Grasshopper’s - 3some - ♂♂♀ 

2 male (blue tegmina) & 1 female (green tegmina) Grasshoppers
sat in harmony on this culm for hours; they hear with their first abdominal segment and use vibrations to locate each other.
Even when they reach maturity wings are not fully developed so they can not fly. In the rice fields they are prey to dragonflies and the local communities also collect them to eat.

Caryanda spuria STÅL, 1861
Subfamily: Oxyinae
Famiily: Acrididae (Feldheuschrecken)
Superfamily: Acridoidea
Infraorder: Acrididea
Suborder: Caelifera (short-horned grasshopper, Kurzfühlerschrecken)
Order: Orthoptera (Springschrecken)

Indonesia, W-Java, 33km WNW Bogor (Halimun-Salak-NP): vic. Cipeteuy (at the edge of paddy fields), ca. 1100m asl., 21.09.2010

*Description: ~2cm, yellow body with black bands, yellow legs and blue-green knees. The upper-side of ♂ is green and the tegmina (hardened fore-wings) are blue-metallic while ♀ show a brown upper-side and tegmina are green.
*Distribution: Java. The Genus Caryanda is widely distributed in the tropics and subtropics of the old world.
*Habitat: commonly found in grasslands, in open areas and paths in the forest and in farmland (mainly paddy), 0-1200m asl.

(photo/text by gbohne on Flickr)