thinkin bout how my friends outside of my course here never mess up my pronouns ever and when i was home my mum was correcting herself on my without me saying anything at all even though she is so so so new to (and a bit baffled by) it all and wondering why the fuck it’s so hard for anyone at uni to even consider attempting to give it a go :(

It comes down to this:

You make me feel
more than I ever thought
I could feel.

I trained myself at a young age
to numb myself to the pain,
and eventually,
I numbed myself to everything
just to make sure I wouldn’t get hurt.

But then you came in,
all witty jokes and honest eyes,
and you lit something within me,
something that I’d managed to forget had gone out.

And it’s terrifying,
but amazing
and so, so wonderful.

So thank you
for bringing me back to myself
just by being yourself.