Unfortunately, This Piece Is Not for Us: Handling Rejection

Rejection is a thing that happens to writers who seek publication. Getting a story rejected is a sad thing. It hurts. Rejection is universal, but that fact does not make the feeling suck any less. Because you have already been rejected or will be rejected at some point in the future, here are a few things to keep in mind regarding the word “no.”

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3. Titania Napping In Her Bower

Assume you are sleepy, a princess empowered and magic,
ensconced in the bedroom of Nature like pea in a pod.
If flying carpeting passes, you’d surely catch it
and ride through mysteries into the lands of Nod.

Not caring ‘bout leaving the hair-curling iron on high!
No thoughts to tomorrow’s apocalyptic infernos!
The world-crushing antics of Satan and all of his brides
are only the sneezes of ants, just wind in the willows.

Would rainclouds bless or disturb your peaceful delight, dear?
Your heartbeat is pumping so gentle its star-steady song.
The sky yearns to break down and cry at this beautiful sight here,
and moss will rejoice to have thus been slumbered upon.

Those unashamed breasts tantalize ‘tween green leafy sheets
but yearnings I must lock away, for my fairy queen sleeps!

From the poetry/art ebook ‘FACE IT’ by Russil Tamsen & Anita Wexler (c) 2012. All rights reserved. Available at author’s ebookstore QuirkEbooks.com

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