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In the video "Alex" they go looking for the Rake in Alex's room. There's nothing in there. Shortly after we hear the Rake saying something. And they lock the Rake in. Yet he still gets out without going through a window or anything. And in the inHABITed blog Can You See The Words, the stories make it seem like the Rake , HABIT, and Slender Man work in concert.

This is evidence that the Rake can teleport, not that Slenderman teleports him. CYSTW is well known to have an unreliable narrator, but it’s worth the consideration.

Do you know about any other instances? -T

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So I just felt like saying Hi. We reblog each other a lot and I really like your taste in politics. Especially your posts on male/white privilege and rape culture. Unrelated, as odd as I find otherkin stuff, you seem to have a particular aversion to it. I'm just curious as to why. -Andrew

I am kind of at a loss for how to answer this! Ummm I don’t tend to consciously give otherkin stuff a lot of thought in my day-to-day life  but I do follow blogs like watchful-entity which point out otherkin tumblrs saying ridiculous things because, well, it’s ridiculous. If they aren’t just being hilarious and claiming that they are swan people or something, then they’re generally saying actually offensive things and the responses to those can be quite good and informative even if they are directed at someone who thinks they’re a cat. Also, a lot of people involved in the tumblr otherkin community have done things like defending pedophilia/specific pedophiles, and that is something that should be noted and responded to even if, again, it’s coming from people who think they are cats. 

But also I mean sometimes it’s just funny 

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In response to the Anon asking about Slendyporting proxies, I'm not sure. But in EMH Slenderman seems to be able to teleport the Rake and the main characters places.

There is evidence that Slenderman can teleport proxies, but it’s more prevalent in the text-based Slenderblogs. It’s clear that Slenderman is able to manipulate space, and possibly also time, though. He may not be teleporting things and people per se, but simply altering space around them to move them more quickly from A to B. -T

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Fair points. I can't think of other situations in which Slendy teleports the Rake, but he definitely teleports the main guys around, such as when Evan goes after Slenderman with the bat. Or when they try to run him over with the car.

Oh yeah, he totally moves people around with his magic slendypowers. I’m not sure it’s actually teleportation though. Like I said, I think he’s manipulating space to make the distances between locations short enough to traverse in a matter of seconds. But I’m starting to split hairs at this point. -T