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E chegou com esse jeitinho de menino inocente me olhou de repente me fez apaixonar. Eu estava magoada com coração machucado de tanto levar pancadas, só foi você sorrir pra mim que eu esqueci de tudo, esqueci as dores e acreditei que o amor dessa vez pudesse me fazer feliz. Você me me encantou com essa maneira tímida e avassaladora de ser, ao mesmo tempo decidido as vezes tão indeciso, de dizer coisas sinceras e me olhar como se enxergasse minha alma.
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Thank you to all that have applied so far. For the rest of the night and Monday I will be looking over the applications . the ones I pick in that time frame will receive your acceptance email and first theme to test. Applications are open for the rest of the week. thank you for participating . Keep them coming! Happy theming! #jailbreakthemes #themers #cydia

@iphantomthemes @glamourthemes @lheybella @vcuteithemes HAVE THE CUTES THEME EVEEER…IN HONOR OF CANCER AWARENESS I WENT WITH AN ALL PINK THEME! 💗 SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL DA INCREDIBLE THEMERS OUT THERE WHO MAKE SUCH AMAZING WORK! LOVE Y’ALL! 💗 #jailbreak #jailbreakthemes #iphonethemes #themes #pink #cancerawareness #teddybear #instatheme #instagramtheme #twittertheme #awesome #themers (Taken with Instagram)