud of you Kiki. You've come a long way and you've become a better person. You've had your rough moments but we're always here to help you get through it. I love you and I am so god damn proud of you.

This means so much more to me than you know. I think a lot about my progress and I owe it to the people who supported me and told me I wasn’t broken, even if I didn’t believe them at the time. Thank you to the people that helped me understand medication. Thank you to the people that provided reading material for me. Thank you for every comfort food and happy drawings of my babies for me. Thank you to everyone who loved me and accepted me and stuck by my side. I’m far from perfect but the contrast of last year to this year is so, so tremendous. I reflect on it every night now. I’m so grateful to be alive and I’m so grateful to my friends and family. You are all so accepting of me and that’s why I want to give back to the world every day. I know there are many relationships that I have hurt in the past few years. I can only agree to time apart and one day I can show you how I have grown, and how I loved having you in my life. I love each and every one of you every day and every day my love grows stronger. Thank you so much for this message. Thank you for recognizing my victories–it means the world to me.

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Hey there sweetheart!! Can I make a request for a Mihawk scenario? Could it be about him and his girlfriend (not a fighter or anything like that) spending a day out in town with each other? She's super nice and bit shy and it's usually up to Mihawk to keep her from doing something that could quite possibly end up killing her.

Hello! You certainly may! (I had a lot of fun writing this? Sorry if it’s not fluffy enough and if I made it too “plotty” I guess.) 

I hope you like it! :)))

Word Count: 1,337

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There! It happened! I’ve reached 300 followers!

Hello xinxy, you are my 300!!! Yaaay!!

I’m gonna take this opportunity to not only say hi to all the new people who decided following me (most of you probably did so because I have been reblogging and posting a lot about the Blacklist lately - nice to meet you all) but I also wanna say thank you to my mutuals who have been following me for a while and turned out to be indispensable input on my dash and some of you - even friends! <3 <3 <3

spacecowboybriony: You are a lovely and funny little bath bomb! I’m sure things will turn out splendidly for you!

youaregonnamissthatplane: bless you, my darling! We definitly need to see each other more often and not let another couple of years pass!

angelstandinginthesun: we don’t talk much but you belong on my dash like Genesis belongs in my music collection!

nooperz: God, what a long way we’ve come. I am so happy I got to meet you in person. You’re hilarious and awesome and if I ever make it to Glasgow, I’ll visit you. Also I’m not sorry for having infected you with the Spaderlove.

shandydann: You are a very kind person and I’d love to have a cup of tea with you one day.

burdenedwithgloriousshawarma: You should come over more often! Also I still haven’t visited your place so… yeah… let’s do that some time soon! I’ll bring some cider!

enigmaticrose: Wow. You are so intelligent and beautiful. I love all the stuff you post about theatre and literature. <3

better-call-syl: OMG you reblog some of the funniest things. Also enjoyed the time we spent together in London :) How’s the pizza baby?

the-november-blue: My fellow Maddie!!!! You have the coolest hair and make up and I’m glad you are out there!

johnspuddlejumper: Stargate love! I don’t know that much about you but I cannot imagine my dash without you!

And most of all:

philcoolins: Malin <3 You are my forest queen, my honey darling, my thunderstorm! I love you so much and I wanna meet you asap because you are so cool and funny and sweet and oh my God I just wanna hang out with you and do the philface!

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nicknames: Cris/ Kirty.

gender: Female.

favorite color: Black and red.

current time/date: 20:09; May 4, 2015

average amount of sleep: Normally 8 hours… lately I’m not sleeping more than 3 XD

last thing I googled: wordreference.

first word that comes to mind: comida (food in Spanish xD)

one place that makes you feel good: The sea.

favorite characters: Hollow Ichigo, Grimmjow, Shogo Makishima (Psycho Pass), Byakuran (KHR), Rin Okumura (Ao no Exorcist), Adam Jensen (Deus Ex), Joel (The Last of Us), etc. 

favorite food: Same as ivory-insanity. Food is my god. It’s impossible for me to choose: pasta, chocolate, some Spanish dishes…

favorite drink: Tea (Moroccan mint tea).

favorite book: Pájaros del crepúsculo (Hisako Matsubara).

last film I saw in theatres: Jupiter ascending.

last holiday: I don’t remember ;u; When was that… a long time ago…

dream wedding: … I’m not really into wedding things… but it would be an intimate and modest one.

dream job: None really.

what are you wearing: A T-shirt, jeans and a panda sweater.

