Tijuana’s Finds Success In Tuberculosis Treatment

Tijuana’s state-of-the-art lab opened in 2006, with funding from the Mexican government as well as $400,000 from USAID for construction and testing equipment. Today, Tijuana has the most success in the treatment of drug-resistant TB in Mexico, seeing an average of 700 new cases a year.

Linus Torvalds Splits Tech’s ‘Nobel’ With Stem Cell Pioneer

Question: What do Linux and stem cell research have in common? Answer: They’re both considered “life-enhancing technical innovations” by the Technology Acadamy Finland, a foundation that is awarding a prestigious award called the Millennium Technology Prize in Helsinki today.

Linux creator Linus Torvalds and stem cell pioneer Shinya Yamanaka are joint recipients of the 2012 prize, an honor that some call the tech equivalent of the Nobel Prize. That means they will split the €1.2 million ($1.5 million) prize money 50-50.

Torvalds and Yamanaka were named as a finalists for the prize back in April, but it was assumed that one or the other would be singled out as a grand-prize winner. The joint award comes as a bit of a surprise.…
Discussion on the Ethics of Neuroscience


In the ethics surrounding neuroscience, an initial question considered by the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues today was the definition of the words “self” and “person.”

The subject of neuroscience is one of three that the Commission is taking up this year. The other two are whole genome sequencing and effective countermeasures to protect children.

The discussion also delved into developments in neuroscience; the use of those tools; the rights of a person; and what happens in situations such as when a person suffers a brain injury or descends into dementia.

“We know when someone suffers a brain injury, or has Alzheimer’s Disease, we’re quick to say they have become a different person,” said James Wagner, the Commission Vice-Chair and the President of Emory University. “It may not be clear what we mean by that, or what we know about that, so in light of that we want to understand words like person and self.”

Written by John Donnelly

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Diagnosis as disease: Truth or not?

Physicians are now making diagnoses in individuals who wouldn’t have been considered sick in the past, and it’s raising healthcare costs. The threshold for diagnosis has fallen too low. Physicians are now making diagnoses in individuals who wouldn’t have been considered sick in the past. An Op-Ed article By H. Gilbert Welch.