tiredofyourshitivashkov said:

Jedison. Jeddie. Whichever. ;)

Jillian and Edison

Name: Isabella Catalina Ivashkov-Castile

Gender: Female

General Appearance: Green eyes and sandy blonde curls

Personality: shy and compassionate

Special Talents: she has a beautiful singing voice

Who they like better: She loves he mother but she is a daddy’s girl

Who they take after more: Her mother mostly.

Personal Head canon: Isabella loves singing; though she is very shy about who she sings around. She will really only sing in front of her parents or other close family members.

Jill and Eddie

Name:  Riley Mason Dragomir-Castile

Gender: Male

General Appearance: Tall and strong, green eyes and sandy blonde hair

Personality: Very protective of those he loves and will do anything for anyone that needs help.

Special Talents: He is near top of his class at the Academy, he is a very strong and talented dhampir

Who they like better: He loves both parents equally but he has a close relationship with his mother.

Who they take after more: Eddie, he is a very strong willed and protective.

Personal Head canon: Growing up Eddie would tell stories to Riley about his best friend Mason and why he got his middle name. Riley always wanted to be the best he could to make his parents proud of giving him that middle name.