Lamb/Beef Gyro  3.5/5  Dess. Baklava Cheesecake  3/5

  • Place:  The Big Greek Cafe
  • Address:  8223 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring, MD 20910
  • Phone:  (301)587-4733
  • Availability:  Mon-Sat 11:00 AM - 09:00 PM  3.5/5
  • Classification:  Greek dine-in or carry-out
  • Menu:  Greek appetizers and main dishes.  3.5/5
  • Cleanliness: clean to the eye!  4/5
  • Service: Amazing! 4/5
  • Decor:  Exactly what you would expect from a take-out spot.   5/5
  • Food Wait:  timely!  4/5
  • Pricing:  Affordable to PRICEY!” $$$$

By now, you should be able to tell that Greek Cuisine is one of my favorites and that I will not hesitate to enter any establishment that I come across.  Myself and a few friends of mine decided to stop through on a Friday to unwind after work.  The Friday scene wasn’t bad at all.  The restaurant was packed but not overcrowded.  So we were able to grab a table, the last one, come to think about it.  For some reason, whenever visiting a greek spot for the first time, I feel the inherent need to try out the gyros first.  Maybe it sets a precedent for future dishes or maybe it gives a brief history of the place serving it.  Nonetheless, it’s my staple and it’s worked for me so far w/ greek spots.  The gyro was good though nothing to tap someone on the shoulder about.  The fries were another thing!   Amazingly crispy and fresh, this side is definitely bragworthy, my friend Alissa will HAPPILY testify!  I didn’t have time to stay for dessert so I did the next best thing… Order some some to go.  I found it a bit hard to ignore the Baklava Cheesecake  and if you’re a fan of both Baklava and Cheesecake, you would’ve been in the same predicament.  The dessert was okay… but I possibly would’ve enjoyed them more if they were separate.  -R.  3.5/5


New York Style Pizza Slice (Pepperoni, Ground Beef, Pineapple and Feta Cheese)  4/5

  • Place:  Pizza Kingdom
  • Address:  4439 Lehigh Rd, College Park, MD 20740
  • Phone:  (301)927-7777
  • Availability:  11:00 AM - 3:00 AM  4/5
  • Classification:  Halal New York Style Pizza, Subs etc.
  • Menu:  Wide Variety - Pizza, subs, fries, gyros etc.  Very little “health conscious” selection.  3/5
  • Cleanliness:  It’s a deli, I wasn’t really expecting a Valentine’s Day spot for couples.  3/5
  • Service: Great!  4/5
  • Decor:  Typical Deli scene  3/5
  • Food Wait:  Not long at all!  4/5
  • Pricing:  $$$$

After a LONG week at work, I was in the mood for something “deli-ish”, greasy, delicious… and exactly what I came for.  So I drove around near UMCP’s campus to check out their eateries and came across a new establishment, Pizza Kingdom.  Now, there are a few pizza joints in the surrounding area that claim to have New York Style but their slices are no bigger than Pizza Hut’s.   So I decided to give this place a try, seeing that it was near by and a few people coming out w/ boxes.   As you can see, I tried to experiment with my slice and I was quite impressed with the outcome.   You have the option to add as many toppings as you’d like ($1 per topping).  And I vowed not to overdo it this time.  The feta… was amazing quite fresh.  It really complimented the beef pepperoni which I had a decent amount of.  I must say, the people on the opposite side of the counter were quite polite and inquisitive of their customers.  As the food was preparing, conversation was flowing back and forth from the vendor and customer, that it actually created a nice vibe in the deli.  It’s good to know when coming back from a late night movie with friends, there’s a spot open for us to grab a REAL NY style pizza w/out traveling to Adams Morgan just for a slice.  -R. 3/5


Duck Goat Cheese Quesadilla  4/5  App. Chicken Toes  5/5

  • Place:  Nacho Mama’s
  • Address:  2907 O’Donnell St., Baltimore, MD 21224
  • Phone:  (410)675-0898
  • Availability:  Sun-Sat 11:00 AM-12:00 PM  4/5
  • Classification:  Mexican with a twist of Baltimore!
  • Menu:  Mexican, seafood…. mexican-seafood combinations!  So much to choose from!  5/5
  • Cleanliness:  Well kept… for a “hole in the wall” bar!  4/5
  • Service: Amazing! 4/5
  • Decor:  VERY chill environment!  A LOT of Natty Bo and Elvis Memorabilia.   4/5
  • Food Wait:  considering the amount customers, PROMPT!  4/5
  • Pricing:  Quite affordable for the amount and quality you’re receiving!” $$$$

It’s Sunday, the Orioles won and orange and black is everywhere.  I headed up to Baltimore to meet up with friends after the game for a little birthday celebration for two friends.   The spot of the day… Nacho Mama’s!  And the plates of the day… Chicken Toes and a Duck Goat Cheese Quesadilla!  Yes, the name does neither justice on how delicious and spectacular these two were!  First, Chicken Toes, jerk seasoned boneless strips with a tomatillo and pineapple dipping sauce that was the biz!  These spicy tender chicken strips have earned a spot on the receipts of each and every visit I make to Mama’s in the future.  As much Jerk I’ve eaten in my life, I would’ve never known that it went hand-in-hand with pineapple anything.   I seriously thought about ordering a plate of it to go and would have if I didn’t spend so much earlier.  Now, I could write on and on about the toes, but the main event was the duck quesadilla.  It’s been awhile since I had duck, so why not a “re-introduce” it myself in Baltimore?!  Standing outside with Ed, we glanced over menu and knew exactly what I was choosing.  Duck is a special kind of meat and to gamble by adding goat cheese to the equation was one the paid off… HIGHLY.  But also “hidden” in the tortillas were monterey jack, cheddar, roasted peppers, and black beans.  Top it off with exceptional service and you get a high recommendation from me everytime!   -R.  5/5