Popeska - The New Kings (feat. Luciana)
The first song from the official @dailysongpost account, originally started on my own account @oscar_riley , the crown on the song artwork will be the page’s profile picture.
This has got to be Popeska’s best song, and definitely deserves to be the first song posted on the official @dailysongpost account #dailysongpost #edm #popeska #luciana #thenewkings #kindergarten #kindergartenrecordings #goodsong #tune

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The New Kings by Attila

It’s always like this when people try to change their mind as if you would forget.
Well, I don’t forget.
I remember every time you put us down and all the fucking reasons why you said,
we wouldn’t go anywhere.
I don’t forget.
I remember all the shit you talked behind our back and all the lies your spread,
among the people that you call your friends.
I don’t forget.
#TheNewKings #Attila #AboutThatLife #IDontForget

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THE NEW KINGS FEAT. LUCIANA - Vicetone vs Popeska

The New Kings
  • The New Kings
  • Vicetone vs Popeska (Feat. Luciana)
  • Vicetone Music

D&J Music, vous fait découvrir en exclusivité la première de “The New Kings” le nouveau single de “Vicetone Vs Popeska” en featuring avec “Luciana”.

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hey, thanks!! :)

1. my birthday is this friday! woop woop!

2. i have the same birthday as my mom haha :)

3. when i was 15 i thought id be surfing for a living hahahaha

4. i hate clear liquor……

5. i get to see outkast for the first and last time ever three days in a row this weekend!! 

thanks again! :D