thepaperdreams replied to your post: Two children from opposite sides of the country/families are chosen as future leaders of that country. Before they can lead, they have to duel each other so the gov’t will have the stronger leader. The MC doesn’t want to duel and runs away to try to hide/keep her power from hurting her friends. The ant. wants to see this system ended and a democracy put in its place. Would kill both children to achieve this. Victor saves MC from his father’s grasp near end of the book, joins them in flight.

That’s kind of what I was thinking, but the story already seems very comparable to A:TLA and I don’t want it to be too close.

What about going Snape, and having him pretend to help one side when really he’s helping the other?


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If you want to sell it, I recommend NOT posting it online. Also, congratulations!

Posting from my phone so this format is dumb.
But it’s not online. Only the first like 8 pages as a sample. And it’s for sale through an online vendor and it’ll be on Amazon soon for sale a well.

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You are not fat. Take pride in your deviation from the cultural “norm” prescribed by Hollywood. You’re better than that.


The truth is, I just carry my weight well and most people have no clue how out of control I am, but I’m getting in to see an ED specialist hopefully sometime in March.

Thanks though :) I really do appreciate hearing that.