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Hey saber! I love your Instagram and you're such an inspiration! Would you be interested in doing a guest post on my blog about hydration and creating infusions, maybe we can even collab on a fruit recipe for the skin 😊 would love to collab with you!

Hi lovely! why thanks x send over your lovely idea / questions to and we’ll take it from there X Saber

Raw Foodie Bucket List

I was perusing on the web today and got some inspiration when I saw a FALL bucket list on a craft blog. It got me thinking, what are some basic goals of a raw foodie that can be turned into a fun bucket list to share? Let me know what you think! Have you done or plan on doing anything on this raw foodie bucket list? Feel free to print it out to post! ♥


Epic Green Smoothie: The ᖇasta Smoothie


Yeah mon! It’s time to get irie with this one! The rasta smoothie is creamy and oh-so-yummy with a luscious tropical twist and guess what? It’s 100% raw, vegan, and bursting with basil goodyness. Being plant based vegan and exclusively preparing all of me and the lion’s food at home, I’m always thinking of quick delicious blender treats to savor in between preparing meals. I had a pineapple that needed to be eaten along with some fresh basil I had gotten from the co-op plus some really pretty spotted bananas fragrantly calling me; so I decided to experiment a little while blasting some Bob Marley for inspiration of course. 


ᐰ1.5 c pineapple (chopped) 

ᐰ 6 bananas

ᐰ a handful of basil. (the basil I had was in a 10 oz pack) 

ᐰ 2 tbs hemp seeds 

ᐵblend on high for 30 seconds or until well blended! Sip slowly and listen to da riddims. 


The power of MANGOS


Mango Mango Mango! Oh wow! Today’s monomeal of mangoes really rocked my world! They were so good that I began researching the health benefits of mangoes and what I found was really cool! Check out the health benefits of these yellow sexy wonders and just realize hat all the vitamins you need are in nature. There is no need for supplements when you can eat an abundance of fruits and veggies that contain readily absorbed nutrients. Here are the main vitamins you can find in mangos: vitamin A, potassium, vitamin C, natural sugars, fiber, a little bit of iron, and little bit of calcium. One of the main things that you will realize wen you eat mangoes in their ripe state is that they are very hydrating, juicy, and such a treat

∆ Vitamin A:

1. supports vision | immune response + inflammatory process in the stomach

2. supports cell growth and development

3. essential for reproductive processes 

∆  Vitamin C: 

1. protects against free radicals

2. produces collagen

3. supports a happy mood by making serotonin, a neurotransmitter in the brain.

∆ Potassium: Great for blood pressure control Improves kidney function Promotes the opening of blood vessels Reduces blood clotting The fiber in mangoes has amazing benefits for the assimilation and process of the actual fruit. Fiber 1 supplements ain’t got nothing on the natural fibers in mangoes. All those amazing enzymes are like heaven for your gut!

For more information on mangoes check out these sources:

Love Live & Eat Mangoes! 😁

xx raw scout xx 

therawscout in AUSTRALIA!!


It’s been a looooong hiatus folks!  Please know that I am still over on Instagram showing lots of raw foodie love @therawscout and I haven’t abandoned you guys, I’ve been working my tail off for an amazing opportunity that has finally come to fruition…. IM MOVING TO AUSTRALIA…. THIS MONTH! My dream of teaching abroad has finally come true! I’m looking forward to the foodie magic and simply all the amazing children I will come into contact with along the journey of being a teacher! All of you who have shown me love, please continue to keep me in your thoughts! I am asking for small donations to make living there as a first time traveler as less complicated as possible. Check out my gofundme and prepare to come on a journey along with me soon! 

link to gofundme:

xx hugs and love!


Watch on

Here’s another one lovelies! Got some inspiration to make this delicious and refreshing orange smoothie with a basil date twist! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel! I have more awesomeness coming up next week! 

A Weekend in Review: Farm Food + A Raw Demo Class :)

I can’t believe it’s already Tuesday! Hopefully your Monday blues have passed and you’re ready to hear me ramble on about my weekend. It was wonderful and very productive. On Saturday, hubby and I embarked on yet another adventure to the farm (it’s nameless) in the South Chicago burbs to get more goodies. We ended up getting tons of yummy veggies, four BIG seeded watermelons, and a free bunch of HUGE; like, (dinosaur egg huge) beets that had just been freshly picked that morning. This no name farm has been one of the most amazing places we’ve been to that has fresh (seeded) watermelon. Seeds in food is so important since a seed is part of the creation of that fruit or vegetable that you’re eating. Life begins with the seed. I just can’t personally justify eating a seedless watermelon, the taste is nothing like the real thang! Nom Nom Nom Nom, our last- of - the- summer fruit stashing continues……


Anyway, we got plenty of yummy things to eat and to sample out for my very first raw demo class! It was amazing and I had such a blast demonstrating how to make the yummy foods that we eat everyday. I even came upon some deep realizations as I stood there looking into everyone’s eyes and seeing the impact that  raw live foods have on the spirit of all beings. I am so grateful to have found my gift and everyone loved my food; especially the raw nut-free lemon bar recipe that I adapted from ( (whew!) I was a little nervous but once that rush of adrenaline came, all the fruity vibes calmed me down and kept me focused on what I needed to do! Life is such a journey! 


and it’s so beautiful. So much more is in store my friends!