@electrifiedheart and me! =))
Hello, Xianne. :)) I told ya’ it looks as if I’m hitting you. :)))
No one was harmed during the shoot. :))
Photos were taken by @beastunner. :>

Let me just point out

That RH Bill isn’t the same thing with abortion. You think using contraceptives is the same thing as aborting a baby?

Oh please, I’ve had enough of what the church people says about protecting the “Unborn Child.” It’s not yet an unborn child okay? More like an UNFERTILIZED SPERM. If you think that stopping sperm is killing an unborn child, then I suggest you ban ejaculation.

I’m sorry if you think I’m wrong. I’ll just elaborate why I’m PRO-RH Bill later, since I can’t seem to organize my thoughts.

Y!M With Daddy

Daddy: Whats 4 meryenda, anak?
Me: IDK. Pero may nutella sa kitchen.
Daddy: idk wats dat?
Me: Shortcut for I don’t know
Like LOL- laugh out loud. :>
Daddy: omg
Me: =))

Hahaha. Andaming alam ni daddy. :))

Omg, I was taking a break from trying and failing to draw @furtiveantonette’s banner by drawing. Omg, this is so weird. I didn’t even know why I drew this. :(( Freakishly weirrrddd. :((