Prepare yourself, Hogwarts! James Potter has returned! (James&Lily)

James looked down at his trunk. He mentally ran through his packing list, making sure he hadn’t forgotten anything. His cloak and map were in a separate duffle under his arm- a bag which also happened to hold a month’s worth of candy, exploding snap, summer books, and his wand. All the necessities for the train ride down.

“Ready?” James’ dad stood behind him, nodding toward Platform 9 ¾. “It feels like just yesterday I was getting a good laugh out of pushing you through. Man, you were so scared!” The younger Potter chuckled as well, but was too distracted looking for signs of anyone he knew. “See you on the other side, then?” Mr. Potter smiled. 

James ran through the gate. The sight of the train caused him to smile so wide his cheeks hurt. Sirius ran up to him, then, punching him on the shoulder. “Where are the others?” James asked. To this, the boy only shrugged– not that James noticed. He’d just caught sight of Lily Evans. 

The boy couldn’t help but drop his trunk and bound up to her, hugging her tightly from behind.

thelilytoyourjames entered the Potions classroom

“Lily!” Severus said, looking up from his desk. “You arrived here early, I was just getting some studying done before class time…” He gave her a very rare, small smile, patting the seat next to him. After all if he managed to get her to sit next to him early that meant she wouldn’t be sitting with James.