sansa/willas. eighties cop show


His cane cracks against the bugger’s knees, taking him down, and Willas removes his sunglasses and tilts his head and looks down as if in surprise.

“You tripped, mate,” he says mildly, motioning for Humfrey and Renly to gather up their suspect. “Shame about that, looks as if you broke your nose when you fell.”

He’s blonde, the bastard, green eyes and good bone structure, but he’s got a sneery mouth and there’s something cruel about him, something arrogant even when Humfrey cuffs him and holds him by cuffs and hair so Willas can look at him properly.

“No I didn’t,” the idiot - name’s Joffrey, Sansa remembers that now - says, rolling his eyes. “I’m fine-”

Willas’ fist slams into his face while he’s still talking.

“Terribly hard, the ground,” he says, flexing his fingers and slipping his sunglasses back into place. “And every official report will say that, too, but just between you and me - you or any of your little pieces of shit ever lay a finger on my DI again, and I’ll have your bollocks stuffed and mounted on my office wall, understood?”

Sansa’s just about caught her breath when he turns to her, ridiculously good-looking and charasmatic and terrifyingly determined in the pursuit of his duties and, apparently, her defence.

“Are you well enough to continue, Detective Inspector Stark?” he asks, gesturing with his cane for her to lead the way to the car. “If so, please do.”

Sansa smiles slightly, cradling her arm to her chest (he tells Humfrey and Renly to get the bastard back to the nick, to leave the rest for uniform, tells them he’s bringing her to the hospital just to be sure), and she’s not sure that this whatever-it-is world that her brain’s cooked up for her is really as bad as she thought it would be.

asoiaf school musical

Jaime huffed and leaned back against the wall when Cersei flounced off to talk to (flirt with) Rhaegar, wondering what it was that the silver-haired dick had that he didn’t.

When the whole thing with the new girl from up north came to light, Jaime had to hide his delight - he hated the idea of sharing Cersei with anyone, so having Rhaegar completely smitten with some random geek was the perfect way of keeping her to himself.

But then she tried breaking Rhaegar and Lyanna up over the summer and really, Lyanna was pretty cool, and Jaime couldn’t help but think that maybe Cersei needed to calm down a bit - there was nothing to be gained from dating Rhaegar Targaryen, especially considering he was still more focused on basketball than music when they got back to school in the fall.

Jaime spent more time than he’d like sitting at the piano with Brienne while Cersei marched about trying to change the musical to suit her requirements, but Brienne was easy to talk to and knew more about music than Cersei ever had (Cersei was all about the performance), so it wasn't all bad, he supposed.

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i think i would cry if that happened. also i adore the fact that humfrey’s gone off to lynesse and they don’t seem to give two tosses that she’s a concubine, i actually think it might be what made me love the hightowers in the first place

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Ormellan. but yes this headcanon is accepted/pretty close to mine lol.

I mean the Hightowers give approximately zero shits so long as Oldtown stays safe/they’re not ordered into action, as far as I can see? I like that a LOT about them.

Classy ass fuckers who are richer than most of the Great Houses (if not all, because it has been argued that they on their own are richer than the Lannisters, although I’m not sure on that point). Indulging in magic and sorcery. Being cool with the unofficial divorce of a daughter/sister who left her husband to become a concubine. Not forcing a different daughter/sister into marriage despite a woman’s entire worth being placed on her ability to bear children for a husband in their society.

I like the Hightowers a lot.

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we have sam remember. so he definitely could meet balor or garth quite easily. i mean sam is definitely there for a narative reason

Can I share a dream of mine

So basically I think Leyton’s a pretty indulgent father bc he never forced Malora to marry/was cool with Lynesse marrying Jorah/hasn’t completely disowned Lynesse bc Humfrey’s gone off to look for sellsails from Tregar Ormellon (sp?) via Lynesse, okay?

And I want him and Sam to meet, and I want him to be kind of “So you're Tarly’s boy!” and Sam’s like “Not this again” and Leyton’s just like “Terrible, the way he treated you” because I mean I basically see him and Randyll Tarly at opposite ends of the parenting spectrum. You’ve got like, Leyton Hightower over here with Ned Stark, and then you’ve got Randyll Tarly and Tywin Lannister away over there.

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that is an excellent point (although i don’t think malora is actually ‘mad’ but just unconventional). BUT HIGHTOWERS (perhaps in twow)

Oooh I agree about Malora (I’m holding out hope that she’s going to kill Euron Greyjoy with some kind of weird sorcery she learned from her books, and as well, considering prophecy is such a theme in the books, doesn’t she read Leyton’s cards for him? As in, tarot cards? That’s bound to be significant)


thelittletroutwhocould replied to your postAlso I would really like to know which of Leyton…

SAME (i like the idea of rhea being some academicy older women who was either a widow or an old maid when they got married though)


I mean my headcanon says that they’re very good friends, and that she’s a bit younger than him but not horribly so, that she knows how to handle him when he’s difficult (I think he might have some form of Alzheimer’s or something similar, which is why he never comes down from the High Tower), gets along well with Malora, works with Baelor to make sure nobody realises that Leyton is head of House Hightower and Lord of the High Tower in name only by now. She’s a capable sort of lady, pragmatic and even-tempered, and she’s quite happy fussing over her stepgrandchildren and stuff.

I never thought of her being a widow. Maybe she’s a Florent by marriage? Hmm.

But I would like some canon, though, on both her and the Old Man (and the rest of the Hightowers).

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i definitely think that leyton is ill in some way (but i was thinking more along the lines of physical) but yes i totally agree with all your rhea thoughts even if she’s a widow she could still be a florent by birth though.

Yeah, idk, the thing that makes me think that maybe it’s something like Alzheimer’s is that Doran Martell is very physically ill, to the point where he’s wheelchair bound, but he still appears in public and actively rules Dorne… But it’s canon that nobody ever sees Leyton, really? I kind of read that as it being that he’s very much removed from society and highly reclusive, and considering mental frailty is pretty much a cardinal sin in Westerosi society, I’d lean in that direction. I mean, Malora is known as the “Mad Maid,” the Hightowers maybe couldn’t afford another association with outright “madness”, as it were?

But then again, his dabbling in magic is an open secret, so idk. 



I was thinking about something like that too, but then I was like “No wait I’ll end up just writing an AWA/ASOIAF fusion and I don’t want to do that at ALL” so in the end, soul bonds :D

Also I saw that you liked Superhero Second Coming so we might go that way xD