For my anon!

It’s the week before Christmas, but you’re not feeling very Christmas-y, because your five best friends won’t be home for the holidays. You’re on your way home from buying presents, when you get a text from Louis: ‘Hey love, sorry we can’t be back in time to spend Christmas with you, but we send you a surprise. It should be waiting for you at home.’

Excited you hurry up. There’s no package at your front door. Frowning you open your door. You hear shuffling coming from you living room. Weaponing yourself with an umbrella, you step around the corner and…find five dorks in the corner of the room, grinning at you. Louis is standing in the middle, wrapped in christmas lights and a few christmas balls hung on his jumper, the others are standing around him, two on each side, presenting this extraordinary christmas tree. You start laughing and put your hand over your mouth.

Oh my gosh!! You’re here!!”, you exclaim.

SURPRISE!!”, the boys yell. Liam, Zayn, Niall and Harry come forward and give you a group hug.

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