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I think I’ll just post my themes on this blog  from now on. I don’t feel like moving anything else, that’s why. (I’m so lazy). I’m still going to post themes on here  though, but I think you get what I’m trying to say. Anyways, this is a popup bar theme, which means you can add more links! Isn’t that awesome? :DDD okay I’m going to stop now. 


  • Sidebar image (100px width) 
  • 500px Post
  • 3 custom links (the third one is a popup bar)
  • lots of color options

Sidebar credit [ ]

Likes are much appreciated, but not needed. I hope you guys like my theme. Please let me know if anything goes wrong. Have an awesome day~

strongerthancas said:

When I make a post with the Block Quote on Theme 13, the quote moves all the way to the right, off the page! And how does one add a Reblog link under the post next to the Like?

do you mean blockquote as in 


or quote as in “quote here” -source?

i haven’t included like/reblog buttons or links in this theme but if you would like one then i made a tutorial here. if you just want the reblog button then < a href=”{ReblogURL}”>reblog< /a> (minus the spaces) should work  (im not too sure tho ive never done it that way)

parksprings said:

Hi, I feel kinda stupid messaging about this, but I'm using your theme #13 and I don't know how to put text in the titles part (inside the four pictures) and also the update tab. Is there a page where I can put text in it? Thanks ~ ^^

I’ve answered this same question about 5 times before, I do mean it when I ask everyone to check the theme tag before asking me.

Your answers here

a-phoenix-and-a-blackbird said:

Hey, I know you probably get this a lot (and trust me, I'm aware of how terribly stupid I sound right now) but this is my first time changing my theme (I've chosen #13) and I can't get the images to appear in the sidebar. I know this is probably a stupid question, as the answer is probably really simple, but I'd really appreciate any help you could offer :) xx.

Hi there! I know I’m probably bothering you, but I am using Theme #13 and I was wondering how to change what it says at the top of my ‘Ask’ page?? Thanks in advance xx.

When you go to customize/edit html and scrolldown, there 6 options which have a camera symbol next to them. Click the camera to upload an image from your computer.

To change your ask page title you need to go to Settings, scroll down and there should be something saying “ask me anything”… you can change that to whatever you want.

You don’t sound stupid and you’re not bothering me :) Hope this helps!

howimetdestiel said:

Hey, this is probably super easy to do but I'm clueless. How can I edit the text on the drop down update tabs? I believe I have theme 13. And, I've had this background from my last theme, it's a pentagram from Supernatural, but I don't know how to change it to a solid color.

the answer for your 1st question is here and here

there’s an option to change the colour above Text in the appearances tab :)

dreamcatchercas said:

hi, I wanted the updates tab you have in theme #13, so I followed the tuts you have in the info. I got it all done, but how do you make it appear only when you hover over the picture? Please help! xx

I used lttlebird’s and ocehans tutorials for this

follow both except put lttlebird’s before ocehans in the html part. erase 3 </div> s from the bottom of lttlebird’s code and paste them at the end of ocehans’

make any additional changes and you’re done :)

strongerthancas said:

Yeah, but I left your credit intact. And how do you put the Like/Reblog buttons in a horizontal row? It looks funny vertical. freetexthost. com/ nts24zs0a1 <- My coding atm.

im really sorry but i dont know what went wrong… can you make a post with the blockquote rn and maybe i can see whats happened?

if you want them beside each other change the width from 20px to 50px and remove the < /li> after reblog button and the < li> from before the like button

winterschildrxn said:

on theme 13, how do i edit the updates and what comes up on the four sidebar pics?

Updates: Edit HTML > Ctrl + F “ocehans1” > make sure its the one in the html part of the code > erase my example text and write whatever you want

Sidebar Pics: whatever you want to type honestly.. when i used it i just put my feelings for several characters & shows. Edit HTML > Ctrl + F “update1” > make sure its in the html part, erase my custom text and replace with your own