Theme 09: Sirens by nemesisthemes/billieplper

preview 1 | preview 2 | code

  • 325px posts
  • 5 custom links
  • optional captions on permalink
  • optional hidden description & links (click title to reveal)
  • choose between black or white post background
  • full size background-image
  • custom colors, second title, scrollbar, selection color


  • please like or reblog if you use
  • don’t ever remove the credit

check out htmlheroes, the theme gang, and the css warriors!


Here is the theme I told you guys. A theme primarily for fy blogs, fansites, etc, but can be used for anything like that. If you have any questions, please ask.

If you are interested, send me a message, through my askbox, or email me ( 


How much is this package? — $50 including the theme and pages

Can I purchase just the theme (or page)? — No. I am selling the entire package and will not be selling it separately. 

Can you install the theme for me? — Yes. And it won’t cost anything.

I like this, but I want to change it. — That’s fine, but please keep in mind that if it goes beyond changing colors, adding content, such as wanting me to change the effects or add jquery effects it’ll cost $5.

Can you make me a header? — Yes, but it’ll cost $3

If you have any other questions, please ask


[Preview] | [Code] | [magnusthemes]


  • Optimized for Chrome, 1280x800 resolution
  • Header image 650x250
  • 1 column 500px posts
  • Infinite scroll/pagination
  • 8 custom links (in a popup window)
  • Optional hover description
  • Optional fading images
  • Optional monochrome images
  • Optional show captions
  • Optional show tags
  • Optional billy music player
  • Optional render images
  • Optional white photoset lightbox
  • Optional white tumblr controls
  • Optional white tumblr audio player
  • Optional custom text selection


  • Please follow the [terms of use].
  • Feel free to use the graphics in the preview (credit to kougamiiz would be great!)

Please like and/or reblog the post if you use or plan to use this theme, or just if you like it! And feel free to message me if you have any questions regarding the theme. (:


Theme 12; C i t y   d r e a m s

Preview 1 / code 1 (white version) , preview 2 / code 2 (black version)

This theme is in rgba colors. Which you can’t add customizable tags to. So I made a black version and a white version. Feel free to use! 

Theme features 

  • 400px posts
  • theme is in percent (which makes it adjust sizes to different screens
  • captions appear on hover over posts
  • tags appear on hover on post
  • like / reblog buttons on posts 
  • pop up ask
  • pop up updates
  • four custom links
  • use with a background!


  • don’t remove credit 
  • like / reblog if using!

anonymous asked:

Hi, I just bought Meta's Fruit Punch Soda sundress in mint, and I want to ask if you have any tips for matching jewellery? I plan to coord it with white blouse and thights and red bag and shoes. Thanks!

I would definitely go with fun fruit-themed jewelry! It isn’t terribly difficult to find strawberries and cherries which tie into the print as well as you red accessories. The print also has kiwis and blueberries which you could include as well. Etsy is a goldmine for adorable fruit  jewelry. Maybe a strawberry necklace, cherry earrings, a blueberry ring, or any other combination. This necklace is really cute because it has a strawberry and kiwi. If you wanted to do something a little less themed but still coordinated you could do more traditional jewelry like things with ribbons and beads in the colors of the fruits in the print.


navigation page 01 | raconteur 

static preview | code (pastebin) | code (freetexthost)

ok so this is a really simple navigation/tags page theme, it has 6 subheadings that serve as popup links but you can add more, but make sure you have an even number of subheadings because otherwise it doesn’t look as nice. tags appear in a popup box on click, and you can have as many as you want because a scrollbar will appear if it gets too long. this theme offers home, ask, and 3 custom links but you can also delete some/add more. colors must be customized manually. tooltips and custom text select are included. basic html and css knowledge are required to customize as well as experience with popup boxes. ** this theme was created with drwtsn’s popup box tutorial

remember that standard rules apply, please like/reblog if using & enjoy! :)

my pastebin || more cool themes @ the theme village!!


Here’s my second theme. I’ts pretty cute, because you have to hover over the sidebar for the links! Pls don’t steal anything of the code or claim my themes as your own, because making themes takes a lot of time and effort! Please like/reblog if you use. - You can find all sizes on the preview. If you have any questions or issues, don’t hesitate to message me or to check my FAQ. I hope you like this theme, enjoy it, thank you!


hello sweeties!! Today I will indicate sites that provide various  tumblr’s. Give like if this post was most useful to you, thank you.


dash icons:


resources in general/tutorials:


icons/headers for twitter:





Wallpapers for you phone:

Gifs for edits:

Urls for you tumblr:



  • everything is extremely customizable
  • it’s very pretty
  • i love you
  • don’t steal it or remove the credit
  • i worked really hard on it please don’t do that
  • reblog or like if you wanna use/ is using it!
  • don’t hesitate to contact me for anything!!
  • feedback is always appreciated!!!

✧・゚:*✧・゚:* \(◡‿◡✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

(live preview) (code)


theme 02 by chase

this theme features:

5 custom links + home link
optional sidebar image
sidebar on left or right side
10 font options
option for 250px, 400px or 500px posts
lots of customizable colors
very clean and simple
text is large and easy to read

please do not:

use as a base for your own codes
remove the credit (it’s okay if you move it) (as long as it stays on the front page or your blog)
publish as your own code


when using the “translucent post bg” option, the post shadows are not translucent. however you can make them appear that way by making them a similar color to the background (see preview)

code // live preview (also my blog temporarily)

need html help? ask me


THEME 09: ’Two sides of the same coin’ 

whew i finally get to release this one… i managed to get a bunch of other stuff done before finishing it up so its practically a senior right now.. welcome to the world

PREVIEWS: 1 (autoplay!) / 2 | CODE

NOTE: because of scrollbar restrictions, this theme doesn’t work well in firefox!


  • 300px / 400px / 500px post sizes
  • full height sidebar on left or right
  • gradient / tiled / stretched / max background
  • upload 1 side image with position options
  • custom opacity for sidebar and posts
  • optional post and sidebar borders
  • optional small music player (use billy player to generate the code)
  • flippy sidebar image
  • slidy audio post

extensive list of options below!

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