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Do you have any blogs that I should follow for getting a lot of Hannibal things on my dash? I just started the series and I'm already in love and I need more on my dash.


blogs that are pure/mostly hannibal (or the actors):

blogs that have other fandoms but also post hannibal:

themostawkwardreindeerofall asked:

The link you gave to look for links and streams doesn't work. It leads to a page that says it cannot be found. Thought you guys might want to know!

That episode (episode two) hasn’t aired yet so there are unfortunately no streams or downloads posted there yet.

If you’re looking for links to the first episode, you can check the tag here or see where to watch legally here. The first episode is free on itunes, google play, and FOX’s website right now!


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1. What originally brought you to Tumblr?

Well, I was originally on dA and a bunch of the people I watch on there were getting into it. In fact, one person in particular left dA for tumblr but he said that I could follow him on here instead.

2. Do you have pets? What kinds? What are their names?

Yep, two cats and a dog! The cats are brothers named Murray and Bradley. Murray really is attached to me and will cuddle with me a lot. They both sleep in bed with me overnight and when I wake up Murray will siddle up to me expecting a petting session. Spoiled little kitties, they are.

Our dog is a Carolina Dog–they basically look like friendlier/cuddlier versions of dingoes–and her name is Anna. She’s the sweetest dog ever and has taken up permenant residence on our couch. If I sit in her spot, she will sit and wait patiently for the moment I get up and then immediately steal it. Still, you gotta love her. <3

3. Do you live with family? Or are you in a dorm/roommate/SO situation?

Living with family! I plan to possibly live in a dorm once I go to college, though.

4. If your house burned down tomorrow (everyone lives) what would be the one possession you’d miss most?

oh god you’re cruel

Weeell if I had to narrow it down, I’d probably say my computer because ALL of my writing is on it. …I need to back it up at some point.

5. What is your go-to chill time activity?

Tumblr, listening to music, reading, and Katamari Damacy. I’ve also been recently addicted to Picross 3D for the DS, but harder puzzles tend to be less “chill” and more “ohgod I’m about to run out of time noooo”

6. Do you have a job? If so, where do you work? Do you like it?

I do not currently have a job, but I’m considering working part time… if I could find anything good in this economy, and do you seriously think they’re going to hire inexperienced minors? I doubt it…

I used to occasionally volunteer at the library and animal shelter, and I might go back into that if I ever have the time.

7. What is the most memorable experience from your childhood, good or bad?

Hmm. One that sticks out is when I was little, I would spend hours in my room just reading. I had one book in particular I could read over and over again. I don’t remember its name though! But yeah, Series of Unfortunate Events, A Wrinkle in Time–god talk about an author that won’t dumb herself down for her audience. always respected her for that–and a bit younger it would be Doctor Suess and his works as Theodore Giesel, Amelia Bedelia, those Disney picture books with Winnie the Pooh or Donald Duck and friends, and I used to have this little kiddie Bible with pictures in it.

8. What is your favorite book series? What about stand-alone book?

Oooh, tough one. Either the Hunger Games trilogy or The Bartimaeus Trilogy–well they also released a prequel book but still. I actually haven’t finished the latter though, so no spoilers!

And… oooh. The Fault in Our Stars maybe? Or Looking For Alaska. But honestly I could go on forever about amazing books that deserve everyone’s love.

9. If you could wake up with a random talent tomorrow morning, what would it be?

DRAWING. I have so much respect for you guys, and while writing can get visualization across if you’re really good, I’ve always wanted to be able to make artwork at least half as good as some of you guys. In fact, one of these days I might promote some artists that I’ve come to really like.

10. Your favorite celebrity runs into you. (yes, THEY run into YOU) Set a short scene for what follows and who it is.

Probably Benedict Cumberbatch, at the moment. He’s a very talented actor–why doesn’t he have a BAFTA yet? I know he’s won other awards and I do think Martin Freeman/Andrew Scott deserved theirs (ESPECIALLY Andrew Scott. Reichenbach. Just… Reichenbach. Not that Martin isn’t wonderful but still), but come on, you know he deserves one. alsoheisveryprettyyessss

Okay, so I’m eating at a restaurant, like Starview (local restaurant, they make the best Chicken Franchaise) or something. Just walked out of the bathroom at the same time as him (the OTHER bathroom, smart aleck) and we bump into eachother. I subsequently forget how to Hope

Me: *no longer capable of breathing normally* Uhm hello. You’re… um. From Sherlock. 

Him: Yes. (or possibly something a bit more eloquent, but honestly I’d be too busy hyperventilating to notice)

Me: Wow. Um. I… I really respect your work. Like, really.

Him: Thank you. (at this point he’s probably a bit nervous, but still being polite, especially because I seem harmless in my deer-in-headlights state)

Me: Um, you’re in America?

Him: Meeting a friend.

Me: Oh right. Me too. (smoooth)

He kindly ignores my social blunders.

Me: I have a book of the original Sherlock Holmes stories though and I wish I had it with me so you could autograph it… *trails off*

Him: Oh, how nice! How about you go get it and we can meet at the coffee shop down the street.

