AWW YEAH…look at the bad mofos. They are freaking amazing <3 them all If you don’t already go follow dem. I guarantee they can make your night  
…I don’t quite understand how Sandor is in first place…meh whatevs XD ◕‿◕

sexxardstark asked:

My my what a lovely little lass that you are! With such a tiny waist and a cute button nose. *he tries to rub his manly abs but his hand goes right through him* Being dead, it is hard I must admit. For when I look upon such beautiful young maidens such as yourself I find myself aroused. And yet I cannot put it in you because I am but a mere ghost. The man made of mountains, you must give him your treasure chest. He will ride you like the stallion who will mount the world. Be wise. Heed my words.


I thank you for your advice Lord Eddard, I believe. As for the mountain, I don’t think he would be able to handle all of this.Though I am small there is lots to handle ;) Then again who knows what might happen, he is a big man…maybe big enough to handle me