"Take This as a Compliment" is an original poem. pls feel free to share it if you want to. thanks c:

Music by Keaton Henson “Petrichor”



You wander the forest, breathe in the damp air.
Eternal rain leaving puddles.
You light a fire under a ledge to say warm.
In your pocket is a damp note you found in the mud.

"Remember The Sound Of Now - Δ"

You tightly grip the handle of your umbrella as you toss the note into the fire.
It turns to ash and it’s fragment rise into the air.

The path calls you back.

Petrichor (Proof of Concept) is the current project of Matt Rohr and Eric Winebrenner of Sundae Month, with me providing the sound and music! It’s a short point-and-click game about a journey through a mysterious, rainy forest. I’ll be posting a track soon as a preview of what’s to come, so keep an eye and an ear out, and just sit, sit by the fire and dream. Δ