Lol this is probably the first time I’m trying out for those Larry groups. ajdjadj this is so exciting it’s like one of those High School clubs except it’s on tumblr. So it’s like you’re in a school of tumblr and you’re signing up for clubs. Fuck man what’s wrong with me ._. …

Any how, I’d love to join TheLarryHomies cause

  • I’m fun (well i hope I am)
  • I am pretty nice (but mess with my people and your ass will blow off with a pile of sass.)
  • I love cookies, I can bake! (although i sometimes blow up my oven but yeah)
  • I just love meeting new people on here that believe in Larry Stylinson and we could all just come together and fangirl. It’s just wonderful you know? Real cool.
  • I AM ALWAYS ON OH MY GOD. Unless I need to eat I can’t reblog with out food you know.
  • I’m creative. (Even though I suck at photo shop and making stuff I am still learning made a couple stuff and it’s in my navi page haha)
  • I love you xx

Alright. I should be a part of this group becauuuuseee…

I’m friendly, unlike some people on here who seem to want to bite people’s heads off.

I write Larry smut. That pretty much speaks for itself.

I can be online mostly all day, especially when school is out in two weeks.

I’ve shipped these boys before I knew the word ship. No kidding. Since x-factor.

I’m admin for the Irish Sluts promo group so idk we have some connections :))))

That’s literally it :)

Good luck choosing, some of these girls have beautiful blogs!

so um hi

i really wanna be a part of this group bcccc

  1. you’re really cool sounding like um a promo group full of larry shippers thats swaggy 
  2. i dont know u seem cool
  3. i wanna be apart of a more active promo group
  4. im friendly
  5. i’ll give u food
  6. i’ll um
  7. im antisocial so pls 
  8. here’s ur cookies and cake;


Hiiiii :)

Ohmygod, you messaged me this group and I figured I would check out the link and then I found out that it was a Larry promo group and I got so excited I absolutely love talking to people who ship Larry because I’m constantly told by people that it isn’t real, Elounor is so cute blah blah and I absolutely hate it so whenever I find someone who actually ships them as a romance I get so excited :)) So yeah I really want to be in this promo group haha. And I promise I’m nice and love talking to people and doing promos and rates, and this is literally my last week of school so I have no homework and then it will be the summer and I will literally be doing nothing but being on tumblr so I am super super active. So thanks for reading this you seem like really lovely people (and i think ive been following both of you for a long time:)) and if you pick me then thanks and if not then thanks anyways :)

I’m just gonna leave you with some feels


bye. xxx


i  want to be in this group because…

  1. i’ve never been in a promo group *gasp* 
  2. i think it’d be really cool to be in a promo group with larry shippers
  3. u seem real chill
  4. im on like always
  5. im a fun person…
  6. idk 
  7. uhh
  8. ?pick me????