i was fuckin tagged!

Rule 1: always post the rules. 
Rule 2: answer the questions the person who tagged you has written and write 11 new ones. 
Rule 3: tag 11 new people and link them to your post. 
Rule 4: let them know you’ve tagged them.

i’m tagging: a-metaphorical-leap , mintytrickster, elrondsforehead, everything-but-sanity,thequeentoherking AND BASICALLY IF YOU’VE SPOKEN TO ME BEFORE AND WE HAVE A MUTUAL FOLLOWING BECAUSE I KNOW I’VE FORGOTTEN PEOPLE YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!

Questions for me

1. what is your favourite film?

i dunno i like lots of films i like how to train your dragon, scottpilgrim, back to the future, spirited away

2. what is the last book you read?

i’m terrible for reading books, i read maybe the first two chapters of the hunger games? but a book im constantly reading every now and again is elephants on acid

3. what is your dream job?

probably to do a job where i get to travel a lot. when i was younger it was a zoologist, it might still be that, i don’t really know anymore

4. if you could go and live anywhere in the world for one year, where would you go?

for one year huh, hmm maybe japan? or america?

5. what is you main fandom?

probably homestuck, if you haven’t noticed already

6. what song do you sing in the shower?

all songs EVERY SONG a lot of songs i write start off in the bathroom

7. what TV shows are you watching right now

i was watching supernatural until my internet decided to be a dick and not let me download any more but i will eventually start watching it again

8. if you were somehow transported into the HP world and became one of the characters - who would you be?

im not sure probably something boring like an extra, my that boy that keeps blowing stuff up

9. what is your favourite past time?

drawing, watching films or playing guitar

10. have you ever travelled over seas?

yeh i’ve been to some faily boring places like franch, spain and germany. haven’t been out of europe though :/

11. what is your favourite band/musician/singer-songwriter?

i really like frank turner who is an english folkrock singer and songwriter, he uses some amazing lyrics and i try to learn from hm when im writing songs.

Questions for you!!

  1. name one thing you like about yourself
  2. What’s the best experience you’ve had so far?
  3. do you have a special talent? what is it?
  4. what is your one weakness?
  5. what is your favourite dessert?
  6. where do you want to be right now whether fictional or real?
  7. why don’t you smile more often?
  8. "i feel most secure when im ____" fill in the blank
  9. "you can always at any given time talk to me about ____" fill in da blank
  10. how long can you hold your breath (time to find out)

Rule 1: post the rules you fuckass

Rule 2: answer the questions the fucker asked you and make 11 new ones

Rule 3: tag 11 people and link them to your fucking post

Rule 4: let them know you fucking tagged them assmunch

Rule 5: dont you fucking tag me back or i will rip your innards and shove them up your asshole (NEW ADDITION!!!!!!!)

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