Beach House - The Hours
Submissions Week 2013

After their impeccable 2010 release Teen Dream, where could Beach House possibly go? How could they possibly get any better? However, last year’s Bloom puts those concerns to rest and beyond. At this point in the game, it has become clear that the duo operates by perfecting their sound instead of drastically changing it from one release to the next. In this way, Bloom is their most fully fleshed-out and sonically whole record. Moreover, it has become one of my go-to albums for anything and everything from walking to class to late night paper writing.

From the very first listen, ‘The Hours’ has always stood out to me, and the warmer weather has made it all the more pertinent and necessary. As usual, Scally’s guitar riffs are in perfect sync with Legrand’s vocals and keyboard. The song is quite an unexpected burst of energy with more prominent percussion adding another level to their already layered sound. A track this beautifully rich could have only come from the duo building and developing their dreamy repertoire over the course of four albums. A common complaint about Beach House and their music is that its sometimes slow tendencies induce sleep and drowsiness. But in ‘The Hours,’ that is hardly the case. The sun is out and it’s shining through the blinds. Just open your (‘frightened’) eyes.


thepatformist-deactivated201504 asked:

Write 10 facts about yourself and send this to 10 of your favorite followers

Aww hi Pat you’re great. I’m terrible at these things but I’ll try.

  1. Most pertinent, as it’s E3 time: I’m a pathetic Nintendo/Sony fangirl.
  2. I’m deathly afraid of clowns, knives, dentists, feet, planes, the deep end of pools, death, guns, and the dark.
  3. I have two scars on my knee from tripping on absolutely nothing two months ago.
  4. I have terrible social anxiety that feeds off my nascent hatred for people and transforms me into a generally, accidentally unfriendly and antisocial sod.
  5. My catchphrase is “Word up, big pup.”
  6. I’m terrible at remembering lyrics.
  7. I think Cary Grant, Adam Scott, and Jesse Eisenberg are the tops.
  8. I have been known to fall hard for a good, well-baked cookie.
  9. I fancy myself a struggling writer, minus the writing, minus the struggle.
  10. One time my cat got stuck in my face and it was both hilarious and horrifying and it’s one of those great stories that I almost never tell.

BOOM. Thanks for the ask. That was fun.

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UNREAL ABSOLUTELY UNREAL… and slightly confused/concerned by ezra’s speaking voice as well. but also just your other post and CLOUD NOTHINGS AHHHHH

yeah like how does he manage to have such a deep voice?? i don’t remember it always being that deep either! boy been smoking or?