June 7th - Day 159

Went for a walk in Thelwall this afternoon, it’d rained most of the day but I got to go past some of the stables and riding schools they have down there and get up close to some of the horses they have in the fields. Things got a bit awkward as the closer I got, the more the horses noticed me, and then started to come over to say “hi” or eat me or whatever horses do. Things got worse when I started to leave and they plodded along behind me, trying to follow.

I could imagine some horse owner coming rushing out of the stables yelling about rustling so I made a run for it. No one came out, and I think the horses just saw a bunch of hay…I didn’t look back.

It is sufficient for the law, that we fear the gallows: Our friends and companions, it is true, the guardians of our interests, and the instructors of our children, we would seek among men who act upon more generous principles.
—  From The Rights of Nature Against the Usurpations of Establishments by John Thelwall