I don’t know how Rebs puts up with all the questions both anon and off they get from people asking about their gender.

Especially when it’s PLAINLY stated all over the blog. Maybe if you people would just take a moment to READ. You don’t even have to GO to the FAQ it’s literally on the description. 

And trying to phrase it differently doesn’t make you seem clever. Respect peoples pronouns and what they identify as.

It’s literally human decency.



I’ve been on mobile for so long that I was laughing at all the people who got the “updated” Tumblr without even knowing I did as well. I canceled this post 5 times…. Fuck you. And now I can’t bold the “fuck you” because I don’t even know how to do the HTML shits… so fuck you, again!

The Parents

When Ciel and Sebastian get married, they decide to adopt a little girl. One day, Ciel jokingly says that Sebastian should be the “mama” since he does all the house work but Sebastian takes it seriously and firmly disagrees about him being the “mom”. A year later, when their daughter turns 4, she decides on calling Sebastian “mommy” and Ciel “daddy” to avoid confusion. That ends up with a laughing Ciel and a fuming Sebastian. So when the older male asks why she decided that he should be “mommy” she stares at him with her big innocent eyes and says, “Because your hair is longer than daddy’s!” Before smiling widely. And that ended up with more laughter from Ciel; after that day, Sebastian always lifted his bangs from his face bit that apparently wasn’t enough to get him to lose the mom title…

Follow forever time! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

 I decided to do follow forever which I have been planning to do for a long time (first at Christmas then before my birthday), but I was finally able to do this. I have been on tumblr  for quite time already and I have about 70+ followers. So yeah, thank you all for making my dashboard such an amazing place! ovo

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