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"I hope everyone enjoyed their day off. Now we have to get back to the business at hand…" Clearly today was one of the days where Doctor Morrison seemed a bit off— slow, and trying his hardest to engage the class. "Today, we’re going to visit the mysterious world of theoretical numbers…” He says the phrase as if it’s terrifying— which he knew it would be for the class, but it was required, and quite possibly one of his favorite units. 


"Concept Math is very erratic, so try to keep up and please, ask questions. Or else I will assume that you understand what I’m teaching.”

Automation by Capitalists Vs. Automation by Workers

Klint Finley

From Kurukshetra:

The difference between “bad outsourcing” (“bad” from the labor/leftist perspective) and this case of outsourcing should be obvious. “Bad outsourcing” is done on the company’s terms–that is, in a situation where the worker has no say in the matter, and where the company boss outsources a job and pockets the difference between cheap foreign labor and American labor. Outsourcing by the workers, on the other hand, is just that: outsourcing done on terms dictated by the worker, where the worker outsources her own job and pockets the difference.

Now, extend this observation to automation. As it stands, there is a whole lot of concern (particularly, it seems, from economists) that the increasing rate of automation, roboticization, and cybernation is creating a secular decline in employment, leaving an increasing number of millions structurally unemployed, and severely limited in their ability to access the theoretical benefits of mass automation. But just as with outsourcing, the underlying reason why workers are losing out is because they hold little to no power in the process of implementing automation. Labor does not control the means of (automated) production; capital does.

Full Story: Kurukshetra: Automation by Capitalists Vs. Automation by Workers

Kurukshetra tables the discussion about whether someone making six figures a year is still part of the working class, which is understanable under the circumstance. But they also bypass the question of whether outsouring your job to someone else makes you into a capitalist, but in the case of automation, this no longer matters.

Asexuality has thus far been analyzed mainly as a sexual orientation or identity, whose particular approach to defining sex, identity and relationships has made it an interesting addition to social queer theories. In order to suggests further points of connection between asexuality and queer theories, this paper aims to look at asexuality as a theoretical concept that can be a useful contribution to the anti-social strand of queer theory as proposed by Edelman and Sikora.

The main connection between asexuality and anti-social queer theories is the rejection of positivist values imposed by neo-liberalism such as social, cultural, and biological productivity, happiness and futurity. Inspired by Edelman’s take on queer anti-futurity, Ahmed’s criticism of the concept of happiness, and Tomasz Sikora’s idea of the strategic outside, this paper will propose a reading of an asexual as a figure full of radical political potential because of, rather than despite, its negative aspects.

Stared at a few support tanky builds I saw on the forums and taped this together.  Totally theoretical, possibly awful, but I might try it tonight. Anyone have any advice/see anything I could improve?

Theoretical use: Diamond grit, helter skelter in through a bunch of peeps (impairing them), furnance (apply debil), karma (apply heal when they attack), piledriver, ground pound a bunch/karma/piledriver, use domino effect in a crowd or in a pinch. Anyone near me will be hindered, purged, and will cleanse me.

Hm, in that case, could use grounded instead of immovable object…

Of course a weakness I can think to this build is a ranged DPS standing far away, dropping manis and ranged attacks on me, a la my own other build LOL. 

Edit to add: *SH as in Stonehenge not Slaughterhouse, oops. This is definitely a PVP build, would be completely non-functional in PVE.

dangerously close to BOASTING here

but this morning i’ve already bought 65 kazoos and made some art about theoretical math 


pretty good little tuesday so far

anonymous said:

Can Dust, theoretically, grow a pair of balls with flesh magic?

I’m going to be a terrible, awful person and try to answer this legitimately. 

The answer, sadly, is no. Flesh magic, being the sort of bastard child of restoration and necromancy to try and pin things into schools, can generally only expand upon what is already a part of the body. While muscle could be strengthened, limbs extended or changed and organs changed in usefulness and effectiveness, it would be impossible for her to grow a new limb, a second heart or, indeed, a pair of balls with flesh magic.

However, it would be possible for her to use flesh magic to attach a pair of balls and make them a part of her body, more than necrotic flesh. If she could find a fresh enough set, remove them cleanly and attach them with flesh magic, she could very well nurse a healthy set of testicles wherever she might like!

Any volunteers?

I thought I’d go into Photoshop and make an example of how you can incorporate four different colours into one theme, without it looking busy or make your eyes explode.

The way this is done is by not only making sure that all colours are compatible without one another, but also to leave the colours as accents. Much of this theoretical theme is made up of neutrals - black, grey, and white (mind you, browns are neutrals too). This is what will make sure that your design doesn’t look busy. You can use as many colours as you want this way, or as few (for example, my theme only uses orange and yellow), by simply making them accent the neutral colours you have.

Also note that there’s a fair balance between neutrals - this makes that there’s depth to the design, and makes it more interesting to look at in contrast to, say, if the grey background were to be a similar shade as the light black sidebar.

If you want to use a gradient map on the icon/sidebar graphic (see, the turquoise area), you can add this without making things seem “monochrome” (trust me, statistically, monochrome is a bad way to webdesign, either by going all black-and-white or all one colour).

I like the idea of colour schemes, but I thought I’d show everyone how one ought to use colour schemes in practice. So here you go.

hey in wind waker when youre in the earth temple where does the light rays come from? the temples full of rays of light that shine into the temple but the temple itself is underground. you get to it by going to a very small island and jumping into a hole so its underground and theoretically under the ocean so any cracks in the temple where the light shines through would be pouring through with water

My bank extended my credit line limit and added about 1000$ yesterday.
Now, I have to resist the temptation to spend everything right now on the “fancy shrine building” plans I’ve had in mind for long time. Theoretically I understand that it could be better to start working on this when I already will be back from Egypt.
But the temptation to start the thing right now is VERY hard. :)

anonymous said:

This just occured to me: By mind controlling Jade, would e.g. )(IC have some form of control over Jack and PM by extension?

One would think that theoretically HIC would be able to control Jack and PM using taurus powers. It’s possible that she would be overstretching herself. 

If you mean that by controlling Jade she could make them do things, I think that would run the risk of them flying over and eating her. 

Life hack: combine jif whipped peanut butter with muscle milk chocolate protein powder and you get a spread that tastes like Reese’s.

Theoretically, you could do this with any chocolate powder but I’m going for post workout snacks.

A theoretical crime show featuring two women detectives could potentially fail the bechdel test since the overwhelming amount of murderers are male

5 Reasons We May Live in a Multiverse

The universe we live in may not be the only one out there. In fact, our universe could be just one of an infinite number of universes making up a “multiverse.”

Though the concept may stretch credulity, there’s good physics behind it. And there’s not just one way to get to a multiverse — numerous physics theories independently point to such a conclusion. In fact, some experts think the existence of hidden universes is more likely than not.

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What is the Multiverse, and why do we think it exists? 

[…] Our observable Universe caps out at about 92 billion light-years in diameter, less than a thousand times as large in all directions as our previous scale. It contains some 10^80 atoms, clumped together in maybe a trillion galaxies, each with typically hundreds of billions of stars. But one of the most remarkable things about the Big Bang is that all of this, some 13.8 billion years ago, was once contained in a very small region of space, a region much smaller than our Solar System is today!

The thing that you might immediately wonder is whether there’s more Universe beyond the part that’s observable to us today, and — if so — how far does it go on? And what does it look like? And what are the physical laws in that part of the Universe?

Based on our observations of everything we’ve been able to see, from stars to galaxies to the leftover glow from the Big Bang to the matter in intergalactic space, we can learn some amazing things.

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