• Open when you need to know how much I love you: write reasons why you love them and fell in love with them
  • Open when you’re mad at me: apologize for something or talk about what you would do if you were together to make it better
  • Open when you miss me: talk about a memory; or make up something you could do together
  • Open when you’re lonely: talk about what would happen if you were together at that moment
  • Open when you’re happy: write things to make them happier and talk about why it’s important for them to be happy :)
  • Open when you’ve had a long day: what you would do to help them relax
  • Open when you’ve had a bad day: what you would do to make it better
  • Open when you’re sick: same as above
  • Open when you’ve left me after visiting: talk about how the distance is worth it and that every time you are together is perfect and will be even more perfect the next time!
  • Open when you can’t sleep: give them a soothing memory of the 2 of you to think about while they close their eyes
  • Open when you’re horny: i don’t need to explain this one..lols
  • Open when you’re imagining our future: talk about something you both will share in the future; marriage, kids, vacations, holidays, etc.
  • Open when we can’t communicate with each other: tell them everything you love about them and why; that is all that matters
  • Open when you need a reminder of all the things I love about you: self explanatory
  • Open when you need motivation/encouragement.: tell them you are proud and why; tell them all of their achievements and why thats amazing
  • Open when you need to laugh.: tell a funny story about yourself that they don’t know or a funny memory that you both share
  • Open when you’re bored: tell them a made up story; a memory; a fantasy
  • Open when we’re fighting (and it’s you’re fault): tell them you forgive them and that you love them no matter what
  • Open when we’re fighting (and it’s my fault): say you’re sorry and that you love them
  • Open when you need a kiss: add a hershey kiss
  • Open when you miss America: put in pictures of their family, their town, their favorite spot, make a place that is special to the both of you
  • Open when you need some lovin’: take a piece of paper and lay it on a flat, hard surface and grab some lipstick; put A LOT of the lipstick on and kiss the paper as it lays flat; now they will have a bunch of kissies from you!

Military Spouse Tag

To all those with SO's who are deployed..

Hi loves!  So I have some information for all of you!  If your SO is deployed and is using wifi there is this awesome app they can get on their laptop (if they have one with them) called “Tango.”  You would also have to get the app on your phone.  iPhones can get it from the app store and I think that htc/android phones can get it as well.

The cool thing is that when your SO is online and wants to contact you and for some reason you aren’t paying attention to your phone, they can call you like an actual phone call from their computer! Also, if you want to video chat you can as well :) It’s basically like skype except FREE.  You just have to connect it to your phone number and they can call you whenever.  You just have to make sure you have wifi or are using your data.

It’s awesome!!  Go try it out it’s really great :)

xoxo Alexa

Halloween Care Package Idea for Overseas or Long Distance Relationships!

So we all know if you’re man or woman is deployed over seas it’s smart to send their care package about 4 weeks in advance to get it to them on time. So here’s a fun idea of a package; what you can include, what kind of home made goodies will last in the mail, and cute home made ideas to add a personal touch!!

Make the package Halloween and Movie themed. Put some scary movies in there, if he likes gruesome, the Saw series is always a good one, if he’s one for the classics, Halloween 1-8 can be bought on line on Amazon for just $50! If he’s not one for the gore or really scary, you can go with the classic “Scary Movies” (the funny ones that make fun of real scary movies) or if he’s a real kid at heart It’s a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is always a good choice too! If you go with the movie Halloween box, be sure to include some popcorn and candy, but make sure there’s enough to go around cause no one likes to watch a movie alone! 

Some  examples of candy and junk food that would be good for Halloween that make it through the mail and stay fresh are;

  • Homemade Cookies
  • High-sugar goods like fudge, pralines, toffee, and baklava (the high sugar helps to preserve the food better)
  • Beef Jerky
  • Chips or crackers
  • Sunflower seeds OR Pumpkin Seeds ;)

If you’ve already bought your costume, if you’ve decided to dress up for Halloween this year, put on that costume, make up and all, take a cute picture for your Hunny and include that in the box!! 

If you can think of other things to add into the box, feel free to submit them and I’ll be sure to edit the post to include them!!






She is awesome and you guys will love her!  She is going to be married and has been going through the process of moving on base with her husband who is in the Marine Corps.  We think she will be a great addition to themilsonetwork :) If you have any questions feel free to message her personally or on this blog!  Welcome Emily!

Veteran's Day

Thank you to all the veterans who have served our country past and present.  Remember today isn’t just a day you have off from school or work!  Say thank you to all of the veterans and say thank you to those who are currently serving.  This shouldn’t just be a once a year event.  I think it should be every day that we feel thankful for our veterans and the people who are currently in our amazing military.  :)

If you have family members who are veterans have a wonderful day with them!  If not, definitely go thank a veteran :) I am sure it would make their day.

xoxo Alexa


Hey everyone. I babble a lot but here are my thoughts and tips on being a marine girlfriend/wife!!!! enjoy my first vlog!

<3 Sadie

About open when letters

Hi guys! So, j just want to tell you guys that the open when letters are popular with your SO! My boyfriend was talking to me tonight and said:
Put like 15 letters from you in there to open at different times. I opened one already and I will need to open another today… Idk feeling down but those letters have really helped baby”
So, he definitely loved them and wanted more! Just wanted to let all of you know to keep sending them:)
Xoxo Alexa

Hello lovely followers,

I just wanted to apologize on the behalf of all the members of themilsonetwork.  Life gets in the way sometimes and I hope you can all understand that people get busy and it’s sometimes hard to keep track of everything!  We are going to do our best to post more pictures and maybe even do some contests :)  However, we will keep answering questions like we have been and make sure to keep this going!!

- members of themilsonetwork

Calling all ladies who are at Ft. Drum in New York!!

One of my best friends (aubreyleung) is going to be there from October 12-15 visiting her boyfriend!  However, her boyfriend is probably going to have some extra duty during a couple days there and she is going to be alone in a room with no internet without her boyfriend for a whole day!  If you are at Ft. Drum and would like to meet this girl message her or me (farfromwhereyouare). I know she would really appreciate it :)

xoxo Alexa

information for: karina-aguilarrr

Guys! karina-aguilarrr is looking for information! she sent this over messages and i just copy and pasted it:) does anyone have any info?

"I am not a MILso, but I was recently looking into finding a military pen pal. I found the website http://anysoldier.com/ and was wondering if you or any of your followers have used it before, or if any of them knew how it works? Thanks so much! :) ”


Hey guys! Here’s my intro video! Hope you guys have a great day and enjoy my video :) <3

-Chrystal xx