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I just wanted to say thank you for this blog. I'm an ace/aro teenager who's been raised Christian, but lately has been feeling alienated from God because of the Church and a lot of Christians' attitudes towards mogai folks, so this blog literally feels like a God-send for me. I'm beginning to feel a lot more comfortable after reading through your blog (is that creepy? Sorry if it is), and I'm sitting here crying with joy. God bless. <3

Oh, anon… I’m glad my blog can be of comfort to you. It’s not creepy in the slightest. You actually just confirmed for me that my blog is doing what I intended it to when I made it. I’m really glad to help. Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you. :) God bless! 

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Do you know any good wordgirl fanfictions? Mostly Tobecky. Thanks!

Ooooh. I know quite a lot! However, I only know of the ones on I’ve combed through the entire WordGirl fanfiction archive, no joke. I haven’t read all of them though.

Anyway, I’ll give you the list under the cut, along with my two cents about ‘em. Be forewarned that this is going to be a very long post because I tend to rave about things I like.

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He thinks love is over for him. He doesn’t believe there’s a possibility, so she shows him the way. -Brendan Coyle (x)

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Do you do "dirty" gifs reactions? If yes I would like to request How would BTS react when you're having sex at the dorm and a member tells you to shut up. Thanks~

sure! (this was against guidelines, but i removed it because i got a lot more comfortable with it! buuut!! jungkook wont be included! hes like 12)


“I told you we should of done this at your house.”

“Oh god oh goD OH GOD

“You heard him; be quiet.” (this motherfucker would keep on going)

“Sorry, I just can’t help and make my Jagi feel so good.” (greasy greasy greasy greasy)

“Do you wanna move this somewhere else, or-”

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Iwa has twin little brothers who are five years younger than him, do you approve?

Oh my god, friend, I approve so much that I’m going to need to put the rest of this message under a cut because I accidentally headcanoned with the-smallest-state about them for like three hours 

Thank you so much for sending this message, it made my day so much more interesting :D

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I am just in awe of the sheer amount of brilliant, thoughtful and multifaceted spn meta I have liked and read over the last couple of days. One episode aired three days ago and the collaborative, speculative, and analytical magnificence that this fandom has produced since has me floored.

This television show is a storytelling gold mine. More layers than Shrek’s proverbial onion. These writers and set designers and directors and god knows who else I need to credit are just so committed, and you can see it in a song choice or a callback line, a  bottle of beer or the particular way a cross is positioned on a shelf. And this fantastic fandom sees it and knows it and loves the show for it. There is a richness here that is just so fulfilling.

You go, Supernatural creators. You go, meta writers. I am so here for this.

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Darcy/Tony "Gatsby"

“Oh god, could you be any more of a cliche?” Darcy says the first time she makes it to one of Tony’s parties. “Do you stare at a green light?”

“No, but I do have a collection of very nice shirts,” Tony looks down at Darcy. Well, not too far down, Tony is a lot shorter than his armor suggests. It’s sort of gratifying. She’s short, she likes seeing her people get ahead. “Go have fun, kid. They don’t know it, but this party is for you.”

“Yeah whatever, thanks dad.”

“Happy Birthday!”  Tony calls out as Darcy turns around, and yeah, that’s a smile she’s got going there. He’s trying, at the very least.

