But what’s really really really important…

Is Stiles slipping out of Derek, bone tired and spent after his first time ever topping, cuddling Derek and stroking his skin all over, asking him if he’s okay, if it was alright

i mean, he knows it was alright, Derek came like a freight train but now he’s quiet, really quiet and Stiles kisses his cheek and asks him if he’s okay again and Derek nods, brings Stiles’ hand up to his mouth and kisses his knuckles and that settles Stiles’ worry enough that he passes out almost immediately afterwards

when he wakes up at 7 am the next morning, his bed is cold and his dad is shouting at him to get to school and he looks around for a note but there’s nothing, it’s like it didn’t even happen and Stiles tries calling Derek but there’s no answer, sends about 15 messages with no reply before finally getting angry and annoyed, throwing his phone onto the passenger seat of the jeep and only narrowly making econ on time

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You take it all away.

When your town is so boring the most exciting thing anyone is talking about is the little country fair THATS NOT EVEN IN YOUR TOWN