#throwback to that one time i hung out with themossikeepinmypockets during ur garage sale n met ur amazing gma n hilarious uncle n got to drive ur FUCKING AWESOME tracker(RIP) a lil tipsy n bought us blizzards afterwards, fuck that was a fun day n i would love to hangout again sometime again pleeeaaaaase! n then the next day i found feathers or sticks or something in my pocket from ur keys even tho you say it wasn’t from them but I SWEAR IT HAD TO HAVE BEEN FROM YOUR KEYS! CUZ THERE WAS NOTHING ELSE IT COULD’VE BEEN FROM!

plus you still owe me an anklet!! so let’s hangout again!! i miss youu!! :)))

themossikeepinmypockets said:

hey, do you get dead animals from the vet? how do i go about doing something like that?

I don’t get dead animals from the vet. I’m not sure that’s legal, since the sale of dog and cat fur is prohibited in the USA. I know that you can buy whole frozen bodies from science supply centers, which are usually euthanized shelter animals, but these science supply centers are licensed to deal in dead animal parts for scientific purposes only.