My perfectly reasonable response is to keel over, and I keep falling and falling and falling–

I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock. God, I hate it when my brain writes crappy self-insert fanfiction…

Here are the new questions:

1. Do you have a writer/artist that you really respect?

2. What is your biggest fear?

3. Do you have a band/artist that fulfills all of your musical needs and wants?

4. What is your favorite food?

5. Do you have any crushes on an animated character? (Oh come on, everyone has fallen for at least ONE Disney prince/princess)

6. Name a song that sums up your otp.

7. Do you enjoy Vocaloid? If so, do you have a favorite? If not, what’s your favorite color?

8. Have you ever made a self-insert character? (Don’t worry: besides the awful joke fic above, I actually have. I was 8, okay? Embrace it!)

9. Favorite animal?

10. How many songs are on your iTunes library?

I finally got a life and hope to pass it on.

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My questions:

1. First crush? What were they like?

Alrighty, so my first crush was this person I met in school (like duh, I am still in school.. -_-) but well, he was incredibly clever. He wasn’t the kind of person who got first in the level or anything like that; more of the fact that he was able to spew (literally) facts about everything. And he was absolutely charming, because he had amazing skills in making friends! Yeah, he could blend in to any kind of conversation and make practically everyone like him! (well, yeah, so that’s probably it :))

2. Favourite actor and why?

Hahaha, I thought it would have been pretty obvious! BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH. Well, aside from looks, because he is oh so very handsome. He is a extraordinary actor in the sense that he doesn’t seem to play the character he is acting, he seems to be the character he is acting. He sort of understands how the character feels and become the character as an entire being (mind, soul & body). Furthermore, he is exceptionally talented; he writes, reads incredible books, draw etc. He is sort of, idon'tknowbutIkindofdo… perfect. :)

3.If you had to choose one thing to do for the rest of your life without any limitations in money, what would you do?

I’d probably read.( I am a complete geek. I read everything, encyclopaedias, dictionaries, medical journals, novels etc)  I’d buy so many books and read them. And when I die, I’d open a library for anyone who loves reading.

4. First thing you see on your bed and why is it important to you?

Hahahaha! I see The Fault In Our Stars. It has changed my life so much; I see how life is each time I read it. And the more I read it, the sadder it becomes. Because I know the ending and I see the complete breaking of the characters. The complete bond forming of the love and relations between them. And I put myself in their shoes more. And then, it starts to hurt so bad because I understand how they feel.

5. Favourite song and why?

Well, I have lots of favourite songs! Hehehe! But I guess the one I listen repeatedly now would be Over Again by one direction. Because, it’s beautiful. The tune, the use of words, the rhythm, the metaphors, the similies and the meaning. Beautiful beautiful song. Listen to it;)

6. If you could punch anyone in the world, past included, who would it be?

If I could, I’d punch, I don’t know. I don’t think anyone deserves a good punching. I mean nothing would come out of me hitting them.

But if I really really had to, probably, myself. It’d be interesting to see how one gets punched by oneself. (you guise get it right???)

Or perhaps the asshole who served me yesterday. He had a horrendous attitude. (Like who the bloody hell says fuck infront of their customer twice, rolls your eyes, calls them kiddo, lie to them so blatantly and omfg. plays with their own phone while fixing my phone.)

7. What would you do if you saw a ghost?

I’d walk through it and ask how it feels. Because OMG. HOW THE HELL DOES IT FEEL IF IT DOESNT HAVE NERVES. Does it feel? I’d probably scream, faint, wake up and start interrogating it.

8. What is the place you want to travel to most?

I would LOVE to travel to the diamond planet. Or Gallifrey (before the war) It sounds glorious in Doctor Who.

9. Who is your least favourite character in any show you watch?

Currently, I am watching this Hong Kong Drama, where this asshole raped this lawyer and got away scot fucking free. I am so fucking mad at that asshole. I hate him. Good lord, so much emotion in this hehehehehe!

10. Besides Tumblr, what website do you get in most and why?

Uhhhhhhh, Facebook. Because… I have no life… ;_; SO TAG ME MORE!

11. Scariest or stupidest thing you’ve ever done?

From my insanely miniature memory, I’d say eating raw egg whites, out of plain curiosity. THEY. ARE. NASTAY. HOOORRIIIIBBLEEE. THINGS OF UTTER GROSSNESS. (that was just two days ago…. Good lord, I am never doing it ever again.)

My questions:

1) Hi! How’s the weather in your side of the world (and which side is it?)? (yeah, I always believe in having introductions)

2) What’re your hidden talents? (even if it is finger cracking or miming)

3) What did you want to be (when you grow up) when you were a child? 

4) Who is your favourite actor, why?

5) What’s favourite band, why? (because I need to expand my music collection!!! ;))

6) What’s your favourtie animated movie? :D

7) If you could travel anywhere and any time, where and when would you?

8) What is the funniest joke you’ve ever heard?

9) You’re in the dungeon with the person you absolutely detest(be it a character or a real life person), and you have all kinds of weapons available to you, what weapon would you choose and how would you kill him/her/it?

10) Pretend you are filthy rich, what would your dream retirement job be? 

11) If you could ship anyone (literally, even the sexually tense couple sitting right infront of you), how would you bring them together??