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This blog came about after searching for a space specifically for people with disabilities for Obama, and coming up short. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi; lamedame here; I've been having difficulty following your blogs (I didn't know you were cruel blooms, beautiful work and I'm shopping your etsy now, lol) just wanted to say I totally want to be in the tatted/modded cripple group! most of my mods are not visible (office work) but I wanna play too! :D Also, I'm a huge hounds-tooth fan, thanks

Haha you can definitely be in the modded/tattooed cripple group! Thanks for the compliments on my jewelry! Yea Cruel Blooms is the jewelry I make (I have much more to put up on etsy, but don’t have Internet at home right now do haven’t been able to.). My personal blog is ahumancuriosity that blog is mostly tattoo, art, mod, and other stuff. Yea, houndstooth is amazing!  It just sucks how it started out as a menswear pattern and now it is super hard to find guys stuff with houndstooth.