"It’s alright sweetheart"

Don’t apologize for talking to me or asking me questions. I’m always happy to talk! When I feel like everything I draw turns out bad or if I just can’t find any motivation at all, I take a pause for maybe one or a couple of days where I may not draw at all. If I really wanna get things going again, I take an empty sheet of paper or a canvas in painttool SAI and I doodle. I just sketch up whatever I feel like or whatever my brain may concoct without my active interruption. I just wipe my brain clean of ideas and let the pencil flow.

Another advice I can give if this all seems to abstract is to simply decide to draw something you don’t usually draw but that is not a real challenge. For example, I rarely draw cute girls with huge anime eyes and large heads but it’s not hard for me to do it (maybe that’s why I never do it). So when I get stuck I just scribble down some cute girls or a cat or whatever that I don’t usually draw. It can help you clean your brain from old ideas gone wrong and can also help you getting re-started! 

I hope my advice is of any help and since I had the time, I drew some cute jackrabbit for you to cheer you up. Have a nice day sweetie <3

Oh my gosh have you seen this photo-set before?  I can’t tell if it is real or fake o.o   i can’t handle this right now, it would be just too awesome…. despite i don’t know if i whish for it to be real or fake…

either way i wanted to ask you about it.  the drawing style is quite similar to izamaya-sans but idk if it really is drawn by him…

admin’s comment: I’ve never seen this before and google image search isn’t helping. Did you paste all the three pages into this one picture? If so, can I have the originals? 

It’s the end of the month and around that time pictures from the next chapter start leaking, but I really can’t tell if it’s Isayama’s work or just a fanwork. However, the scanlation is just too clean compared to other leaked pictures in the past, so I doubt it’s Isayama’s. Can someone correct us?


Connichi Saturday
little Red Riding Hood - Riren Version

me as Wolf!Eren
and http://thelittlewinterspirit.tumblr.com/ as little Red Riding Hood!Rivaille
photo and Jean made by http://sassy-shark.tumblr.com/