Title or something {{AU2}}

"Oh Vincent~" she called from the water, a sly smile on her lips "I think my bikini strings are getting loose, could you come tie them for me~?" her barely there bikini was tied up just fine, she was just looking for an excuse to get him to hurry up with the drinks she had sent him to get.

Not A Creature Was Stirring... {{AU2 drabble}}

"Viiinceeent~! I’m back from shopping~!" Blair shouted, flinging open the door to his house and twirling inside. Dozens of bags floated in behind her and she situated them under the undecorated tree. After a few moments of silence she realized she didn’t hear any movement in the house "Vincent?" she called, beginning her search. He wasn’t in the shower, the kitchen, the bedroom…he wasn’t in the house. While this worried her slightly, she figured he was just out doing his own shopping and she decided to get comfy. 

After filling her his closet with the things she bought, she pulled out a piece of festive lingerie, certainly he’d enjoy that surprise when he got home. Smiling, she slipped into it and popped on a Santa hat before making her way to the kitchen to start some tea “He’s gonna be so surprised to see me. If only I knew how to cook, I’d cook him dinner. But tea is good for the cooler weather.” 

Once the tea was finished she poured herself a cup and laid out on the couch seductively, her eyes fixated on the door for him to come home. With every passing hour, her ears fell slightly and the tea ran cold along with the rest of her so with a heavy sigh, she got up and put on an oversized cute red sweater and some knee high black socks. “It’s almost nighttime…” she stated, sucking on a candy cane as she pulled out her phone to call him—no answer. 

1am rolled around and with still no sign of Vincent, she got off the couch and retreated to the bedroom, snuggling up under the comforter and staring at the empty spot next to her “Vincent…where did you go…” 

The morning didn’t prove any different, he hadn’t arrived home and she was beginning to worry because he still wasn’t answering his cell phone. Did he leave me…? I thought…I thought he loved me…no, he does..he’s just lost or something…he’ll be back… with a defeated sigh, she began to decorate the house by herself, her spirits less than merry.


"Of course I am! I hope you don’t mind but I sort of didn’t know how to wrap presents so…they don’t look very pretty…" she gave a sheepish smile and kissed him again "But ya know what I’m looking forward to most in the morning? Seeing you next me in bed"

Wrapping Things Up

The day she had been dreading finally arrived. The sun was high and bright and the sky was blue, a gentle breeze rustled the trees, it was a beautiful day that she would not be able to enjoy. She had made up her mind, though it was not an easy task. She hadn’t gotten any sleep last night and her eyes were red from crying. Carefully she had searched and analysed her heart and when it came down to it, Genesis was the one she loved. Yes, she did love Vincent too and she could not forget him or his memories. All those dates, those passionate nights, those underwater adventures…all of them would remain with her until the day she breathed her last breath. But she realized she had a deeper connection to Genesis, her memories and the moments they shared together ran to the deepest depths of her sou. and they were connected in more ways than one, through their swords, their souls, their hearts. Maybe she had known it all along, that she would choose Genesis over anyone else, after all, with her unyielding curiosity she simply had to venture and taste the other wines. The newer wine had an exquisite taste that she loved but the aged wine was even lovelier. Wow, she had just compared her lovers to wine, perhaps she did need A.A.

The familiar little house came into view and suddenly the ring on her left hand felt heavy, like she would tip over from the weight or perhaps that was just her heart breaking, whatever the cause, she had made up her mind and it was time to tell Vincent, it was time to hurt someone she cared for and she hated it. Her every instinct told her to run, to just leave both men and just run away. Go back to the way things were before feelings got involved, mindless sex with men, no emotional attachments. But no, she had to stop running from unpleasant situations She was an adult now, she had to take responsibility for her actions. With a sharp intake of air she let herself in and searched for him, she noticed the house in shambles like someone had gone on a rampage and then she checked the bedroom where he lay, sleeping soundly…she didn’t want to wake him up so she just crawled into bed next to him and laid there, staring at him with eyes full of regret and sorrow. She would lay here until he woke up, she owed him that much. She brushed a bit of his hair from his face, her ring softly glinting, she wondered if the choice she had made would work out, if it didn’t, she would be alone.


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anonymous asked:

how much do you love vincent?

"A lot. With all of my lives. Why else would I agree to marry him?"

"Though he could probably show he loved me by being around more…"


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