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Rebs’ fandom is not entirely toxic.

Some people just chose to do the wrong thing, say the wrong things. Some people go against them and turn into hate blogs. Rebs goes through enough without this kind of thing in their lives. 60,000+ people, thats a lot of people you know. Rebby cannot control, every, single, one of them, or tell them what they need to say. They constantly tell people not to send hatred, not to send death threats, but they do it regardless.

Stop blaming them when they tried to STOP the problem, not cause it.

friendly reminder about markiplier and other youtubers, and a message to the fanbase

i know firsthand how special mark is. he’s helped me through many tough times, and i’ve even gone as far to say he saved my life.

as someone who suffers from moderate depression (and has been since this time last year, but i’m getting it under control now with help), i want you guys to know that if you are depressed, it’s okay to watch youtubers and stuff, but don’t substitute them for professional help. when watching them, you may feel better and happier, but watching someone do their job and make people happy on camera isn’t compensation for lets say– therapy or medication that would actually help in the long run. it also puts a big weight on mark and other youtuber’s shoulders, because they have people professing undying love for them, saying that they saved their lives- so yeah. they have major responsibilities, because now millions upon millions of people are watching every single thing that they do.

and while that’s flattering enough, i know for a fact that mark has some crazies dogging his every move and looking to call him out whenever he does something even moderately questionable. i’ve been a watcher since early 2013, and i know that back then, mark was able to just film videos and have fun, and didn’t have to worry about what he said or did. it was all in good fun, and everyone was cool with it. somewhere around the time when he hit 2 million subscribers, that changed. people are steady looking to bust him out in any way, shape or form possible, especially now that his fanbase is larger.

i guess what i’m trying to say is that i know we laugh with mark. we cry with mark, we act crazy with mark, and all these other youtubers- jacksepticeye, the grumps, pewdiepie, cryaotic– whoever!
but they’re only human too, and if you’re depressed or suffering any other medical issue, i can say from firsthand proof that they don’t magically cure it with their videos. they can ease the pain, but you don’t become magically happy. you’ll get sad again, be it the next day or the next month. you really should get help.

and the reason i started talking about his fanbase is because– i’ve watched it grow, too. fans of mark and these youtubers need to also watch and police their own actions- be careful what you do and say on social media platforms. a good majority of mark’s fanbase are thirsty teenagers, and they say stuff like this; ( i had to link it, i couldn’t put a photo in the middle of the post my bad- )

and yes, those are my friends telling them to chill the fuck out. they honestly need to.
this is why mark has to keep everything off camera possibly closely guarded. this is why his fanbase is being called the next broarmy, because pewdie’s fandom from 2011-13– was fucking crazy. i stopped watching him for a long time one point and i still don’t watch him on a daily basis because of– just– woah. it was overwhelming. it’s the same with mark now. these fans treat mark like their lord and savior, and someone says something about him that they don’t agree with– like, ay- voice your opinion??? and i’ve seen them- they will start– they start breathing really heavy and– and typing really fast. they will fuck you up, man. and i avoid tumblr now because a majority of the blogs i follow are mark fans and i- i see some crazy shit. mark’s fandom makes me really sad. especially the chaste system thing. and that’s what needs to change. mark’s fandom should be one in unity, and we shouldn’t be at constant odds with eachother. people who draw shouldn’t be regarded as higher than people who can’t, because they have other talents. they can write, sing, program, or even make videos themselves– who knows, there’s so much out there. and there shouldn’t be closed cliques. like– artists shouldn’t limit who they talk to to only people who can draw or– or whatever. we should all be friends and be accepting and welcoming to everyone! even if they aren’t a fan of mark.

