A norwegian (and those who wish they were) and I partnered to create a new line of prints, canvas, tee’s and hoodies over at society6 called A Aquarii. It’s a collection of our vices, inspirations, memories and the little things we find beautiful. Here are a few we have available at the moment. Spread the word and get a shirt no one else has. So much more to come.

Artwork and Design by Jason Heatherly, Jennifer Jennings, ©A Aquarii

View more of Jennifer’s work, here.


Earlier this year I was approached by Doug Spearman. Doug was just about to release his very first motion picture,’Hot Guys With Guns.’ As described by Doug himself, “Imagine Lethal Weapon, if Mel Gibson and Danny Glover were ex-boyfriends.” I had never imagined them being more than two neighbors who wouldn’t loan each other tools because they think the other will steal them. But, I thought there may be a few pretty good poster ideas somewhere to be found. 

And there was. The posters are currently hanging in the Film and Art Department of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. 


Artwork and Design by Jason Heatherly, theliondesign.com

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Re&Co was kind enough to make me a featured artist. Give them a visit & download the latest issue of Reincarnation & Co. If you missed the first issue from the spring, & the new issue just isn’t enough, it’s still available for download. Thanks to my good friend, the anonymous editor, for the support & continued inspiration. Look for the next issue this fall for more work from theliondesign.com & A. Aquarii. See ya conscious creatures.