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Putting the rest of my theory into comic form. Part 1 above, part 2 to come…

That new trailer has me more convinced than ever!

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The Theory of Electrons

An atom of matter is composed of electrons. We picture an atom as a sort of miniature solar system, the electrons (particles of negative electricity) rotating round a central nucleus of positive electricity. In the above pictorial representation of an atom the whirling electrons are indicated in the outer ring.

From the book: The Outline of Science, Vol. 1, J. Arthur Thomson  (1861 - 1933)


Part 2: Continuation of this post. More Istanbill Theory related comics to come! Also I totally think the above chain of events is the reason Stanley is gone but his glasses remain.

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Researchers Prototype NextGen Battery That Will Stretch with Electronics and Implants

by Charles Q. Choi

Imagine batteries stretchy enough to flex inside clothing or under the skin. Unusually elastic batteries could one day help power flexible electronics worn on or implanted inside the body, researchers say.

"Some relatively simple but powerful ideas allow one to construct rechargeable, lithium-ion batteries that have the physical properties of a rubber band," says John Rogers, a materials scientist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Applications may include robotic skin and wearable health monitors, he added.

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