i know this is touching on many topics at once, but long post very short; we are the face of mark on these websites, and we need to behave ourselves. i’ve gotten in trouble for saying that age is a part of it by people who are presumably young themselves- screaming at me “AGE IS NOT A PART OF IT!!!!!111!!11” and let me tell you- yes it is. there’s a good chance that only a 12 year old or 13 year old would say some of the stupid shit i see in the comments and on tumblr and on twitter– or some mentally challenged adults, i just– you never know. this post seems to be going in circles now, so i’ll wrap it up;

we represent mark. first impressions matter. this fanbase needs to behave.

i just had to get that off my chest, and i know some people wont agree- it’s just how i feel and how i’ve been feeling for a while. and i feel better now that i’ve said something. : D

Here I sit beside my Hunger Games books. They sit above my head every night. Now, while I may not be able to read them as often as I’d like to…there they sit.

I’ve just gotten back from a month long hiatus (queue was filled so it would keep posting), and I have to say, I did not expect to come back to this.

Drama is a fucked up mess. There is NO ACTUAL REASON to hate on someone for not having read the books. Umm…I’m sure a lot of fanfictions are written taking into account movies alone, so why the hell is it acceptable in every fandom BUT the Hunger Games? With every writer BUT Kristen (everybirdfellsilent)?? I don’t get it.

Ironically in THG Katniss thinks to herself, “stupid people are dangerous.” And she’s right! I mean look at this chaos. Anon is hating on Kristen, here and on her AO3, our everlarkianarchives blog that has NOTHING even remotely to do with this whole thing at all. If we have a disgruntled member in the group please just leave the group. No one is making you stay, and if you’re unhappy, you are welcome to leave.

Kristen doesn’t deserve any of the shit she’s getting right now. This whole thing has me livid. Since when was reading a book “essential” or what have you, to writing characters. Every fanfic author takes liberties. We change things. We add things. We put them in other situations. We split the otp up and get them back together. Everything we do is changing the story. It’s our abilities and talents as writers that we get the honor to share that with the fandom. And we shouldn’t be ridiculed for that.

Kristen told May, Irene, and I over Skype chat that she hadn’t read the books. Did we rake her over hot coals? Did we refuse to talk to her anymore? Did we say she was no longer trustworthy or credible? The answer to those questions is a resounding no.

Writing is about passion for fucks sake. We write because we can, because we have a vision, because we want to share it. Who gives a damn about how they got into writing if it’s good fanfiction?

This whole thing has me ready to wring some necks. Grow up people. Seriously.

Rise above the idiocy of the situation, leave Kristen the hell alone, leave her fics alone, leave everlarkianarchives out of it. Don’t speak hate. Don’t say there’s hate going on in the group when there isn’t. Get over yourself. Come back to the fandom.

And if you have a problem with ME standing up for Kristen, for criticizing this hell hole of a mess, for this post…TALK TO ME. Please. I’d love a good debate.

Oh I would so go on, but I’m falling asleep between paragraphs.

Moral of the story: stfu or gtfo

You have one choice. And only you can decide it. Don’t make the stupid one.

[#INFINITE] 오늘은 #호야 군이 출연하는 #SBS_수목드라마_가면 이 처음으로 방송되는 날입니다! 드라마 속에서 #변지혁 이라는 캐릭터를 연기할 호야군의 멋진 모습, 본방사수 해주실거죠??

[TRANS] 150528 - [From. YOONA] Yoongie is back

Hello everyone, i am YoonA.
This is my first China drama series, filming that started from Jan and lasted for 5 months.
‘武神赵子龙’ has wrapped up, i finally can greet everyone like this~
Thanks to everyone who cheered for me, i finished filming safely and am back home!
I adapted well without any inconvenience and the food there suited me too.
Also i am able to work well with all the actors and staffs
We bonded really well, so when the time comes for filming to be wrapped up, i really can’t bear to.
And most importantly, this include Korea and China.
Other than that, international fans, not only on press conference (cheering for me), this period thanks to everyone’s trusty support and promotion, i am able to keep my chin up! Really thankful to everyone!
Also, the gifts you all prepared for me for my upcoming birthday.
Giving me a valuable gift by doing charity and helping many other people , this really warms my heart, i want to thank everyone again.
The weather is getting hotter nowadays, everyone please take care of your health, and take note of your diet too, fighting!!

