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Well Half Asleep officially tore out my soul and left me a blubbering mess but it's okay, who needs to be happy anyway? If you could stop being a good writer so I can finally be emotionally stable again that would be much appreciated, thank you!

Please don’t die omg and no more tears. Blahhhhh thank you!!! x

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1) What is your favorite flavored crisp?
I know it’s boring but ready salted
2) Where do you live?
Manchester, England
3) What is your favourite meal?
Tapas if you meant out of lunch tea or breakfast it’s breakfast
4) Do you like Lasagna?
I like veggi lasagna
5) What is your favorite TV show?
Doctor who
6) What is that one ship you detest if you have one?
Don’t have one
7) Do you watch Sherlock?
No but I’m going to start
8) When was the last time you went to the cinema?
Last month to see les miserable
9) Should you be doing work now?
10) What is your favorite band?
There’s to much choice
11) What is your favorite character from anything?
The doctor and the ponds *cries
MY questions
1) are you happy right now?
2) what are you looking at if you look left?
3)what are you doing tomorrow?
4)do you laugh at your own jokes?
5)what’s your favourite animal?
6) what’s your dream job?
7)what is a recant dream you’ve had?
8) what school did /do you go to?
9) do you have a none celebrity crush?
10) what’s your favourite sport?
11) do you have more that one BEST friend?

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1. If you had an imaginary friend what was their name?
no don’t think i had any 

2. Would you rather use a spork or knork?
hahaha probably knorf

3. Do you play or want to play any musical instrumets?
i kinda play guitar but im not very good, and i would like to be good at it and maybe piano

4. What would you do if wifi diidnt exist?
god just the thought of it gives me anxiety, but i guess i would just read a ridiculous amount of books, and watch movies but not as much as i do now as i would actually have to pay for it

5. If you could have been born with any name what would you choose?
i’m too tired to think right now but maybe jamie (i think it’s a both boys and girls name)

6. Favourite accent?
i actually thought about this today, but maybe scottish (like amy pond) or russian

7. Last youtube video watched?
charlie’s fun science: reproduction

8. Favourite month?
i really don’t know, but i’m gonna go with may, because it’s really nice and kinda warm and you’re exited for summer and also my birthday is may 1st

9. Favourite place?
this question i also never know the answer to, but i’m gonna say my room (as the antisocial teenager i am) and also this really beautiful beach thing in southern italy

10. Best name for a pet chicken?
if i had one i’d probably name it something really nerdy like voldemort or moriarty 

11. Favourite food?
you know those giant shrips that are really bad for the enviroment, those with rice and this sauce that’s basically just butter, it the most orgasmic food ever
and also i love tacos

My questions:
1. Favorite youtubers?
2. People who inspire you?
3. Favorite bands or singers
4. First youtuber you watched?
5. When did you make your first tumblr account?
6. Favourite accent?
7. favorite movie?
8. Favourite tv series?
9. Favourite place?
10. Where do you live (not in a creepy way just what country or even  continent)
11. Favourite food?

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Sorry if this is a really stupid question, but how would I uninstall one of your customisations? For example the background..

If you installed the bg separate from everything else, you do this, IF YOU ARE USING FIREFOX:

  1. Type about:addons in yer browser navigation.
  2. Go to Userstyles:

  3. On the right side, there’s yer options:

Fer Chrome, Iuno, I guess it’s like this?:

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*tries to think of interesting ask* *fails* Um.. hi! I like your blog and I envy your face! (p.s. my accent must be worse than yours, I'm from Slough..)

weifh wuiefhew THANKS & omg no seriously I win the worst accent award ok

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This was genuinely one of the most difficult decisions of my life so far but my least favourite would probably be PJ! Only because I started watching his videos later on and sometimes I think I'm high when I watch them.. or he was when he made it.. I still adore him though! And then it would probably be Dan is my favourite, then Phil and then Chris! wew, that was painful..

haha I can understand how people are a bit weirded out by PJ I get it :’)

theotpgames replied to your post: My brother is gay and once he used nail varnish…

why did he have nail varnish remover and not lube like omg plan or prioritise your expenses sir

charley i have not heard from you in forever and this is what you bring

imawanchor replied to your postDis is Boris Johnson and i hav u no dat i am…

ye looks like a ballbag sprinkled w/ icing sugar

every once and a while rachol likes to visit and leave a gem

scarsfromtomorow replied to your post(england hating anon) BUT IM NOT. My social…

i’m always so offended by your anons jfc

they’re crazy you get used to it