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To Anon wanting to learn the piano: First off, yay you for taking a step towards music! I started on a digital piano too - Yamaha CLP 930. I practiced on it for 6 hours a day for 5 years before my parents were able to afford a good upright. The Yamaha digital piano series is great - the keys are weighted just like a real piano and its sound it the same. There's also a built in metronome and recording abilities and other things. It's great to start with. Cheers!

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Hi, cool blog: I'm following :) Well, I'm a pianist, nice to meet a violinist :D I hope you can stop by my music blog sometime: It'd make me happy :) See you around! Ciao!!

Hello and thank you! Nice to meet you too! :)

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Hey!! I liked your blog - its different!! You have a new follower!! I'm a pianist and I have a music blog. I would be thrilled if you could stop by for a look some time. Thanks!! My brother likes Arsenal too :) Thank you for sharing the photo on on your wonderful blog!! See ya!! Ciao :)

hello :) 


thank you and thanks for the follow! oh i will:) 

you have a cool brother then!;) 

you are so nice, thank you! :)