Tumblr Themes of the Month — February 2015:
See my favorite Tumblr themes for February 2015, hosted by Tumblr and listed in chronological order.

THEME 01. FLAWLESS [ live + static + code ]

(((this is technically my fifth theme but all the other ones sucked so we’ll just call it my first))) i made this with aesthetic blogs in mind but there are a crapton of ways to customize it so you can use it any way you want. it’s important to note that the translucency option looks best on background images and non-white background colors, and that some of the color options don’t work when you have translucency enabled. if you’re confused about anything please message me.

  • 79 customization options
  • top header
  • one column
  • 400px or 500px posts
  • infinite scroll or pagination
  • lazy load option
  • three custom links
  • navigation on click (can be disabled)
  • description on hover (can be removed)
  • customizable tooltips & webkit scrollbar 
  • ability to hide captions
  • choice between 3 photo post effects (webkit only)
    • monochrome (black & white)
    • faded (becomes normal on hover)
    • color on hover (monochrome > normal)
    • deselect all three for normal photos
  • optional billy music player

please like or reblog if using! all theme rules apply. let me know if you find a problem and i’ll fix it asap :-)

T H E M E  #3

static preview | code

f e a t u r e s

  • 400px posts;
  • left sidebar with picture as a home link, 2 titles & description;
  • hover sidebar for 5 custom links (4 if pop up askbox activated);
  • included tooltips & inverted tumblr controls;
  • hover posts for tags;
  • reblog link;
  • default font for title2 and quote posts is this;
  • optional: lazy load, pop up askbox, show/hide notes, small cursor;

r u l e s

  • please like/reblog this post if using or planning to use;
  • do not steal parts of the code // do not use as a base;
  • you can edit as much as you want but do not remove the credit!

message me if you have any questions;

Want a theme?

I’ve decided to start making custom themes for anyone who wants one! It’ll be free, and all you have to do is message me saying you want one.

Custom theme means i make a theme just for you. no one else will have it, and i’ll make it however you want it. 


preview / install theme


- 2/3 columns

- faded posts effects

- title background (option)

- banner (option)

- grid background

- posts shadows

- tooltips

- transparent posts

- posts border (option)

- 3 custom links

- stretched background (option)

- font options

- add your own cursor

- colour options for almost everything

K H - S T A R T - M E N U || N Y C T O T H E M E S

Hello! This is the KH Start Menu Theme by nyctothemes Obviously, it’s based off the multiple Kingdom Hearts starting menus. While there are things NOT available to change, like the background color, the colors of the two Main Links, and the heart symbol, but there are many things you CAN change, like the background IMAGE, the color of the sidebar’s watercolor, and the two mainlinks’ colors (view below to see more) and more. If you DO want to change something else but aren’t sure what’s up, please google your question before asking me (unless of course it’s not a question fit for google) :) Also forgive me as I may not know the answer!

R U L E S:
  • do not remove any theme credit, neither from page or coding.
  • do not move credit to a page.
F E A T U R E S:
  • 4 extra links
  • custom cursor. Go here for more KH cursors
  • custom favicon. Go here for more KH favicons
  • KH Menu Sounds when you hover and click menu links
  • SCM Music. Click here to change it, and paste this link URL in the Custom Skin area provided.
O P T I O N S:
  • the background image:
    • Kingdom Hearts
    • Kingdom Hearts FinalMix
    • Chain of Memories
    • Chain of Memories (Riku)
    • Kingdom Hearts II
    • Kingdom Hearts II FinalMix
    • Birth by Sleep
    • Coded
    • Dream Drop Distance 1
    • Dream Drop Distance 2
  • sidebar image:
    • Blue watercolor
    • Yellow watercolor
    • Red watercolor
  • the 2 mainlinks’ background:
    • Dark blue
    • Dark Red
    • Dark Yellow

Theme 06: Californication by kurtcobangs

Preview  // Code 

  • Bordered Theme
  • 70px x 70px Sidebar Icon
  • Links Pop Up Menu when you hover ‘+Links’ ( Up to 8 custom links)
  • Input Your Own Blogtitle
  • Accent Color 

Comes with 400px, 500px Option of Posts Width, Tooltips, Lazy Load, Optional Captions, Visible Info & Tags w/ Reblog button. And Follow/Fanmail/Dashboard Icons. 

All themes are optimized for google chrome.
All the theme previews will tell you the theme features.

*Note, the google font used in these themes in ‘Roboto’, in which may show incorrectly on the customize page but looks perfectly fine on your actual blog .

The pixel background  here. Other resources, here.  Go to the theme blog if you need help and/or have any questions.

Please like or reblog If you use or/are using.
Keep credit intact on all themes, no using as base or redistributing.


sorry theme..(in case i was gone too long w/ themes so sorry?? idk))  plain but not really because there are a fairly good amount of optional things to choose from. you can say the first preview is kogami inspired in ways with its very minimal look. i swear the second preview can look really cute if you mess with it.


  • optional: 300, 350, 400 and 500 post sizes
  • many color options for lots of things
  • two link styles
  • optional shadow
  • list and sidebar images
  • and a bunch of other things 

sorry but there is no preview for this b/c ugh just enlarge the screenshots okay or demo test it on a side blog or something lmao pastebin code