like, I sense that people know this theme is a problem--which is why, for example, Gabrielle Union’s purse is literally a microscopic fan. It’s just so uneasy
Exo Reaction To You Dating Them For A Dare

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Kyungsoo: What now?

Suho: Why would you do that?

Luhan: Next time I should actually listen to my fans.

Chen: Well then…

Xiumin: Nice to know you were playing around all this time Y/N.

Kris: No more, you’re out.

Chanyeol: I thought you actually loved me…I thought we could have been something…

Kai: *Get’s really sad about it* She never loved me…never…

Lay: How dare you do that to me.

Baekhyun: Wow Y/N…Thanks for breaking my heart…

Tao: I thought you actually loved me!

Sehun: *When someone tells him* What did she do?

anonymous asked:

I keep seeing a post around tumblr that says we shouldn't treat golems as fantasy characters because they're Jewish folklore. I assume that means we shouldn't use them in a novel not with Jewish people or other Jewish themes. The problem is, I find golems fascinating. I really want to use my own spin on golems in my fantasy novel...but I'm afraid some people might take offense. What do you think I should do?

I’m going to tell you something right now that I never want you to forget, okay, so listen up: You can write whatever you want. You don’t need permission. Nobody has to anoint your story with some special Oil of Approval or stamp it or bop it on the nose or otherwise authorize or sanction you to write whatever you goddamn wanna write. You can write it, whatever it is, whenever and however you want. Period. 

I hope that was clear enough. 

Now, there are two other things to bear in mind. The first is that other people get to have opinions, on what you write and even on what you could write. Whatever opinions they want. And they may not be calm or carefully considered opinions. These opinions don’t have to be phrased kindly. They don’t even have to make sense to you. But readers still get to have their opinions. Readers do not have to praise you or stay silent when they dislike something you’ve written. Recall that readers share your story with you. They are one half of the creative process of storytelling. They get to have their say. Period. 

The second thing I want you to bear in mind that is the opinions and emotions and thoughts and experiences and experimentations and analyses and investigations and lives of other people are valuable. They, and by “they” I mean other real ass human beings, are valuable before you begin to write, during your writing process, and after you’ve finished writing. 

People are valuable. You learn from people as you do research. People act as sounding boards and motivators as you write. People provide feedback after your project is done. People matter. Other voices besides your own matter. You need those voices to tell your stories. You have a responsibility to other people as a fellow real ass human being to do research and write with empathy and resolve. 

After all, it’s a golden rule of writing. You wouldn’t want someone striping down your culture to “just the interesting bits,” or else picking and choosing what of your identity is cool/weird/exotic enough to include in their story. You wouldn’t want someone to take everything you value about yourself out of context or twist it to suit their own purposes. So don’t do that to other people. 

And if you think you have done your utmost to write with earnest consideration for the other real ass human beings you represent through your writing and you still get criticism of your work, that’s okay. Try not to think of it as failure. Think of it as an opportunity to learn, to expand, to grow as a writer, because that’s exactly what it is. 

You say like golems. So do research on Jewish folklore and write some golem-type creatures in your fantasy novel. If people don’t like that, they’ll let you know, and you can go from there.

Value others. Write honestly. Keep learning. 

Thank you for your question!



Hey lovelies,

I need your help: I just got a new, really cool theme and I’ve got one problem: Most of the photosets of 2 or more pics aren’t shown on my blog… 
Does anyone know how to fix this? 
Would be really really nice if someone could help me with it - I’m getting frustrated because I’m looking for a way to fix it for some time now, but can’t seem to find one… 

Thank you, 
have a beautiful day,
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Theme problems?

Tumblr won’t let me save my theme for some reason. The preview updates, but when I press “save”, rather than the button saying “saved” nothing happens and the button stays there as “save”

Some things I’ve tried:

  • logging in and out
  • using ie, firefox, and chrome
  • using a different computer
  • changing the colors and the actual code

Does anybody know why it won’t save/have the same problem? I feel like I’ve tried everything :(

So, guys, I have a problem. I changed my theme, as you can see. But the bold text it's just white...

–you can check it i my faq. I tried EVERYTHING but I couldn’t find the problem why is white. Somebody?

Uhm, that’s odd. Suddenly my headers on both this blog and my sideblog, Frills and Fairytales, are blown totally out of proportion (that is, they’re displayed in their original size rather than being resized to fit the blog). This has never happened to me before, and I haven’t made any changes. I’ve checked some of the other blogs I follow and none of them have huge headers. Is it only on my computer? Should I wait and see if it fixes itself or try to resize the images? It’s really weird, anyway. It was fine last night.