The drama is estimated to air on Hunan TV in December
In the future, i will also meet everyone with a better image~
Thankyou and i love all of you~~!!❤

HQ: Link
Source: official site
Cr: Chinese trans by 饱猫007
Eng trans: mystarmyangel

Honestly I had no qualms with other kin before I joined flight rising and Tumblr.  The ones I met had always been level headed and kind,  with just a few unsavory bites out there.  

But these two sites are monstrosities.  I’ve seen these people outright threatening people who shared their kin because “weh,  I’m the only one!  Weh,  you saying you’re this kin too offends me!  Weh I’m so upset that I can’t be the ONLY one! ”

People are doing asinine things that are dangerous to themselves,  like bloodletting,  eating raw meat,  and romanticizing suicide (for deity kin that think it’s their way to “go home”(side note: pretending to be a deity is real fucking offensive and appropriative to people’s religions.  Not to mention a huge indicator of your massively over inflated ego )) 

And also endangering others by threatening their lives,  threatening to harm them,  or verbally attacking them,  then having the gall to blame it on their “kin” as if that should absolve them off any responsibility.  

This shit is gross.  Instead of going the whole “not all kin! ” bull,  why don’t you learn to police the ones actively destroying your image?  Because by not speaking against it,  it appears that you condone it.  And fr has some seriously volatile other kin/fiction kin.  But what would you expect when the site is advertised to Tumblr? 

im not even gonna apologize for my tone here, this post is shit and so is op like honestly. otherkin arent hurting you. fictionkin arent hurting you. we arent something for you to laugh at because you cant stand the idea of anyone being outside your ‘acceptable identities’ box. if we want to find people who feel similarly to us, wether or not how we feel is valid isnt up to you to decide.

lmao because cultural appropriation, using medical terms wrong, appropriating trans terminology, pretending to be minority, and ignoring mental illness, is totally fine and not hurting anyone!! 

get over yourself. kin only exist on the internet, not out in the real world, and only because people have too much time on their hands and would rather play pretend than attempt recovery.

I’ll stop laughing at you when y'all stop being ridiculous. 

anonymous asked:

Hi! I have less than 2 days to learn a drama scene with very old language (therefore I'm not used to it) any tips?

Hi! I can link you to my memory tag but that’s about it for my personal tips. Here are some links though:

My problem is FOB is/was a safe space to me. With that band, I never had to worry about the members making harmful comments that affect me (and others) because of my sexuality, my gender, my disability, etc. But 5sos has made hurtful comments about all of those. FOB was supposed to be the band for kids who feel like shit because society tells them they are shit for being depressed or having anxiety or being gay or not being white.  My real life situation isn’t a safe one. I’m not in a safe place here, so I made my own in music. And FOB suddenly no longer feels safe to me because of this 5sos thing. I sincerely hope they don’t do a collab.

I’m still going to like FOB. And listen to them. But I’m just feeling very sick about all this. I am disappointed, for lack of a better word.

@ person who is spreading bullshit about aph-england

Okay I don’t even CARE about what you have to say about yourself. I don’t CARE if you’re mad over the “best England” thing and I don’t CARE if aph-england “used you” (Even though THEY DIDNT and THEY LITERALLY HAVE PROOF THAT THEY DIDNT)

You do not have the right to spread nasty ass lies about someone. I don’t even care who it is – you are out of line.

If you regret giving your URL away then FINE. It’s too late now though. You were kind and you agreed to give aph-england your URL. It’s too late now. It’s not yours anymore. Do not spread bullshit about people jfc

Have some respect, okay? Jesus Christ you’re acting like a 5 year old with no basic understanding of respect or sympathy for others.