The shipping wars has backfired. ABORT ABORT

Welcome to my art blog, man! If y’all aren’t already watching this guy’s Tumblr YOU NEED TO. GO HERE RIGHT NOW! He has some amazing artwork, including some production work from Legend of Tembo, which I wish I could’ve seen be made into a full movie but alas. :’c

(idk why it’s blurry just open these in a new tab)

Avoid the current waves of popular culture, avoid following the crowd or fitting in. Do everything it takes to accomplish your goals especially if it means discarding the “traditional” college experience. I believe the craziest people will change the world, they are the only ones crazy enough to do so. Don’t be afraid to be crazy. Art is what you make of it and an expensive private school education will only give you what you take from it. Believe in yourself and I promise when the 4 years are up you will be in a very different situation than your peers. If your planning to spend $100,000 on an education you had better do what ever it takes to get your monies worth.

Sorry for the delay!

Here’s the process and some close ups of a recent Digital Fine Art Commission. The project was to bring a families dream home in Italy to life. After sharing their honeymoon across Italy, they’ve decided to find a way to retire in the beautiful world of Tuscany. The client had supplied countless elements for the scene, including every single detail you see here. Doors, windows, shops with fruits, cheese and meat, the street, honeymoon book, their favorite lamps, wells, flooring, church etc. We also created a Family Crest for the front door. There was a lot to fit in!  :p 

So, until the day they can finally make the move to Italy, this imaginary world should hold them off.

The final product was printed on the highest quality Giclee Canvas at 30x40. 

Looking for your own commission, or just want a high quality print of my original artwork? Shoot me a message at THEONIDESART@GMAIL.COM



New work with a company from my birth town, Volta in Quebec City. Check out the cool work we’re doing for KLAB games, and their digital card game for your phone and tablet devices called “Lord of Dragons”.

When playing your cards you can level up - with that comes new / more badass Illustrations!

Cant wait to show you the other Illustrations I’ve done for the Game, I promise they will be pretty :3

-Coming Soon-

<3 Theo