Dinner! A massive salad simple yet yummy tonight! Lettuce, tomato, carrot and avocado! Dressing a sprinkle of salt and apple cider vinegar! Which is basically our salad dressing for most of our salads! #rawsalad #rawfood #therawfoodmum

Busy day today writing everyone’s addresses out for the delivery of Raw Food 4 Kids… I have over 150 orders to write out! Big day! But a happy day ! Ill be much happier when I get the books in my hands :). #rawkids #rawfood4kids #therawfoodmum

Hamish ( the man and inspiration behind the raw food mum ) and I had a little love moment on the beach yesterday! This man taught me everything I know about Raw Food! Love you bubba xxx #rawlove #therawfoodmum

Blitzing the #rawfood prep tonight! Onion bread, cheese, sunflower bread might even do a sneaky batch of #raw brownies ;) which the recipe is in this weeks newsletter no dehydrated needed for that one x #therawfoodmum

Having a little Friday night snack with raw cheese from @botanicalcuisine oh my god this stuff is amazing! Completely 100% raw vegan cheese! I remember years ago it would be red wine and cows cheese! Now it’s coconut and raw cheese! Life is much better now he he happy Friday night everyone x Sarah #therawfoodmum #rawfoodshare #rawfood