*rubs an optic and whimpers* He’s been teachin’ me t’ read so I was teachin’ myself t’ write my name t’ show him. A-an’ he didn’t CARE! *hiccup* b-but I left th’ datapad w-where I threw it…..

*he picked the sparkling up and hummed soothingly, rubbing one digit over the little sparkling’s helmet* Shh. How terrible of him to do such a thing. 

… would you show me your name, little one? Perhaps I can help you in his stead. I’m not the best with Vosnian, but I know enough.

thelittlestflyer said:

"Mamaaaaa!" Your little seeker mechling is now pouncing you, hugging you close. "Wow! You'll NEVER guess where I've been an' who I met an' got to walk on!"

He chuckled and held the wiggling seekerlet to his chest, wiping his round face with a cloth, “I can guess it was someplace dirty from these smudges…”

"Who did you meet, my love?"

thelittlestflyer said:

Guess who comes out of the wood work again? After his little adventure, he gives his mum a big hug!

Of course, Starscream had been worried sick once he had checked Sheer’s room to wake him up from his nap to find him missing. He was extremely relieved to have the little mech back and in his arms. 

"You scared me, dear. Where did you run off to?"


Cuz I was tryin’ REALLY hard t’ impress my mum…. An’ he didn’t even LOOK at it an’ told me t’ go away an’ leave him alone. H-he didn’t even LOOK t’ see what I did for him an’ he walked away! *the tears fall harder and he hiccups again*

Shhh, shhh… *kneels down, wings spreading out for balance* What did you make for his Highness? I’d like to see it.

He has been working hard on this all day for his mum! He presents it to Star and offers it up with a proud, beaming smile.


Starscream grinned, kissed his cheek and placed the crown on his head, “Perfect~. Thank you, darling.”

thelittlestflyer said: *hugs his mum tightly* Thank you for the kitty, Mum! *smooch!

Ack! *The young man cringed lightly at the tight hug by the machine* M-Mum? *He furrowed his brow in confusion*