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Is it just me or is this live show especially cute? <3

NOT JUST YOU. He’s so hyper and cute right now, it’s adorable. He sounded like he had a lot of fun in NY and I loved hearing all the stories. Especially him fanboying over Wes Anderson, as I had my own little freak out on here when I saw he was there. The koi pond comment when talking about what he’d want in relation to buying a house in the future about killed me. We all know they’re waiting for the koi pond :’) THANK GOD THE DRAWING GAME IS DEAD. I’ve been waiting for him to move on from that for a long time. I’m the most nostalgic person on earth and yet I have no sad feelings about that ending lol. It just wasted precious time in which I could be hearing him talk more. Glad he cleared up the rumors about “the mobbing” and said absolutely nothing happened. And Japan Haul tonight!? So excited. We’ve gotten so much content in the last couple days.

Mine kept cutting off but from what I did see, this was probably one of my favorite liveshows in a while. As much as I love the joint shows, the solo ones definitely have their value. I like that they’re able to go into more detail about things and ramble on a bit more. Great show! <3

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Just wanted to say thank you for mentioning that you'll do a post on Pangasinan deities! I feel like I know at least a bit of history and culture from almost everywhere else but almost nothing on my own province, and it means a lot that you took the time to know about Pangasinan and will educate us more about it!

No problem! :) The Pangasinans were a war like group of people, similar to the Bisayans, and they were noted to fight off the Spaniards and their neighbors fiercely, being one of the few ethnic groups to resist Spanish colonization. They were often being called by the conquistadors as “the unconquered tribe” because they could not control and subdue them like they did with other ethnic groups. It’s no wonder one of their primary gods were Apo Laki, the war god, who according to Bishop Diego Aduarte in his Historia de la Provincia del Santo Rosario de la Orden de Predicadores en Filipinas, Japon, y China (1640) he mentions that the Pangasinans once told a friar that Apo Laki scolded them for receiving foreigners with white teeth (the Spaniards and Portuguese as prior to colonization almost all the ethnic groups in the Philippines looked at white teeth with disdain and ugly as they would blacken their teeth through chewing betel nut, sharpen their teeth, and sometimes use gold plating to make a striking but beautiful black and gold, or sometimes red, teeth.)

I am actually looking more into the precolonial history and culture of those in Luzon other than the Tagalogs as the majority of information out there is on the Tagalog and Bisayans, with the Bisayans having the most as they were the first people the Spaniards saw thus they wrote down everything about them. So as I research I’ll be posting more on that in future posts. :)

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I've heard by many people that once you've found your calling, doors open left and right and you get a feeling right down to your soul that you're on the path meant for you. How did God reveal your calling to you?

in order to hear when God calls me, i had to learn two things. 1) who i am, 2) who God is. we hear a lot of voices as we go through life; negative ones, positive ones, internal ones, external ones. i had to really focus on weeding through the noise to hear myself and hear Him. once i dedicated my life to growing closer to Him, i became more intune with what He wants me to do. and i learned about myself through prayer and self reflection. and i learned about Him through reading the word, bible study, fasting, and prayer.

when He speaks to my spirit, it comes suddenly and fiercely, and half the times it scares me. i know it’s Him when He pushes me in a direction that i may not be comfortable with, but once i’m in that position i feel at home. for example, i am an introvert. i keep to myself. i like being by myself. in my own little corner. there are times when He calls me to lead or to speak to someone i would not ordinarily speak to. and when it comes, it’s sudden and forceful and freaks me out. in the past i would argue and say “no, that’s not me,” similar to how when God called Moses, the first thing Moses did was explain why he wasn’t worthy of his calling. now I just go with it. because experience has taught me that once i take that first step, God carries me. where i didn’t think i’d have the words, suddenly the words flow like a faucet. and where i didn’t think i had the skills, He gives me the tools to make an impact.

i don’t believe we all have just one sole purpose in life. we have multiple purposes and multiple ways that we can be used at any one moment in our life. currently, He has called me to get this degrees and to become a public defender. which came suddenly, and frightened me (dealing with the low pay, hard hours, and demand of the job, especially when i came to law school to do corporate law). but again, i just went with it. and opportunities i could have never imagined have opened up for me. this summer i will be in a fellowship paying me to be a public defender, at a time when most summer jobs in my field do not pay at all. He works in our favor when we just get out of our own way and let His will be done. i still get nervous, but i take that step. after that He orders the rest of my steps.

