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If you could give a message to the fans, if they’re getting ready to watch season 9, what would that message be?

Jeremy Carver: I would say, get ready to see the characters you’ve grown to love deal with a side of themselves that they’ve never had to face before, and really enjoy watching them squirm, shiver, shake, be scared, be happy, and really watch them experiment with, again, who they are and who they really want to be. I can’t stress that enough. Every character’s gonna face that.

I can’t help but think of the .gifs floating around Tumblr, the ones where Lawrence talks about how much food she eats, how she loves McDonald’s fries. Would the Internet have embraced those quotes coming from a larger actress? Someone like Melissa McCarthy?
—  Jenny Trout, on why Jennifer Lawrence’s messages about body type perhaps shouldn’t be as blindly accepted as they are [x]

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googiewithers replied to your post: googiewithers asked:The one big k…

Well, I’m interested in your thoughts anyway. Something always seems off to me about SNK and I’m curious what other people notice, you in particular. Nice to know you’re not using the basic beatstick everyone usually reserves for anime. o:)

okay i am home now and now i can properly respond. :3 

honestly, what’s “off” to me about the narrative of snk isn’t that eren is a (shounen dude) protag given special power and significance. i mean, that’s a pretty common trope for a reason, and it can be done well! eva and fma do this well, as you said in ur original ask.

i agree that a huge theme of the series is a sense of hopelessness or powerlessness. this isn’t entirely my Thing in stories but it can be done well and the scenario of humankind facing a huge, almost impossible to defeat force is a pretty interesting one! i was intrigued by the first episode because it set up this david vs goliath conflict. again, not anything incredibly unique but that doesn’t matter, any trope can be done well!

the thing that just ruined the story for me was the second that eren was revealed to be able to transform into a titan. thematically and narratively that just… fucking removed almost all the tension for me? like ok little human dudes swinging around to beat these huge monsters! cool! oh wait the main character is super special and he can transform into a monster too. uh. that’s really boring? i guess there is the whole body horror/uncontrollable hulk power aspect of it but that never seemed like it was even that huge of an issue to me, in the way it was presented. SO I GUESS that is my actual problem with eren as the super special magical boy. in this particular story, it really just destroyed the original (and more interesting) conflict that was introduced. 

going back to the themes of helplessness and powelessness, my friend mj has talked about this before, but my other big problem with snk is that it just. has so little faith in humanity? it revels in pain and grimdarkness but with almost no positive stuff or hope to balance this out i really can’t bring myself to care what happens to the cast. my reaction to marco dying was “who is that.” i kind of get a vague sense of where eren, mikasa, and armin are coming from, but ultimately if they all got killed off i’d just be like “welp that sucks” ?? because thats all that happens in this series. everything sucks for everyone and its EDGY AND DARK and its like, okay you can give me all that but give me a REASON I WANT THE HEROES TO OVERCOME IT. there is really no reason presented effectively in snk so the result is i just keep reading/watching it because its… fun to watch people get eaten i guess. horray?

i mean all of this is in addition to the fact that the attitude the author takes towards military worship is honestly creepy, the whole thing is just really disappointing…. 

Tʜᴇᴍᴇ 02. “An unearthly child” ʙʏ ᴊᴇɴɴᴀᴄᴏʟᴇʀᴍᴀɴ

for Teddy

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