• This I Promise You
  • George Shaw
  • Underneath Your Love

This I Promise You

This song has always somehow touched me every time I heard it, ever since I was little. And now that i’m older, I begin to think deeper, and feel deeper feelings, and think of more memories as I hear this song. 

What are promises to you? How important are they? 

When I heart this song, I think of what he and I used to be. I remember listening to this song, and thinking how amazing it was that he and I were together at that one point. Now, that relationship is behind us, and we have our own separate lives, but, do the promises we once made to each other still mean anything? 

Life is full of promises and commitments. Before you make any promise or commitment, please make sure you truly do mean it, because the other person might care about this promise much more than you may imagine. 

Not Judging a Book by its cover.

Its human nature to have prejudices against people based on their appearance or first impressions. But observing the people around me more and more, I realize how misleading these first impressions may be. The person who I once thought was smart, innocent, and nice, doesn’t seem so much like that anymore. The person who I thought was the “bad” one, the one who seemed like a typical emotionless guy, is becoming more thoughtful and mature. The person who I thought was not the sharpest, but still had a decent common sense is proving himself to be, for a lack of better words, an idiot. And a girl, who I thought had begun to change for the better, has again disappointed me. 

As time goes on, things change. Impressions do not last. Things show their true self as time passes by; whether it be for the better or for worse.