A recent interview of Chicha with host José Ramón de la Morena in the studio for ‘El Larguero’.

Q: Just two months ago you were the forgotten man sat on the bench…
A: Yes, but I was very patient and I had a lot of faith. That’s how my life has been; I’ve always gone against the grain. I’ve demonstrated that I am who I pretend to be and thank God, it always works out.

Q: Were you depressed?
A: More than depressed, frustrated – because I wanted to help the team. It’s not much fun being in that situation. I didn’t say what I say with any intention. I asked myself if I really had the talent to be a player at Real Madrid. And my family told me, “Don’t be silly, if you are there it’s because you should be there”. Right now I am happy.

Q: So the secret is to be patient and withstand the tough times?
A: I am very religious, and for me, God is everything. But for those who don’t believe, what’s important is being a good person, a decent human being - to not harm anyone else in your pursuit of your dreams and to do that with honesty. Being a Real Madrid player and playing in the Champions League doesn’t make you a better person than a kid who is still in school. All I am doing is living my dream; ever since I was inside my mother’s womb, all I wanted to be was a footballer. I came into this world as Javier Hernández and I will leave it as Javier Hernández, just a human being.

Q: Has your status within the dressing room changed at all?
A: No, when I wasn’t playing regularly, I was treated like any other member of the squad. Everyone here is the same – from the third choice goalkeeper to Cristiano Ronaldo. Keylor here is my closest friend.

Q: The Bernabéu public are extremely demanding…
A: Of course. Their fans symbolize everything what this club is all about. The level expected is the maximum.

Q: Are you worried you’ll step back into the shadows when Bale and Benzema return?
A: It’s part of football. Whether I am here or not, all I ask is that my margin of error was minimal. I don’t pick the starting XI and I can’t choose myself and I understand that because there is a world class squad at Real Madrid and only 11 can play. All you can do is play, or wait.

Q: Van Gaal said that your situation hasn’t changed despite the goals you’ve scored…
A: I don’t know if he said that or not. An English newspapers printed some comments once – just before a derby, they printed things which I didn’t say. If he did say that, then that is his opinion and you have to respect that.

Q: Is van Gaal very different to Ancelotti?
A: Yes, they are very different. Ancelotti has a bit more contact with us and he is more relaxed. Van Gaal likes routines, timetables are always very rigid. He’s very strict on discipline. Ancelotti is more like [Sir Alex] Ferguson, he’s more liberal.

Q: What differences have you noticed between Madrid and Manchester United?
A: Both are among the top five clubs in the world. The culture in Spain is totally different to the culture in England but both of them have won so many trophies so it must be for something.

Q: Is scoring an obsession for you?
A: No. Since I made my debut I’ve always managed to score goals. I didn’t score against Málaga or Almería but I was happy with my attitude in those games even though I wasn’t among the scorers.

Q: Is it difficult living with a sports journalist (Lucia Villalon)?
A: No, why? It might be difficult for her to live with Javier Hernández. We’re not with each other because of our careers.

Q: Who gives you the most support in the dressining room?
A: Ramos and Pepe help me a lot, and Arbeloa too, I’m good friends with him. Ramos and Pepe always gave me encouragement when opportunities weren’t coming my way

Q: Would it bother you if you weren’t at Madrid next season?
A: Right now I’m getting to play but I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow it will be announced that I am signing for Madrid or going to another club. I’m in the best club in the world and the last thing on my mind is the future; I’m enjoying this moment.

Source: AP