starspangledbelle said:

Hi, I am planning on applying for UMCP next year. Do you have any suggestions for applying. Do you know what the average SAT score might be?

Hi, so sorry for taking a couple days!  I’m so excited you’re considering Maryland :) I’m SUCH a proud alum haha, feel free to ask me as many questions as you want.

I was at Maryland from Fall 07 to Fall 10 so I’m sure things have changed a little, but I scored a 1980 (1300 for math/reading) and 1300 was literally the cutoff to get into the Business School so I just squeaked in to my desired major of Marketing. (Business, Psych, Engineering, and other popular majors - LEPs - have limited enrollment so that they can keep the quality of the department high.) But Maryland itself doesn’t have a cutoff like that, that I know of or that’s published. Looks like scores in the low-mid 600s for Reading and mid-high 600s for Math would put you right in average territory among enrolled students though.

As far as applying, I know it’s tough and time-consuming if you’re applying to several schools but do try to tailor your essays to Maryland, and your desired major if you already have one. At a huge school like Maryland there will be tonssssss of applicants with your exact GPA and SAT scores so making it personal is key. I know people who work/have worked in Admissions and I think the following two things are important:

  • discuss what makes you different and how you can add diversity to campus (think beyond just racial/religion)
  • the value you add to Maryland as well as what Maryland can do for YOU to help you achieve your goals and dreams

Similarly, the more personal your recommendations are the better as well. 

Maryland is SO much about camaraderie and community and Terrapin pride uniting all different types of people so just try to tap into that spirit as you’re applying and I know you’ll be all set. Good luck and let me know if you have any more questions!

PS. Get to know Maryland’s Admissions page if you haven’t already — fun fact: I helped redesign it! haha :)

starspangledbelle said:

Would you consider doing a little tutorial to show how you painted some of your phi mu crafts?

Yeah sure! Once I buy some more canvases, get over mid-terms, and have more time, I’ll make some! I’m thinking about starting to sell stuff on Etsy, too. :) If y’all have any requests for how to do specific items, please message me!